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Kingdom Business Networks for Growth | Ken Janke


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Kingdom Business Networks for Growth | Ken Janke

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Kingdom Business Networks for Growth | Ken Janke

  1. 1. Kingdom Business Networks for Growth Ken Janke Executive Director of Programs Global Advance
  2. 2. The Eight Spheres of Society: Growing KBN’S Law & Govern- ment Family Education Faith Media & Commun- ications Arts & Entertain- ment Business & Economics Science & Technology
  3. 3. Kingdom Business Networks A.W. Tozer “It’s not what a person does, but why he does it that makes the work sacred!” Success is bringing glory to God with the resources and assignment He gives you! Jesus said in John 17:4 – “I have glorified my father by completing the work he gave me to do.” Growing KBN’S
  4. 4. Kingdom Business Ecosystem: The Individuals, Organizations and Institutions – outside the individual business person or entrepreneur - that conducive to the growth of a business person to a kingdom leader, and aid in the probabilities of his or her business success. Growing KBN’S
  5. 5. Kingdom Business Network Ecosystem KBN Finance • Private equity • Venture capital • Friends, family • Micro loans • Church as Benefactor Culture • Risk, failure, tolerance • Innovation, creativity • Humility, Servanthood • Visible success stories • Collaboration & C0-Creating • Peer to Peer Production Support • Professional services • Mentoring • Accelerator/Incubator • Infrastructure • Civic Engagement Education • Skills training • Conference & events • Entrepreneurship approach • Business plan development • Pitch development Networks • Entrepreneur's network • Social Meet-ups • Market access events • Churches • City Groups Leadership • Entrepreneurship strategy • Support & legitimacy • Coaching & mentoring • Problems, crisis support Leadership Finance Culture SupportEducation Networks
  6. 6. Kingdom Business Ecosystem: 1. Establish leadership • Change doesn’t happen without a champion. 2. Connect and create a funding pipeline • The access to capital will be the “make or break” issue at some point. 3. Address the culture & build the network • Regular gatherings and events that bring business leaders together with other components of the can be a powerful way to begin to transform your community. 4. Provide support for people in their process • Engage stakeholders Early in a Conversation that promotes peer to peer production. 5. Grow an educational process, and cultivate a shared learning that promotes growth • Anything you can do to help accelerate specific success stories will help stimulate your ecosystem. Growing KBN’S