How Every Media Company Can Drive Revenue with Ecommerce Promotions


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  • From an educator's perspective: To understand if America values its children, we first must distinguish what America values, then compare those values with how America cares for its children, and how those cares translate into how America supports its education system. Now, I could go into all kinds of academic journals and historic references and pull quotations of patriotism and good feelings to reflect American's jingoistic history and nature using anecdotes and impressions that Americans have ensconced in their minds but that would not be telling the truth or the full story of what America values. I must say, I wanted to prove that American values statistically are rooted in degenerated desires and licentious hopes, but in researching this line of thinking, I was taken aback by the Atlantic/Aspen Institute American Values Survey. This survey was an eye-opener for me. As I went through the survey, my opinion began to change on Americans and what they value. Americans do value education and the fundamental principles of morality according to the survey, but I think and feel there is a dark side to Americans as noted in the last point in the survey of self-interest being a big factor in values. When people are motivated by self-interest, it can skew and bias their critical and rational thinking processes. All too often, we live in the past and are tainted and biased with those thoughts that distort our perception of the here and now. For America to value its children She first needs to change Her value system. This can only be done through education and good parenting. Hence, how America values its children is based on how America values and supports its education system. There seems to be a direct correlation between the two; values and education and how those values translate into the education system via the teacher and then the curriculum. A teacher-educator with low values will not have a positive effect on children, and if that teacher-educator has self interest at the center of their motivation and inspiration, then that teacher-educator will degrade the values of their students and the system at large. Furthermore, how we approach curriculum is another issue in this dynamic, in that, the curriculum is what the students learn from, and in my previous essay we learned the importance of a brain-based curriculum and its effects on learning. We also know as educators, that learning styles (LS) is another contributing factor in how students learn and perceive the world. No two learners-brains are exactly alike, and in that, we as educators, and future scholars need to make sure when projecting values that we garner all those LS in the class so everyone can understand what is being said and taught in relation to values, and how we represent those values.
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How Every Media Company Can Drive Revenue with Ecommerce Promotions

  1. 1. # #PromotionsLab D R I V I N G R E V E N U E | B U I L D I N G D A T A B A S E | G R O W I N G A U D I E N C E #PromotionsLab THURSDAY, JULY 31, 2014
  2. 2. # #PromotionsLab How to Interact with Us GoToWebinar™ Questions Panel Twitter Hashtag: #PromotionsLab Note: We are recording this webinar and you will receive an email with links to the recording and the slide deck.
  3. 3. # #PromotionsLab Who We Are
  4. 4. # #PromotionsLab Speakers Matt Chaney Dir. of Affiliate Success @mattchaney Liz Crider Affiliate Success Manager @emcrider
  5. 5. # #PromotionsLab Agenda •  Introduction to Ecommerce Promotions •  Promotion Examples & Case Studies •  Takeaways •  Q/A
  6. 6. # #PromotionsLab D R I V I N G R E V E N U E | B U I L D I N G D A T A B A S E | G R O W I N G A U D I E N C E #PromotionsLab INTRODUCTION TO ECOMMERCE PROMOTIONS
  7. 7. # #PromotionsLab What are e-commerce promotions? What are Ecommerce Promotions?
  8. 8. Sites With Existing Deal Programs Who Should Run Ecommerce Promotions?
  9. 9. Any Site Wanting to Grow Digital Revenue Who Should Run Ecommerce Promotions?
  10. 10. # #PromotionsLab Ecommerce Promotion Revenue Opportunities Annual # of Offers Revenue Potential Cards 3 (1 Golf + 2 Spa Cards) $150,000 Progressive Discounting 2-4 $60,000 - $120,000 Stores 4 $200,000 Weekly Offers 52 $260,000 Theme Weeks 12 $120,000 Exclusive Offers 12 $360,000
  11. 11. # #PromotionsLab D R I V I N G R E V E N U E | B U I L D I N G D A T A B A S E | G R O W I N G A U D I E N C E #PromotionsLab PROMOTION EXAMPLES & CASE STUDIES
  12. 12. # #PromotionsLab Daily Deals
  13. 13. # #PromotionsLab Definition New featured offer everyday – BIG revenue potential. Ecommerce Promotions Daily Deals
  14. 14. # #PromotionsLab Daily Deals Why Model Works q  Deal diversity q  Revenue from multiple offers q  Wide variety of advertisers $2MM in 2013 Traverse City, MI Case Study
  15. 15. # #PromotionsLab Weekly Offers
  16. 16. # #PromotionsLab Definition Only one featured offer per week. Ecommerce Promotions Weekly Offers Earning Potential 52x a year $260,0000
  17. 17. # #PromotionsLab Why Model Works q  Create scarcity q  Focused prospecting q  Only top merchants q  Quarterly sales blitz Weekly Offers Dot Com Deal$ KSTP TV Minneapolis, MN Case Study
  18. 18. # #PromotionsLab Progressive Discount Stores
  19. 19. # #PromotionsLab Store with offers that get deeper and deeper discounts throughout the campaign. Progressive Discount Store Definition Ecommerce Promotions Earning Potential 2-4x $60,000 - $120,000
  20. 20. # #PromotionsLab Progressive Discount Store Why Model Works q  Advertiser gets trade credit q  Fun for consumers q  Lasts one week $46,685 Record-Journal Meriden, CT Case Study
  21. 21. # #PromotionsLab Cards
  22. 22. # #PromotionsLab Definition Physical card that has multiple offers from a single merchant or several merchants. Ecommerce Promotions Cards Earning Potential 3x a year $150,0000
  23. 23. # #PromotionsLab Cards $85,000 News Tribune dealsaver Tacoma, WA Why Model Works q  High price point q  Long shelf life q  Proven categories Case Study
  24. 24. # #PromotionsLab Other Examples Cards
  25. 25. # #PromotionsLab Theme Weeks
  26. 26. # #PromotionsLab A  week-­‐long  site  theme   including  3-­‐5  related   offers  with  special   branding  and   promo:on. Theme Weeks Definition Ecommerce Promotions Earning Potential 12x a year $120,0000
  27. 27. # #PromotionsLab Theme Weeks Case Study Why Model Works q  Focused prospecting q  Top merchants q  Limited availability $65,000 KY3-TV Springfield, MO
  28. 28. # #PromotionsLab Exclusive Offers
  29. 29. # #PromotionsLab Unique opportunity to access experiences and services at a good value. Exclusive Offers Definition Ecommerce Promotions Earning Potential 12x a year $360,0000
  30. 30. # #PromotionsLab Exclusive Offers Hubbard Radio Special Reserve Cincinnati, OH Why Model Works q  Experiential offers q  Less focus on discount q  Highly selective Case Study
  31. 31. # #PromotionsLab Other Examples Exclusive Offers
  32. 32. # #PromotionsLab Seasonal Stores
  33. 33. # #PromotionsLab Group of 10+ offers tied to a holiday or season – perfect for combining with contests and other promotions. Seasonal Stores Definition Ecommerce Promotions Earning Potential 4x a year $200,000
  34. 34. # #PromotionsLab Seasonal Stores Case Study Why Model Works q  Timely offers & promotion q  Engage users q  Diversify offers q  Target new merchants $168,000 Quad-City Times Davenport, IA
  35. 35. # #PromotionsLab PROMOTIONAL VALUE INCLUDED Promo email blast to 35,000+ deals subscribers................................................. $2,250 Quad-City Times full page promotion ad............................................................. $3,150 3 - 1/4 page Quad-City Times promotion ads...................................................... $2,250 100, 000 ROS promotion impressions on (728x90) ......................... $2,000 TOTAL ......$9,650 Run a Get It Today Half-Price Deal for Father’s Day to ensure foot traffic with new & existing customers. PLUS, be a part of this incredible shared advertising package! Call or email Jennifer at QCT media group As a participant in the Father’s Day Deals program, your business name and / or logo will be included in all of the shared promotional opportunities below. FATHER’S DAY DEALS STORE DEALS STORE IMPORTANT DATES & DETAILS All deals must be approved and contract in house by the above ad deadline. Deals must be a 50% discount or better. Each deal is a 50/50 revenue share and includes $9,650 of promotional value listed below. Runs: Monday, June 10, 2013 through Sunday, June 16, 2013 Ad deadline: Wednesday, June 5, 2013 Hit the holidays running when you feature a deal that immediately drives traffic! Run a 50% off or better deal for your business this Cyber Week, Monday, December 2 through Sunday, December 8, and get two weeks of amazing promotion starting on November 24. Participants will receive in all promotional materials Deadline: Monday, November 18 Deal store dates: Monday, December 2 through Sunday, December 8 2013 Call Rosanne at or email MOTHER’S DAY DEALS Run a deal for your business just in time for Mother’s Day shopping! Runs: Monday, May 6, 2013 through Sunday, May 12, 2013 Other Examples Seasonal Stores
  36. 36. # #PromotionsLab Ecommerce Promotion Revenue Opportunities Annual # of Offers Revenue Potential Cards 3 (1 Golf + 2 Spa Cards) $150,000 Progressive Discounting 2-4 $60,000 - $120,000 Stores 4 $200,000 Weekly Offers 52 $260,000 Theme Weeks 12 $120,000 Exclusive Offers 12 $360,000
  37. 37. # #PromotionsLab 52x BIGWeekly Deal 12x Exclusive! Offers! 2x 6x THEME WEEK 2x Seasonal Stores 2x Progressive Discount Store Annual Earning Potential $580,000 $410,000 3x 12x THEME WEEK $270,000 1x
  38. 38. # #PromotionsLab D R I V I N G R E V E N U E | B U I L D I N G D A T A B A S E | G R O W I N G A U D I E N C E #PromotionsLab TOOLS FOR SUCCESS
  39. 39. # #PromotionsLab Contest SalesContest Sales Planning Deal Sales
  40. 40. # #PromotionsLab Earn Your Own Certification!
  41. 41. Promotion Examples Case Studies Playbooks & Worksheets
  42. 42. # #PromotionsLab NEW! Playbook Available
  43. 43. # #PromotionsLab D R I V I N G R E V E N U E | B U I L D I N G D A T A B A S E | G R O W I N G A U D I E N C E #PromotionsLab TAKEAWAYS
  44. 44. # #PromotionsLab Build a franchise around local ecommerce promotions.
  45. 45. # #PromotionsLab Create the right mix to reach your revenue goals.
  46. 46. # #PromotionsLab Deal Quality Remains Your Top Priority.
  47. 47. # #PromotionsLab Ecommerce Promotions can work for any media company.
  48. 48. # #PromotionsLab Start planning your next Ecommerce Promotion today!
  49. 49. # #PromotionsLab Questions? Matt Chaney Dir. of Affiliate Success @mattchaney Liz Crider Affiliate Success Manager @emcrider