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Innovating fast in CRVS


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Presentation by Ani Mkhitaryan (Ministry of Justice, Armenia) at the international conference on innovations in Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) systems - Ottawa on 27-28 February 2018. See more at

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Innovating fast in CRVS

  1. 1. e-Cadastre e-Payments On-line Budget e-Licenses Achievements in e-Governance in Armenia 2008-2018 On-line Applications to the Government DataLex and Arlis Systems e-Signature and Paperless Workflow e-Statements e-Auctions Tax Payer 3 e-Register e-Police e-Health Official e-mail for all Citizens upon the Birth Electronic Statistical Statements ID Cards e-Consulate Electronic System of Civil Status Registration
  2. 2. 2012: Development and design of electronic management system of CSAR (E-CIVIL) 2013: Piloting electronic management system in CSAR system in Yerevan 2013-2014: Connection of electronic systems of social services, Police, National Statistical Service 2014: September: full transition to CSAR electronic management system in all CSAR bodies
  4. 4.
  5. 5. 1. 2017 January: The RA Ministry of Justice designed and developed the E-HEALTH electronic management system. 2. 2017 June: All medical organizations in Armenia are preparing birth and death medical certificates only in e-health. 3. Currently: All prepared birth and death medical certificates are generated in e-civil due to connection of systems. 4. Currently: Medical certificate for birth or death registration is no more required to show/present.
  6. 6. 1. 2017 September: Full connection of E-CIVIL and Social Service electronic management system 2. Applications for birth benefits are generated at the same time with birth registration at the Act Registration Territorial Body and are sent online. 3. The application approved by Social service on line. 4. Parent just needs to go to the bank and receive money….
  7. 7. • Based on medical certificates, a child’s birth will be registered in the system on the basis of the information on the child’s parents without providing the child’s name and surname. • The child’s name and surname will be provided upon provision of application to receive the child’s certificate of birth. • The state registration of death will be recorded based on the data of medical certificate of death. The certificate is to be presented together with the application.
  8. 8. You can follow the RA Government’s achievements on the official web-site: