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Corporate Healthcare - The best you can get !


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HealthTree Services Pvt Ltd, one of the pioneers in the industry of corporate healthcare services, which act as ONE STOP SOLUTION providers at the DOOR STEP OF CLIENT.

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Corporate Healthcare - The best you can get !

  1. 1. HealthTreeL i v e o n, H e a l t h y ! MINDSTHATKNOW,HEARTSTHATCARE.... E C RT IF E D I ISO 9001:2015 C O M P A N Y
  2. 2. HealthTreeL i v e o n, H e a l t h y ! MINDSTHATKNOW,HEARTSTHATCARE.... simplifying Healthcare Services TURN KEY PROJECT MANAGEMENT Established in 2007, at a time when the our country was blooming with corporate set ups HealthTree Services Pvt Ltd became a pioneer with uniquely conceptualized preventive, proactive and interactive healthcare services. Lead by a team of dynamic professionals who are fully integrated, end to end solution providers, with niche & experience of a decade to harness, adapt to changing system of healthcare. Standing distinctively from the rest, HealthTree feels the pulse of each client and renders the most flexible and tailor made services with utmost ease. INTEGRATED HEALTHCARE MEDICAL & DIAGNOSTIC CENTERS CORPORATE HEALTH CARE SERVICES Corporate Healthcare Services Customer centric, Cost efficient, Convenient, Compassionate, and Composite healthcare, your door step!
  3. 3. What We do..? We simply, take care of your extended family ie...employees who in turn take care of your business. In house DOCTOR’S PARAMEDIC’S - & MUCH MORE... Hourly-Weekly to 24*7 services Welcome to HEALTHTREE SERVICES PVT LTD – A firm which puts ‘client first’ ‘care first’ and wellness as the very foundationon which all services are streamlined. Without compromising on transparency and medical ethics our team formulates a composite healthcare services which work its way internally into your system, impacting many areas of health security, enhanced productivity, reduced absenteeism and turn your work force into a healthy and happier work force. Vision & Mission: “To be reckoned as the most trusted, transparent and accountable healthcare service provider to individuals, Corporate, and to Society. To stand distinctively as pioneers in uniquely conceptualized services that meets the highest yet most accessible standards of current health scenario”.
  4. 4. flexible solutions for your healthcare needs CONNECTING YOUR BUSINESS TO THE EXPERTISE- CRITICAL RESOURCES YOU NEED HT- First Aid Training Program & Kits. Secure feel while at work. Healthier workforce, and fewer injuries at work. Easy Accessibility to best healthcare facilities. A truly energetic and well taken care of employee. Reduced and/or monitored compensation claims. Creates worker friendly environment. Enhanced company turnovers. Success on staff retention. Greatly reduces absenteeism.Increases Staff efficiency and well being. Why HealthTree ? HT - SM - Stress Management Programs. HT- ANNUAL HEALTH EVENTS. Pre Employment Medicals - Psychometric Analysis At HealthTree, we specialize in conducting pre employment medical examinations. All assessments are custom designed to suit specific industry and equipping the employers of the really important aspect of the employees background - The health of the Employees would be screened on psychological, social, stress - Job & family, retentive, adaptable abilities, and much more. HT -Occupational Health & Ergonomics HT -Speciality health camps. HT- Diet & Nutrition...Much more!
  5. 5. OPTION A - At HealthTree Services Pvt Ltd A Centrally located and easily accessible Medical and Diagnostic unit catering to all classes and exclusively to corporate over a decade now is also a brand to trust for Fast, Reliable and Cost efficient reports. Employees can be streamlined to visit our premises and conclude the tests, and consultations. Onsite / At Site Screening Programs HealthTreeL i v e o n, H e a l t h y ! MINDSTHATKNOW, HEARTSTHATCARE.... A dedicated team of professionals would be deputed to co ordinate and have a POA with a mutually agreed upon dates and venue short-listed for the health check up event. A complete instructions, registration, and detailing of the event would be shared via mailers, posters and SMS by HealthTree. All medical personal, equipments required would be made available on the venue in a precise and absolute time bound manner. Include a ‘Health Event’ at each unit involving the sample collection, reports processing, reports delivery and special complimentary events post consultations. Complimentary events that are generally clubbed are - BREAST AWARENESS, ERGONOMICS, FIRST AID TRAINING, CARDIAC CONSULTATION, DENTAL CONSULTATION, GYNAECOLOGIST CONSULTATIONS. ( Which would be mutually dicsussion) A complete statistics of the event in form of graphically presentation of the event with details on high risk factors and guidance on further course of management of diseases and conditions would be shared to the management. One on one interactions with each employee in time bound manner, so that the work flow is undisturbed and health is made available at desk. Annual Health Check Up - Event In association with HealthTree iss performed annually as major initiative towards employee wellness program. A series of customized tailor made diagnostic & clinical evaluation is carried out. Although routinely done once a year and is aimed to evaluate in depth the factors that could hinder the potential aspects of good health. OPTION B - At site/On Site - Client Place. How we do it ...
  6. 6. No matter what your individual requirements are, you can count on a comprehensive partnership. We guide you through the complete process - step by step till the end. KODIAK N E T W O R K S Our FAMILY of clients... PAN INDIA Omega Healthcare Information & Processing Systems imagine it. done Global Services NOUSINFOSYSTEMS the firstsource solutions Bangalore Chennai Pune Mumbai Vadodara Bhuvenshwar Mangalore Research & Development TM IT & BPO Servives TM ITC J P Cosmos G5, #12 Ashoka Enclave, Netaji Road, Frazer Town Bengaluru - 560 005, Ph: 080 41 51 41 41 080 41526007 - 08 - CR: +91 9845494157 CIN: U85110KA2009PTC051610. Bengaluru - INDIA Jeddah - KSA YOU Them Success ME US HEALTHTREE’S MANAGEMENT SYSTEMEMERGENCY HealthTree Services for long has been keenly encouraging the importance of managing “EMERGENCIES” at work and has been one of the pioneers in the nation to provide exclusive FIRST AID TRAINING programs to non medical and medical staff. Occupational health hazards and emergencies need to be differentiated as the later can be caused, and/or happen anywhere, anyhow and anytime. Although Occupational health hazards can cause serious illness which can rarely lead to emergencies. -CO ORDINATOR HEALTHTREE STAFF DOCTOR/NURSE EMERGENCY CARE 6 HealthTree in co ordination with the client Identifies Co ordinators marked on paper on quarterly basis and listed in medical facility. The Client Co ordinator would be the first point of contact from the medical team of HTSPL. Duty Doctor -Paramedic would provide the basic First Aid and attempt to stabilizes the employee. Point of contact between Client cor ordinator, medical officer, and family of the employee(If accessible) On priority HealthTree will identify the CLOSEST MOST WELL EQUIPPED AND AFFILIATED hospital and or Medical center. The proceedings would be recorded on paper as per the scheduled medical records directory and signed at 3 levels.