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Promotions for the Holidays


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The winter holidays are by far the biggest spending season, and Cyber Monday – the Monday after Thanksgiving Day – is the top spending day of the year.

Media companies have the opportunity to generate TONS of revenue, engagement, and new email opt-ins in November and December. To learn how to make the most of this opportunity with contests, ballots, and ecommerce promotions, check out the Promotions for the Holidays webinar.

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Promotions for the Holidays

  1. 1. Promotions FOR THE HOLIDAYS #PromotionsLab
  2. 2. HOW TO INTERACT WITH US #PromotionsLab GoToWebinar™ Questions Panel Follow us on Twitter @secondstreetlab Want to win an exclusive prize? Be the one who tweets the most with our hashtag #PromotionsLab Note: We are recording this webinar and you will receive an email with links to the recording and slide deck.
  3. 3. WHO WE ARE #PromotionsLab
  4. 4. SPEAKERS Matt Chaney Director of Affiliate Success @mattchaney #PromotionsLab Julie Foley Director of Affiliate Success @julie_foley Liz Crider Affiliate Success Manager @emcrider
  5. 5. AGENDA • Spending & How to Get Started • Ecommerce Promotions • Contest • Ballots • Tools for Success • Takeaways • QA #PromotionsLab
  6. 6. HOLIDAY SPENDING #PromotionsLab
  7. 7. HOW TO GET STARTED 3 Months Plan #PromotionsLab 2 Months Sell 1 Month Promote Launch
  8. 8. #PromotionsLab Ecommerce Promotions
  9. 9. WHAT ARE E-COMMERCE PROMOTIONS? What are Ecommerce Promotions? #PromotionsLab
  10. 10. TOP ONLINE SHOPPING DAYS #PromotionsLab
  11. 11. DEAL QUALITY CHECKLIST Evergreen category Few restrictions #PromotionsLab Appropriate price point Popular merchant Seasonally relevant Unique & fresh
  12. 12. CARDS #PromotionsLab
  13. 13. MULTI – MERCHANT CARDS $81K+ $112K+ $37K+ $71K+ #PromotionsLab
  14. 14. SINGLE – MERCHANT CARDS $10K+ $12K+ #PromotionsLab $16K
  15. 15. SINGLE – MERCHANT CARDS $10K+ $12K+ #PromotionsLab $16K
  16. 16. CARD RECOMMENDATIONS Why it Works #PromotionsLab Focuses on mass appeal categories. High price point. Works as a standalone promotion. When to Launch Launch in late November to get a jump on the holiday shopping season. How to Schedule Golf cards can run all season. Spa cards, 2-3 weeks. How to Promote Tie-in with related content. Run alongside other promotions. Heavy up promotions at strategic times of the year. Look for unique offerings from your company & media.
  17. 17. 12 DAYS OF DEALS #PromotionsLab
  18. 18. 12 DAYS OF DEALS #PromotionsLab The Modesto Bee Modesto, CA 12 Days of dealsaver $40,685 Gross 2,192 Offers Sold
  19. 19. STRAIGHT UP DEALS UpperMichigansSource Negaunee, MI Straight Up Deals $13,350 Gross 952 Offers Sold #PromotionsLab
  20. 20. 12 DAYS OF DEALS RECOMMENDATIONS Why it Works #PromotionsLab Limited inventory. Focused prospect list. When to Launch Launch the first week of December. How to Schedule Start one deal each day – week days only. Let them run until 12/24. How to Promote Run a sweepstakes ahead of launch, feature merchants, giveaway all 12 deals as grand prize. Run countdown promotions. Run a “Last Chance” email around 12/19.
  21. 21. SEASONAL STORES #PromotionsLab
  22. 22. CYBER WEEK #PromotionsLab Post-Bulletin Rochester, MN Cyber Week Deal Store $19,086 Gross 2,192 Offers Sold
  23. 23. SALES: JAN. TO DEC. 2013 #PromotionsLab Cyber Week
  24. 24. HOLIDAY STORE The Post and Courier Charleston, SC Holiday Gift Guide $85,403 Gross 2,192 Offers Sold #PromotionsLab
  25. 25. ANCHOR DEAL #PromotionsLab $48,776 Children’s Museum of Lowcountry 1,214 Offers Sold
  26. 26. CYBER + STOCKING STUFFER #PromotionsLab $117,661 Gross $48,025 Gross The Quad-City Times Davenport, IA 165,686! Combined Gross Revenue
  27. 27. #PromotionsLab CYBER + STOCKING STUFFER
  28. 28. SEASONAL STORE RECOMMENDATIONS Why it Works #PromotionsLab Work with a variety of advertisers. Create a big shopping event around key holidays. Higher volume of deals to encourage shopping. When to Launch Cyber Store: 12/1 – 12/7 Holiday/Stocking Stuffer: 12/8 – 12/24 How to Schedule Launch all deals at one time. Run them for the length of the store. How to Promote Make a big splash with high-impact ads. Feature merchants’ whenever possible. Leverage all of your assets.
  29. 29. #PromotionsLab Contests
  30. 30. HOLIDAY LIGHTS The RoanokeTimes | Roanoke, VA #PromotionsLab
  31. 31. CHRISTMAS CHOIR COMPETITION WKRQ-FM | Cincinnati, OH #PromotionsLab
  32. 32. SANTA PHOTOS GONE BAD The Pantagraph | Bloomington, IL #PromotionsLab
  33. 33. 31 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS Popular Woodworking #PromotionsLab
  34. 34. #PromotionsLab Ballots
  35. 35. #PromotionsLab
  36. 36. #PromotionsLab
  37. 37. PROMOTION #PromotionsLab
  38. 38. RESULTS #PromotionsLab $70,000 in revenue 50% increase!
  39. 39. #PromotionsLab TOOLS FOR SUCCESS
  40. 40. SWEEPSTAKES TEMPLATES #PromotionsLab
  41. 41. BALLOT TEMPLATES #PromotionsLab
  42. 42. CARD TEMPLATES #PromotionsLab SPA CARD
  43. 43. #PromotionsLab
  44. 44. #PromotionsLab MAY 28, 2014 132456 Your Name Here Matt Chaney Deal Sales
  45. 45. #PromotionsLab TAKEAWAYS
  46. 46. #PromotionsLab PLAN YOUR CALENDAR
  47. 47. HOLIDAY CALENDAR #PromotionsLab Promotion When to Run Holiday Sweepstakes #1 November 18-29 Holiday Shopping Ballot October-November Cyber Week Store December 2-8 UGC Photo Contest December 2-23 Holiday Sweepstakes #2 December 2-8 HolidayTheme Store December 9-25
  49. 49. #PromotionsLab
  50. 50. RUN A BALLOT #PromotionsLab
  51. 51. #PromotionsLab
  53. 53. ECOMMERCE PROMOTIONS #PromotionsLab $81K+
  54. 54. QUESTIONS? Matt Chaney Director of Affiliate Success @mattchaney #PromotionsLab Julie Foley Director of Affiliate Success @julie_foley Liz Crider Affiliate Success Manager @emcrider