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Football fans are incredibly passionate about their sport, and this passion holds for not only professional football, but also college and even high school football. This means that the opportunity - and variety - around football promotions is immense. In fact, we’ve seen our partners drive six-figure revenue from a single pro football contest!

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  • SO WHY IS FOOTBALL SUCH A BIG DEAL? Pro football is America’s most watched and favorite sportPeople who consider themselves “avid fans” spend 32 hours a week watching games and tracking statisticsBut aside from Pro football – think about the FANATICS in your community around college and even HS football!! There are Great opportunities to make money on College/High School Football
  • OK Emily enable the pollwe’ll chit chatHere are the results – Julie and Emily
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  • 21 week “pick’em” contestSeptember 6, 2013 – February 2, 2014Pick who they think will win all NFL games each week Compete in our additional, free “Survivor Game”Offer national and local prizesCreate their own private/public groups to play with friendsTurn key solution managed by Second Street
  • Pro FootballGrand Prize winner receives a trip for 2 to Hawaii!Weekly winners receive NFL fathead trip for two to Hawaii! Includes airfare from United States and 7 nights lodging in Maui valued at $5,000.
  • To activate their Patriots team sponsorship and promote weekly specials in Staples stores, Staples once again sponsored the WEEI Pro Pick ‘Em Challenge on WEEI.comThis season, for the largest participation rate in a football Challenge ever!5,583 total participants3x the amount of entrants from 2010604,728 page views throughout the seasonAUDIO campaign details: WEEI/Internet Radio Campaign : $50k of on-air media to run August-DecemberPromotional Support:WEEI: inclusion in a minimum of (115) :30 promotional announcements over the course of the season (name + :05 tag)Internet Radio: inclusion in a minimum of (90) :30 promotional announcements over the course of the season (name + :05 tag)
  • To support this campaign, WEEI will deliver co-branded banners on the Pro Pick ‘Em page along with the Homepage and ROS.
  • WEEI also ran a promotional banner display to encourage entrants and participation in the Staples Pro Pick ‘Em Challenge. These banners received much higher than average clicks and CTRs vs. ones that are ROS pon
  • WEEI sends out weekly messages to our Facebook fans to Twitter followers, reminding them to sign up for the Staples Pro Pick ‘Em Challenge for their chance to win great weekly prizes!Social Media Stats: Facebook: 63,043 “likes” Twitter: 25,561 followers
  • As a bonus, WEEI ran a mobile ad campaign on the brand new mobile site. These display ads had an incredibly high amount of clicks and CTR and helped promote Staples and the Pro Pick ‘Em Challenge!
  • Each week during the sponsor will be included in:(1) Daily Mashup Newsletter (73,535 members)(1) Patriots Newsletter (4,953 members)(1) Larry Johnson Cartoon
  • For 16 years, Marty Carry has been running pro football contests at the newspapers he’s worked at. This plan has worked in 3 states for all sizes of weeklies and dailies. Over that period of time, this program has averaged about $70K in revenue per year. He’s presently at the State Journal-Register, which is the smallest daily he’s have worked at (50K circ) and we generated $100K with football in 2012. The Second Street Promotions Lab has named this football plan The Marty Carry Model.
  • One of the most important features of the Marty Carry Model is the combination of print and online promotion. Create a center spread advertising your contest that goes in the Sports section each week, and partner with the newsroom for relevant Pro Football content. At our paper, we were so successful we grew to a 4-page pull-out every Friday for 23 weeks! -
  • While there is value in exclusive sponsorships, media companies can maximize their sponsorship revenue by opening up their pro football contest to multiple advertisers. It is not unusual to have as many as 30 contest sponsors, and this strategy is what enabled me to drive more than $100K in revenue with a single football contest. Successful football contests represent a great opportunity to bring new sponsors into the fold and to create relationships that you can continue to build on for years to come. - See more at:
  • Positioning your sponsors as “VIP Pickers” can add tremendous promotional value. The picks of VIP Pickers are published each week in a highly visible area of the contest page, as well as in an equally prominent place in print, along with a photo and credential with their business information. Giving your sponsors VIP treatment brings them to life for your audience, as contest users will want to compare their picks and scores to those of the VIPs.I also like to create some competition amongst my sponsors. The promotional package for the contest includes added value from one free pick-up in the newspaper any day during the season. The competition comes from the fact that the sponsor that makes the best picks each week is awarded an additional free pick-up. At the end of the season, the sponsor who picked the best for the season gets a free full page in the paper. While the extra promotion is certainly valuable to your sponsors, they will be in it for the glory as well.- See more at:
  • The pro football season is 23 weeks long, and your promotional campaign should last through the length of it. Include a 2×4 box in the center of the newspaper each day, but get the word out in other ways as well. I have found it to be incredibly beneficial to partner with radio stations. The stations love the opportunity to put a face to the names of their personalities, and constant promotion in the newspaper for 23 weeks is a great opportunity to do just that. The on-air promotion in turn creates more awareness of the contest, keeps it top-of-mind, and adds even more value for the contest sponsors.
  • Make sure to have fun with your contest, and keep it fun for your sales team and consumers too. When preparing for the contest, engage your sales staff. Break your sales staff into 2-4 teams that then compete to sell sponsorships and offer monetary awards to really spur the competition.Once the contest is running, offer your consumers incentives to engage with the contest as well. The best way to do this is by offering weekly local prizes. There is a perception that national prizes are hard to win, so local prizes generate more excitement and engagement because users feel like they have a real chance. For even more incentive, print the names of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in the paper each week. When deciding which prizes to offer, remember that you can’t lose with food and entertainment.
  • Make your picks for the questions asked about the Big Game and the player with the most correct answers wins!Length of season: 1 dayDate: 2/3/13How it Works: Players predict various facts about The Big GamePlayers guess scores of game as tie-breaker Second Street provides prize to top national playersAffiliate can add local prizes
  • The Las Vegas Sportsbook comes to! (minus the smell of whisky and stale cigars) Answer questions about the BIG GAME for your shot to win your choice of tickets to the Giants or Jets 2013 Season Home Opener at Met Life Stadium, courtesy of Buffalo Wild Wings of Hicksville. Over 400 users!
  • Weber gas grill
  • Length of season: 13 weeks + option to add bowl gamesFirst game: 8/30/12How it Works: Players pick winning teams of the 15 games offered each weekPlayers guess scores of “biggest” game as weekly tie-breakersSecond Street provides national weekly and overall prizesGame administrators can add local prizes
  • Each week, the fan who chooses the winners of the most college football games could win great prizes. Plus, you’ll compete against Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Jeff Schultz for gridiron bragging rights.AJC grand prize: Georgia Tech vs. UGA game tickets, plus a hotel stay in Athens AND tickets to the Chick-fil-A BowlAJC weekly prize: $100 Marlow’s Tavern gift cardPlus national prizes.
  • Weber gas grill
  • Length of season: 3 weeksFirst game: 12/21/13How it Works: Players pick winning teams of all bowl games for the seasonPlayers guess scores of BCS Title game as tie-breakerSecond Street provides national prizes to top five national playersAffiliate can add local prizes Example: 25k circ paper with sponsors!
  • These guys do it right! They have private groups, sponsors, local prizes and great branding. Have been doing football games for about 10 years; has great followingSponsors (Tilted Kilt Pub and Eatery and Stoli Vodka)Revenue (Unsure as they sponsored all our games last year) – part of HUGE sports contest buyPromotional schedule/what was included in the package (50 promos leading up to the start of bowl season, social media, website, newsletter).Local prizes from sponsors 1st place – 2 round trip airline tix from Funject vacations. 2nd and 3rd place Gift certicificates from tilted KiltGenerated 1,053 optins for their FAN newsletter and for FunJet Vacations (Grand Prize sponsor)
  • NCAA FatheadTop 5 finishers
  • Enter to Win TicketsCustom Football PickemFan FanaticTriviaFan RivalryUltimate TailgateRecipeSchool SpiritAiken Standard – circ 16KOver 20k submissions!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Majic 102.1 and Texas Southern University are giving you the chance to kick your way to $25,000.SweepsPrize:The contestant will receive four tickets to the TSU vs. Jackson State football game on 9/15/12 and one chance to successfully complete a 50 yard field goal kick for $25,000.
  • Homecoming, Prom, Drama, Football, Cheerleading, Music, Art, Academics – how do you show your school spirit? School spirit can be shown in a number of ways and we want to see pictures of how you and your friends show their school spirit.The High School with the most number of votes by the end of the contest on October 27, 2012 will receive a check for $10,000.00 from Peak KIA North to benefit all students at the school!
  • Carroll County TimesWestminster, MD37k circ paperSponsors:Kleffel’s clothing storeOwen’s Auto Repair
  • Athlete of the Week/Month/YearPick your All Star Team
  • WTOVSteubenville, OHDMA: 158High School Football AwardsSix sponsorsCategories:The Belmont Savings Bank/WTOV9 Player of the Year! - The National Gold and Silver Refinery Defensive Player of the Year! - The Belmont Savings Bank Blocks of Granite - Defense! - The Belmont Savings Bank Blocks of Granite - Offense! - Special Teams - Kicker/Punter of the Year! - The IBEW Electrifying Play of the Year! - The Team of the Year for 2012!Extra Categories:School SpiritBand/Cheerleaders of the yearTeams that travel the best
  • Including deals that might not be able to stand on their Good for advertisersNo out of pocket cost and no risk as usualReceive a lot of additional print & digital promotionGood for customersLots of local deals & big discounts to choose fromCreates a shopping mall & browsing experience
  • Plenty of opportunities to make revenue line flatter – especially in the summer!Look for dips in revenue – use store to fill the gapLook at your promotions calendar
  • Though this happened in Miami, it isn’t a big market only thing; this can be replicated in any college town around the countryPro Football worksJulie – Aren’t you in a small college town with a BIG following? Could something like this work in your market?Maryville – Even an opportunity around high school sports. My high school have were back-to-back in a row; they have a million dollar stadium and every Friday night when there’s a game, it is a major event in town; they even showed a game last season on ESPN! Go Rebels!
  • Had two audiences in mindUniversity of Miami is located in key penetration area of The Miami Herald – Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, South Miami areasWent to market positing that dealsaver will be at UM during the week promoting dealsaver and the merchantsFocused on merchants catering to students and campus, yet with mass appeal
  • Went to market positioning that dealsaver will be at UM during the week promoting dealsaver and the merchantsIn- Campus PromotionTwo and Fourdays: Booth on campus to promote dealsaver - gave out dealsaver swag – got hundreds of students and faculty to sign-upPrint ad in University newspaper – feature merchants and dealsEmail sent to university students, faculty and alumni – due to partnership with University; leverage theses to their fullest!Handed out flyersAlways giveaway swags at boothPen/Stylus dealsaverLast time grocery bagsSomething to remind them but something that they'll want/use1/3rd of deals were secured because of presence on campus including the top deals
  • In-Paper Promotion:Spadea to kick off weekFull page ad for each dealOnline promotion on websites & social media (FB, Twitter)
  • Always keep your audience in mindRemembering being in college – beer, pizza, burgers (heck, I thought those were main food groups for a few years)Other Categories:Sports BarsRestaurants & BarsSandwich shopsCatering for tailgating and other tailgating suppliesMeat Shops for grillingLocal events, concerts, and other sports tickets dealsLower price point okay here given the relatively low budgets of students
  • If you’re targeting the college students, focusing on lower priced deals isn’t a bad idea – that might be the only time I give out that kind of adviceBig winners – clothing, Italian/pizza and sports barsSpring 2012Big Cheese - $10 for $20Two locationsOver $11KallCanes $20 for $40 - $8KFall 2012allCanes - $20 for $40 (no sales items) - $15K – performed best in fall due to frenzy around football and beginning of semesterBig Cheese - $10 for $20 - $13KSpringBig Cheese – over $17K
  • Grew database with desirable demographic Helped build relationship with key merchants Doubled pace of opt-ins during store – 169 vs. 80Over 11,000 deals soldHave grossed over $140KTakes sales planning and creative packagingAlready selling Fall Store 2013Looking to add more variety of deals this and getting some new deals into the mixAvoiding mudding the waters with too many deal from the same categoryA key takeaway when targeting a new audience – make sure your deals are good the week after and have some similarity to the store for continuity
  • Keep audience needs/wants in mindDeals fit the themAnd you have a good deal mix, variety – 10-20 deals is sweet spot, but deal quality is paramountIs promoted heavily and in a unique way – and make sure your advertisers know how muchDeals are in addition to regular sales effortsPlanned and sold months in advanceAlign with sales promotions and special section efforts where possible
  • EmilyHave a team/have a championHave a plan for football promotionsFocus on revenue
  • Print and onlineOn air and onlineIntegrate your promotions!
  • Positioning your sponsors as “VIP Pickers” can add tremendous promotional value. The picks of VIP Pickers are published each week in a highly visible area of the contest page, as well as in an equally prominent place in print, along with a photo and credential with their business information. Giving your sponsors VIP treatment brings them to life for your audience, as contest users will want to compare their picks and scores to those of the VIPs.
  • Print and web ads available in our sales kit center
  • emilyInvite email from SLPDThink about digital assets can support your tradition assetsPlace more impressions digitally, where people can convert and enter to win easilyEmail messages
  • EmilyEmail can be one of the most powerful drivers of your promotionsUT San Diego Best Dressed Couple Contest1963 total submissionsOn the day the email was sent there were 430 total submissionsAlmost 22% of total submissions in ONE day! Quad City Times is seeing their promotional contest emails drive 70-80% of entries!!
  • Emily50% and growing are on mobileNon-negotiable
  • emilyThe best part is that they NEED your help#1 reason business owners use social media is to Acquireand Engage new customersFacebook contests are the best way to get new fans and to get new leads
  • Emily Direct link to football big page
  • EmilyWe’ve talked about pickem contests and sweeps. We’ve talked about custom photo contests, FACEBOOK contests, high school spirit contests, deals, deal stores and even how you can use a Voter’s Choice ballot for football promotions. What we are seeing is that there is a HUGE growth in online promotions. Advertisers looking for promotions that ignite interaction with customersPromotions are more effective at driving consumer interaction with brands than advertising because give consumers incentive to take action.Media companiesNEED TO BUILD OUT A SPECIFIC COMPETENCY AND FOCUS AROUND PROMOTIONS
  • Emily And that is exactly what we are going to discuss with Borrell and Associates when we co-host a webinar with them later this month! on June 27th, we will be hosting a webinar with Gordon Borrell & Jim Brown from Borrell Associates about how media companies can capitalize on the significant spending shift from advertising to promotions.The research and analysis that Gordon and his team do has a profound impact on how Second Street charts our strategy, and I think that this research should have the same impact for you as you plan your overall strategy.I hope you can join us for this exciting webinar, which will provide actionable insights about how to take advantage of the significant opportunities that online promotions offer. Space is limited, so be sure to reserve your spot today.
  • Emily
  • How to Sell Football Promotions

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    7. 7. 7#promotionslabWEBINAR AGENDA• Football Promotion Opportunities• Case Studies• Q&A
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    9. 9. 9#promotionslabHave you run a Footballpromotion in your market?a. Yes! I run a football promotion everyyear.b. I’ve never run a football promotion, Ineed ideas!POLL
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    13. 13. 13#promotionslabPRO FOOTBALL
    14. 14. 14#promotionslabPRO FOOTBALL PRIZES
    15. 15. 15#promotionslabCASE STUDYPro Football Pick’em ChallengeWEEI-FM | Boston, MAThis season, had the largest participation rate in a ProFootball Pick’em Challenge ever! ”- Carlson Mozdiez, Director of Digital Operations, Enterco $50,000 in Revenue  604,728 page views  5,583 Users“
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    17. 17. 17#promotionslabONLINE ACTIVATION
    18. 18. 18#promotionslabSOCIAL MEDIA SUPPORT
    19. 19. 19#promotionslabMOBILE ACTIVATION
    20. 20. 20#promotionslabE-NEWSLETTER INCLUSION
    21. 21. 21#promotionslabADDITIONAL MEDIA Contest Page Homepage FlipperStreaming Companion Banner Text Flash Reminders
    22. 22. 22#promotionslabTHE MARTY CARRY MODELsteps tosuccess!
    23. 23. 23#promotionslabTHE MARTY CARRY MODEL1. Integrate your promotion.
    24. 24. 24#promotionslabTHE MARTY CARRY MODEL2. Secure Multiple Sponsors.
    25. 25. 25#promotionslabTHE MARTY CARRY MODEL3. Give Your Sponsors VIP Treatment.
    26. 26. 26#promotionslabTHE MARTY CARRY MODEL4. Promote Your Contest Heavily.
    27. 27. 27#promotionslabTHE MARTY CARRY MODEL5. Keep it Fun.
    28. 28. 2828BIG GAME CHALLENGE
    29. 29. 29#promotionslabBIG GAME CHALLENGE
    30. 30. 30#promotionslabCASE STUDYRoger & JP’s Big Game ChallengeWBAB | Long Island, New York“
    31. 31. 31#promotionslabBIG GAME CHALLENGE PRIZE
    33. 33. 33#promotionslabTOP 15 COLLEGE PICKOFF
    34. 34. 34#promotionslabCASE STUDYSack SchultzThe Atlanta Journal-Constitution | Atlanta, GeorgiaThe AJC has been running this contest for three years and it’s a hugeaudience driver and revenue generator!” 3rd year running  6,238 Users“
    35. 35. 35#promotionslabTOP 15 COLLEGE PICKOFF PRIZE
    37. 37. 37#promotionslabCOLLEGE BOWL GAME CHALLENGE
    38. 38. 38#promotionslabCASE STUDYCollege Bowl Pick’emKKFN-FM | Denver, ColoradoThe Fan has been running UPICKEM sports contests for 12 years!”“ Huge sports contestbuy  1,053 Opt-ins  1,468 Users
    39. 39. 39#promotionslabCOLLEGE BOWL GAME CHALLENGE PRIZE
    40. 40. 4040CUSTOM CONTESTS
    41. 41. 41#promotionslabCUSTOM CONTEST IDEAS
    42. 42. 42#promotionslabSWEEPSTAKES
    43. 43. 43#promotionslabSCHOOL SPIRITShow Your School Spirit ContestGreeley Tribune | Greeley, ColoradoThe contest helped the sponsor to become more involved with thecommunity and to help a school, which is exactly what they wanted.”- Cristin Peratt, Advertising & Marketing Consu $14,000 in Revenue  2,176 Opt-ins  6,119 Votes“
    44. 44. 44#promotionslabBIGGEST FAN
    45. 45. 4545VOTER’S CHOICE
    46. 46. 46#promotionslabVOTER’S CHOICE IDEAS
    47. 47. 47#promotionslabHIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALLHigh School Player of the WeekWQSB-FM | Albertville, Alabama $1,330 in Revenue  DMA 80  3,544 Users
    48. 48. 48#promotionslabCOLLEGE FOOTBALL BALLOT
    49. 49. 4949DEAL STORES
    50. 50. 501. Expand deal offerings2. Run multiple dealsfrom same advertiser3. Target niche audience4. Diversify your dealprogram marketing5. Grow list & increaserevenue!WHY DEAL STORES?
    51. 51. 51#promotionslabMonth Category/Season/HolidayJanuary New Years ResolutionsFebruary Valentine’s DayMarch Spring BreakApril GolfMay Mother’s DayJune Father’s DayJuly Summer FunAugust FootballSeptember Fall/Labor DayOctober HalloweenNovember Cyber Monday WeekDecember Holidays/NYEDEAL STORES: A YEAR-LONG STRATEGY
    52. 52. 52STORE OPPORTUNITIESSalesPromo!SalesPromo!SalesPromo!SalesPromo!
    53. 53. 53UNIVERSITY DEALS STORE• The Miami Herald• Three Stores– Spring 2012– Fall 2012– Spring 2013
    55. 55. 55THE #1 SELLING POINT…
    56. 56. 56PROMOTE! PROMOTE! PROMOTE!EmailFlyersSpadea
    57. 57. 57HIGH QUALITY DEALS
    58. 58. 58ADVERTISERS TO TARGETCategoriesBars and RestaurantsTailgating AccessoriesRetail: FoodCatering for PartiesSports BarsCollege MemorabiliaSandwich ShopsPizza PlacesLocal EventsLocal ConcertsEvents: SportsRecreation/Adventure
    59. 59. 59#promotionslabKEY COMPONENT - GIVEAWAYSFall 2012 – iPhone GiveawaySpring 2013 – Gift CardGiveawaysStore + Contest =2x Daily Opt-ins Avg.
    60. 60. 60#promotionslabRESULTS$38,835$51,534 $53,825Spring 2012 Fall 2012 Spring 2013
    63. 63. 63#promotionslab3 STEPS TO SUCCESS
    64. 64. 64#promotionslabFOCUS ON REVENUE!• Auto Dealers• Award/Trophy Stores• Banks/Financial Services Providers• Big Box Retailers• Bike Shops/Cycling Stores• Car Audio/Window Tinting Stores• Doctors/Dentists• Golf Course/Pro Shop• Gyms/Fitness Centers• Hardware Stores• Home Audio Stores• Insurance Providers• Local Pubs/Bars• Local Utililties• Mechanics• Men’s Retail• Movie Theaters• Outdoor Retailers• Pawn Shops• Plumbers• Restaurant Chains• Sports Retailers• Sports/Rec Centers
    65. 65. 65#promotionslabINTEGRATED CAMPAIGN
    66. 66. 66#promotionslabLEVERAGE YOUR VIPS
    67. 67. 67#promotionslabPROMOTE
    68. 68. 68#promotionslabKNOW THE IMPACT OF EMAILInvitation email
    69. 69. 69#promotionslabKNOW THE IMPACT OF EMAIL050100150200250300350400450500Day 1 Day 2 Email Sent Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7Submissions by DayRepresents22% ofSubmissions
    70. 70. 70#promotionslabMAKE IT MOBILE-FRIENDLY
    71. 71. 71#promotionslabOther28%Newcustomers, leads72%SMB Primary Goal in Using Social MediaSource: MantaHello, Facebookcontest!UNDERSTAND THE FACEBOOK OPPORTUNITY
    72. 72. 72#promotionslabBONUS
    73. 73. 73#promotionslabWHY ONLINE PROMOTIONS?Source:BorrellAssociatesInBillions
    74. 74. 74#promotionslabUPCOMING WEBINARThursday, June 27th @ 2 pm ESTSign up:
    75. 75. 75Julie FoleyDirector of Affiliate SuccessSecond Street@julie_foleyQUESTIONSEmily ThousandAffiliate SuccessManagerSecond Street@emilythousandMatt ChaneyDirector of Affiliate SuccessSecond Street@mattchaney