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Arming Students for a World of Incomprehensible Input


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Circumlocution presentation at CSCTFL '16

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Arming Students for a World of Incomprehensible Input

  2. 2. What do you call this stuff?
  3. 3. CIRCUMLOCUTION: it’s that thing that you do when you can’t think of or don’t know the word or phrase
  4. 4. TWO NEEDS, SAME SOLUTION • novice: stuff I don’t know (it’s a lot) • intermediate: words that change when I go somewhere different (it’s a lot)
  5. 5. BUT… PROFICIENCY? • not spelled out below intermediate mid • possible below intermediate mid? CC-BY Geraint Rowland
  6. 6. IF IT’S ABOUT THE INPUT… • Can novices be taught it? • Should novices be taught it? • Should we require it?
  7. 7. SCIENTISTS SAY… • Ellis: When students actively negotiate meaning, they comprehend more. • Gass: students use negotiation strategies to make incomprehensible input comprehended CC-BY-NC-SA Bryan Jones
  8. 8. HOW IT EMPOWERS The majority of communication problems happen because of vocabulary, not because of grammar. CC-BY Vinamwa Agrawal
  9. 9. HOW DO YOU CHOOSE? • by specific region (for whatever reason) • by widespread use • by what I learned • textbook picks for me CC-BY-NC-SA Lauren Macdonald
  10. 10. TEACH NEUTRAL WORDS whenever possible. CC-BY Davi Sommerfield
  11. 11. NOVICE: DESCRIPTION • person, place, thing; food, animal, plant • and • is, has Thomas Berg
  12. 12. INTERMEDIATE: COMPLEXITY • that • more verbs: uses, makes, does • opposite of, same as
  13. 13. CC-BY-NC-SA Bethan agraffe
  14. 14. IN A LESSON PLAN: EARLY NOVICE• Story: Game Show! • Processing task: categorize pictures • Flyswatter: person, place, thing? • Production task: circulate & circumlocute! • Stations: “Guess what?” • Performance assessment: person, place, or thing? • Follow-up: Listening to video Prior knowledge: descriptors, “is” Target: I can identify something as a person, place, or thing.
  15. 15. IN A LESSON PLAN: LATER NOVICE • recycle the basics • more descriptors & verbs • task: identify verbs • game: “Speak”tionary • interpersonal: what’s the regional variation? (grid) Target: I can describe something or someone to find out the word for it when I don’t know.
  16. 16. Deborah Arteaga University of Las Vegas Lucía Llorente Berry College Research credit: ON THE IMPORTANCE OF CIRCUMLOCUTION IN THE SPANISH LANGUAGE CLASSROOM