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NetFlow Analyzer case study


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US metro rail provides 24/7 connectivity with NetFlow Analyzer

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NetFlow Analyzer case study

  1. 1. US metro rail provides 24/7 connectivity with NetFlow Analyzer CLIENT PROFILE Industry: Metro Rail Location: Washington DC Solution: NetFlow Analyzer US 2nd largest rail transit system transports more than a third of the federal government to work and millions of tourists to landmarks in the Nation's Capital.
  2. 2. BUSINESS CHALLENGE Jorge, NOC lead, says “It was very difficult for them to manage and secure millions of transactions every year. Even a few minutes of network outage can disturb the entire services provided by them. Managing variety of devices and keeping them up and running is the day to day challenge. Also, finding out which link is over-utilized and which applications are consuming more traffic was main reason to go for traffic monitoring tool. ”
  3. 3. NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE • Distributed monitoring is used to take control of around 100 stations. • Consist of multiple switches and routers ranging from Cisco to various others.
  4. 4. PREVIOUS TOOL • Solarwinds • “It was not so easy to track down the ISP’s bandwidth utilization and get all the bandwidth related statistics at once single dashboard. Many private applications were needed to be monitoring and a tool which can map all these applications to show the exact graph to categorize traffic was needed.”
  5. 5. THE SOLUTION • NetFlow Analyzer • “We have evaluated various products for bandwidth monitoring. And there was no other tool as simple as NetFlow. It’s been 8 years since we started using it and it’s always been a tool to alert us when there are bandwidth related issues.”
  6. 6. BENEFITS • Pinpoints the exact fault in the network. • Provides real-time details on how bandwidth is being used. • Delivers better quality of service to users. • Reduces cost of buying new bandwidth from ISP. • Helps to avoid bandwidth bottlenecks and network outages.
  7. 7. NetFlow Analyzer is traffic analytics tool, leverages flow technologies to provide real time visibility into the network bandwidth performance. NetFlow Analyzer, has been optimizing thousands of networks across the world by giving holistic view about their network bandwidth and traffic patterns. A unified solution that collects, analyzes and reports about what your network bandwidth is being used for and by whom and performing network forensics and network traffic analysis. ABOUT NETFLOW ANALYZER
  8. 8. To know more Visit THANK YOU!