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Paulin Dementhon - Drivy


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CSA Conference 2018

Published in: Business
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Paulin Dementhon - Drivy

  1. 1. Evolving to Carsharing 3.0 CSA Conference Paris 2018 Paulin Dementhon
  2. 2. Drivy From P2P car rental marketplace to seamless car sharing
  3. 3. 2010
  4. 4. 3 major breakthroughs that changed our positioning New app & pricing Professional fleets Drivy Open
  5. 5. 2018
  6. 6. Where we are today European Expansion 2010 - France 2014 - Germany 2015 - Spain 2016 - Austria 2016 - Belgium 2017 - London Funding Rounds 47mio € #1 car sharing marketplacein Europe
  7. 7. Drivy in Numbers 50k active cars 2+ mio users 4+ mio rental days 50% of rentals are self-served in key cities
  8. 8. An exploding demand for self service trips on Drivy Drivy is used in big cities by car-free urban actives Weekend trips are #1 usage, but professional usage is on the rise Average use goes from 4 hours trips to a couple of days
  9. 9. All the automotive value chain is now on Drivy Private owners Entrepreneurs Car rental companies Car sharing players Fleet owners Leasing companies OEMs
  10. 10. We bring value to fleet owners and car sharing operators Increase your online visibility and reach new customers for you Diversify your income streams and maximise your fleet occupancy rate Activate self-service rentals with our Drivy Open product & service suite Manage your fleets, monitor your rentals, and boost profitability with our online tools and data services Our dedicated team is at your disposal to increase your revenue and optimise the management ofyour fleet
  11. 11. We provide 2 partnership options ● Dedicate your fleet to Drivy ➜ Build a profitable carsharing business through our platform ● Use Drivy as an additional source of customers ➜ Eg: list your cars only during weekends/holidays or fill your cars when they’re not rented ➜ Diversify your business and income streams
  12. 12. They already trust us