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How to Sell Father's Day Promotions


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How to Sell Father's Day Promotions

  1. 1. PRESENTERS Julie Foley Director of Affiliate Contest Success @julie_foley Matt Chaney Director of Affiliate Deals Success @mattchaney #promotionslab
  2. 2. Questions & Twitter Follow @secondstreetlab on Twitter! Want to win an exclusive prize? Be the one who tweets the most with our hashtag #promotionslab Note: We are recording this webinar and you will receive an email with links to therecording, slide deck, resource center and relevant articles in the promotions lab. #promotionslab
  3. 3. Who We Are Increase ROI, Build & Engage Audience #promotionslab
  4. 4. #promotionslab
  5. 5. Agenda• Father’s Day: By the Numbers• Father’s Day Deal Store Overview• Deal Store Case Study• Father’s Day Contest Overview• Contest Case Studies• Additional Success Tactics• Father’s Day Resources• Q&A Matt Chaney, Affiliate Success #promotionslab
  6. 6. Father’s Day –By the Numbers $12.7 70.1 billion Source: National Retail Federation, May 07-12, US Census million spent by Dads consumer June 16, 2013 85% will spend 46 selling same or days left more this year #promotionslab
  7. 7. Father’s Day Spending $117.14 $106.49 $90.89 $94.32 2009 2010 2011 2012 #promotionslab
  8. 8. DEAL STORES#promotionslab
  9. 9. Growth in OnlinePurchases for Father’s Day % of Gifts Bought Online Source: National Retail Federation, BIGinsight Monthly Consumer Survey, May 2012 28% 22% 21% 18% 2009 2010 2011 2012 #promotionslab
  10. 10. Why Deal Stores?1. Expand deal offerings2. Run multiple deals from same advertiser3. Target niche audience4. Diversify your deal program marketing5. Grow list & increase revenue! #promotionslab
  11. 11. Look for OpportunitiesThroughout the Year Sales Sales Sales Sales Promo! Promo! Promo! Promo! January February March April May June July August September October November December #promotionslab
  12. 12. Top Deal Stores1. Holiday/Stocking Stuffer2. Cyber Week3. Golf4. Destinations/Travel5. Father’s Day6. Mother’s Day7. Home Improvement8. Kids/Family9. Summer Adventures/Recreation10.Best Deals of the Year #promotionslab
  13. 13. Deal Spending vs.Father’s Day Spending Source: National Retail Federation, BIGinsight Monthly Consumer Survey, May 2012 Top Categories for Father’s Day Average Price Father’s Day Points Spending Dining $12.97 $48.96 Recreation: Golf $40.41 n/a Services: Auto $37.17 $35.95 Retail: Hobby/Sports $21.81 $39.87 Retail: Home & Garden Supplies $21.70 $46.89 #promotionslab
  14. 14. Other Categoriesto Consider Category Average Price Regional Travel $126.67 Family Activity Center $35.60 Event: Sports Tickets $30.48 Lessons $46.27 Wineries $35.13 Golf $40.14 Photography $77.10 Attractions/Museums $35.59 Retail: Food $16.31 Recreation/Adventure $45.64 #promotionslab
  15. 15. Lots of Gifting Options• Father or Stepfather• Husband• Son• Grandfather• Brother• Friend• Godfather• Other relative Nick Certa, Business Development #promotionslab
  16. 16. Traits ofTop Deal Stores Big Promotional push Good variety of categories Include complimentary deals Higher price points Run stores in addition to regular sales efforts Matt Chaney, Affiliate Success Plan months in advance #promotionslab
  17. 17. Record Journal –Background Store Details • Deals: 25 • Advertisers: 22 • Schedule: 6/4 – 6/18 Spadea #promotionslab
  18. 18. Record Journal –Results % of Deals Offered $13.34 vs. $23.06 Services Average Store Price 4% Beauty 13% Retail 18% Per Deal Revenue Up by 31% Dining 26% Total Gross: Recreation Over $15K 39% #promotionslab
  19. 19. Killen Daily Herald -Background Store Details • Deals: 24 • Advertisers: 14 • Schedule: 6/3 – 6/18 #promotionslab
  20. 20. Killen Daily Herald -Results Services $18.71 vs. $41.94 13% Beauty 21% Average Price - over 2x Retail 8% Dining Per Deal Revenue 4% Up by 38% Event 4% Recreation Total Gross 50% over $14K! #promotionslab
  21. 21. Washington Post -Background Store Details • Deals: 8 • Advertisers: 6 • Schedule: 6/4 – 6/18 #promotionslab
  22. 22. Washington Post -Results Average Price - over 3x Revenue Breakdown $26.75 vs. $67.80 Deals were a mix of national and local deals Top Deal: $48 Golf Weekend Package National/Product Deals Local Deals Total Gross over $30K! #promotionslab
  23. 23. Deal Store Key Takeaways Target deals with higher price points Use turnkey resources to spice up your site Deal quality remains crucial Plan ahead & do multiple stores throughout the year Have strong promotional package for your store – incl. a CONTEST! #promotionslab
  24. 24. FATHER’S DAY CONTEST OVERVIEW Matt Coen, Owner and Co-Founder #PromotionsLab
  25. 25. WHY CONTESTS?• Build Audience, Page Views and Brand Awareness• Generate Sponsorship & Ad Revenues• Build User Database for Email Marketing• Grow your Social and Mobile Strategy Allows for you to build contests for Advertisers Julie Foley, Affiliate Success #PromotionsLab
  26. 26. TEMPLATE CONTEST OVERVIEW• Contest template that can be locally branded and run on your site• The only submissions that show up are ones from your market• Play Anywhere • Contest is accessible on your website, Facebook, mobile and tablet #PromotionsLab
  27. 27. TEMPLATE CONTEST OVERVIEW• Prizes • Local prizes can be added • This is not a national contest • There are no national prizes• Winners • Determined by highest number of votes Kelly Travis (R), Marketing #PromotionsLab
  28. 28. TEMPLATE vs. CUSTOMTemplate• Turn-key• Ad templates• Resource Center• Contest creation done for youCustom• Unique• Stands out in your market• Additional “Father’s Day” contest ideas • Daddy’s Day Out (Sweepstakes) • Father-Son Look-alike (Photo) • Why My Dad’s the Best (Essay or Video) • My Dad’s a Hunk! (Photo) Jen Lauck (R), Customer Relations #PromotionsLab
  29. 29. CONTEST CASE STUDIES #PromotionsLab
  30. 30. CUSTOM CONTEST EXAMPLES #PromotionsLab
  31. 31. KY3 #PromotionsLab
  32. 32. KY3 1 exclusive sponsor $2,500 digital revenue #PromotionsLab
  33. 33. WICZ #PromotionsLab
  34. 34. WICZ 6 sponsors $6,000 revenue #PromotionsLab
  35. 35. Rickey Smiley Morning Show #PromotionsLab
  36. 36. Rickey Smiley Morning Show 1 exclusive sponsor $10,000 revenue #PromotionsLab
  37. 37. KARK-TV #PromotionsLab
  38. 38. KARK 4 sponsors $5,000 revenue #PromotionsLab
  39. 39. BEST PRACTICES #PromotionsLab
  40. 40. BEST PRACTICES • Mobile • Facebook • Custom Email Campaign • Secure local prize partners • Run a Father’s Day Deal Store • Promote! #PromotionsLab
  41. 41. Why Mobile Uploading is so Important for Contests 45% of 82% of cell American phone owners adults own a use phone to smartphone take pictures Sources: Pew Internet & American Life Project, eMarketer 68% of those 25% of living in American households adults own a earning tablet $75,000 own smartphones #PromotionsLab
  42. 42. FACEBOOK• Add to your Facebook page• Add to your sponsor’s Facebook page• Add Like-Gate for both you and your sponsor• Power your social strategy!• Optimize for mobile #PromotionsLab
  43. 43. CUSTOM EMAIL CAMPAIGN• Send an initial invite to your promotions database• Customize the “submission received/approved” emails• Customize the “email friends/entry link” email• Send “voting has begun” emails if applicable• Send a results/wrap up email #PromotionsLab
  44. 44. IDENTIFY PRIZE PARTNERS• Offer advertising in exchange for each runner-up and grand prizes• Partner with your Deals program to offer credits as prizes• Announce winners on your website, on Facebook & Twitter, through eBlasts, on-air or in print #PromotionsLab
  45. 45. RUN A DEALS STORE• Cross Promote• Offer a special code• Offer credits as prizes• Offer one of everything in the store as grand prize #PromotionsLab
  46. 46. PROMOTE #PromotionsLab
  47. 47. FATHER’S DAY CONTEST KEY TAKEAWAYS • Sell a sponsorship • Add you opt-ins • Sell a multimedia package • If using Facebook version make sure you Jack Rosenzweig, Product optimize for mobile users • Use template resources • Combine with a Father’s Day Deal Store Phil Mattson, Systems #PromotionsLab
  48. 48. RESOURCES• Branded Father’s Day contest• Deals Store creative• Print & web promo ads• Advertisers to consider• Sales PPT deck• User Manual & FAQs Liz Crider, Affiliate Success Neil Steinbach, Affiliate Success #PromotionsLab
  49. 49. Q&A Julie Foley Director of Affiliate Contest Success @julie_foley Matt Chaney Director of Affiliate Deals Success @mattchaney #PromotionsLab