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Take a closer look at what you need to know to be successful selling and promoting your Facebook contests.

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  • Julie
  • JulieThe first session, Facebook Strategy + Promotions overview, was last TuesdayThe recording, slides and takeaways are all up at secondstreetlab.comOur current partners can still sign up for the Facebook Promotions Admin training this ThursdayYou can do that at as well
  • JulieThis is the 2nd part of our 3-part webinar series
  • Julie
  • Julie
  • Julie
  • Thanks Julie, and Hi everyone –I’m excited that you’re hereWe want to show you how our partners here at Second Street are putting effective Facebook strategy into practice and making MONEY from FacebookThese are things you have probably not heard or seen beforeYou want to know something – I’ve sold Facebook contests too!I joined Second Street from Entercom Radio where I was a Social Media StrategistAs WELL as a UPICKEM Affiliate I would consult with clients and pitch Facebook contests just like these and we had tremendous success This success is being shared amongst many of our partners in all size markets and all media typesToday, we want to share with you what works, a blueprint for success if you willFor how YOU can really start generating revenue featuring one of my former colleagues, Brandy Carter the Director of Strategic Sales and Marketing at Entercom New Orleans – how to sell Facebook contests, prospecting, how to packageShe’s super smart, extremely motivated and doing some amazing things that you need to pay attention toSo let’s get started!
  • OK Julie enable the pollwe’ll chit chatHere are the results - Emily
  • EmilyDo you know what that tells me?I see an opportunity
  • EmilyThere are many reasons why Facebook contests matter
  • Emily100% White-LabelUnlimited contests on your Page (Sponsored) or your Advertiser’s Pages Run same contest on multiple Pages or several contests at onceLike-GateThis means they have to click the Like button before they can see the entry form (PUSH THE BUTTON)
  • Emily100% White-LabelUnlimited contests on your Page (Sponsored) or your Advertiser’s Pages Run same contest on multiple Pages or several contests at onceLike-GateThis means they have to click the Like button before they can see the entry form (PUSH THE BUTTON)
  • Emily100% White-LabelUnlimited contests on your Page (Sponsored) or your Advertiser’s Pages Run same contest on multiple Pages or several contests at onceLike-GateThis means they have to click the Like button before they can see the entry form (PUSH THE BUTTON)
  • EmilyThey are the #1 way to grow your Likes
  • EmilyThis is just one graph from an advertiser contest, Reginelli’s Pizzeria, which will look more closely at in just a little bitYou can see the flatline of the graph, the organic growthSee that spike? That is when the contest was activatedThis kind of graph is what we see over and over again
  • EmilyYou can also leverage Facebook to convert those fans into something you own, your email database
  • EmilyThis is a great example of an advertiser contest for Duke’s Chowder HouseThey provided an incentive to opt-in – a Buy 1 Get 1 Free meal coupon – if you joined the email databaseAs a result, their opt-in rate was very high
  • EmilyNot only do contests work for advertisers, they work for your media propertyUT San Diego was featured on our first webinar last weekContesting is something they believe in because of the results it bringsThis was the result of a Holiday gift card giveawayThey do a fantastic job
  • EmilyUT San Diego also runsfrequent movie ticket giveawaysThis is in addition to the UGC contests, sports contests like College Basketball and a variety of other contests hosted both on Facebook and the websiteThe results speak for themselves
  • EmilyAnother really important aspect of contesting is what it does for your engagementEveryone is always talking about “engagement” – well what does that mean?
  • EmilyAgain these graphs speak for themselves – you can see a big spike of activity when the contest launched for Reginelli’sWhat we’re looking at is metric called “People Talking About This” which literally means people on Facebook who are interacting with your page
  • EmilyUnderstanding “People Talking About This” is critical to the success of any Facebook PageThese are real peopleThere’s power in this community –they can help you start spreading your messages for youTake a look at the numbers beneath this cover photo – People Talking About ThisThis is the unique # of people who are interacting with your page Represents the last 7 daysYou want that number to be as high as possible – that means people are interacting with what you’re sharing, that’s the whole pointIf that number is low, that’s a problem because
  • EmilyThat means you’re not going to get into the #1 place you want to be – the NewsfeedThis is where people spend their timeIn order for anyone to see any of your posts, you have to be making it into their NewsfeedThis is something many clients don’t understand – this is an opportunity for you to help them!
  • EmilyNow before you let this formula freak you out – there’s nothing to worry about! This is really easy to understand once we break it downThis is the SECRET to visibility on Facebook, to having people see your updates and get into the NewsfeedThis is something our most successful partners understand and use to their advantageThis is critical information for your advertiser as most of them have never heard of this beforeEdgerank is the Algorithm Facebook uses to determine what makes it into a fan’s Newsfeed and what doesn’tThink of it like GoogleYou can optimize your Facebook updates to rank higher in the Newsfeed and to be seen by more people
  • EmilySo let’s break the formula downAffinity is the relationship someone has with your pageThat relationship is formed via actions they take with your posts, with your status updatesIf a lot of their friends also like your page, that increases the Likelihood you’ll show up in their NewsfeedContests are extremely effective at building Affinity – establishing a relationship with new fans as well as re-engaging with existing fans on a regular basis
  • EmilyWeight literally means the weight of the posts, some weigh more than others and more likely to be seen.Posts with photos, videos and links weigh more – think multi-mediaThe amount of interaction on your post also mattersYou need comments, likes and sharesHow to get them? First: Don’t shout at people! Talk with them. If you don’t take this seriously, you will literally end up talking to no one and wasting your timeWithout interaction you will have low PTA and you will not be in people’s NewsfeedsYou will not be engaged with your fans and no one will see what you’re posting
  • EmilyDecayDecay equals time decay, or how long ago your post was publishedThe more recent a post, the more likely it will be seenThe more interaction the post has, the longer it will stay in user’s feedsThat means you need to post frequently and be engagingSo what does this all mean?
  • Emily
  • EmilyWhile small business interest in, and appreciation for, social media is on the rise, small business owners continue to lack confidence in their social media skills.
  • EmilySMBs spend an average of $17,000 on online marketing services, which is two and a half times more than what they spend on traditional online advertising.
  • Emily80% of SMB owners have a presence on social media (most of them are on Facebook) - 15MM Facebook pages total. There is a huge opportunity for local media to provide solutions!
  • EmilyAccording to a recent study by MantaBIG potential. What is your primary goal in using social media?#1 is Acquiring and Engaging new customers: 36%Facebook contests are the best way to get new fansFacebook contests are the best way to get new leads
  • EmilyIn that same study by MantaMore than half (54%) chose social media marketing as the marketing activity they need the most help withThese numbers indicates that while most SMB owners are on social media, many of them have no idea what they’re doing and could benefit from social networking support.
  • EmilyNow that we’ve got an understanding of the opportunity, let’s talk about how to capitalize on it!
  • EmilyThere are basically 2 revenue models for monetizing FacebookSome work better for others, all depends on your media property
  • EmilyIf you were on the first session in our webinar last week, you’re familiar with this case study from UT San DiegoViejas Outlets $200-a-Day GiveawayRevenue: $20,000, new revenue, as part of a larger buyPrize: 44 $100 Viejas giftcards, 5 $50 Deals gift card winners, 1 $600 Viejas gift cardTied in great savings Viejas Outlets offers with U-T Deals
  • EmilyHow was UT San Diego able to sell a sponsorship to a Facebook contest?Selling a sponsorship to a Facebook contest is like selling a sponsorship of any other type, it’s no differentIt’s actually quite valuable and something advertisers want to be a part ofGrowing their Likes, growing their email database – that has a price tag for a sponsorPut together a package showing all of the sponsorship and placement opportunities for the advertiser, what kind of promotion are they going to getHave your package be integrated with a focus on digital assets supporting your traditional assetsMake it enticingby showing the enormous exposure the client would get – in print, online, on social media, on your TV station, over the air on your radio station. Don’t forget to put a price tag on the Likebox and the opt-in
  • EmilyAnother way you can make money from Facebook contests is by running contests for them on their pageLike an Agency – provide digital agency servicesHere we’ve got an example from Entercom Radio where they sold a $500 sweepstakes to a local bankGenerated $18,000 from this one contest!
  • EmilyWe have the honor of having Brandy Carter from Entercom Radio New Orleans join us today to walk us through the results of this fantastic case study as well as a few othersAnd really we’re going to give you more than thatSome of what Brandy is doing is so innovative, so forward-thinking – to me this is the direction that all local media sellers need to moveBrandy is certainly someone to watch not only in the radio industry but in media in generalShe is changing the face of what a “sales person” could and should be!So thank you Brandy for being here today!Can you walk us through the results of this great Advertiser Facebook contest?
  • BrandyBrand new giftcard programHoliday promotionLooking for people who are holiday shoppingMarketing objective: wanted to double their LikesBiz Objective: wanted to sell 500 gift cards, average price point 25-50 a cardThis was supported by a giveaway of a $500 gift card on their Facebook Page 
  • BrandyDid a really great integrated program to bring awareness before the holidays that they provide Visa Gift Cards for saleSupported with 2 emails, display ads, Mobile ads on mobile app really supported it, "taking it to another level“To the target they specifiedNothing activates a campaign like integrated marketing whether that’s radio or TV, when it’s done right, it works
  • BrandyGrowth was exponential
  • Brandy1252 new fans12,880% growth in engagement (PTA, People Talking About This)
  • BrandyBig aspect of this campaignSend out a newsletter called Common CentsGave them 562 new emails
  • BrandyInstead of selling 500 gift cards
  • BrandyThey ran out of gift cards!They sold 1000 gift cards
  • BrandyIn Card SalesThat encouraged them to look at more promotionsUsed power of new fans in first quarter promotionCommunity Rewards program, had over 78k votesThey were floored
  • EmilyWow, that is really tremendous. Talk about ROI and how promotions affect your bottom line.Brandy, I know you’ve been seeing a lot of success.Why do you believe in Facebook contests so much?
  • BrandyIn a nutshell, this is why…If it’s just a sign up to win, there is no engagementEmilyThat’s so trueWhen you think about the Traditional marketing funnel - awareness, trial, engagementFacebook is a natural place for engagement, don’t you agree Brandy?BrandyEvent above and beyond the branding, this is the engagement pieceIt’s easy for us to sell themThis is the social event within our strategy…(transition to next slide)
  • Brandy(from prior…It’s the social event within our strategy)For radio - we used to do remotesThis has become a better way to activate and engage potential customers of theirsIn a way that’s easy for them and special for them to be a part ofIncremental dollarsClients I already have - getting more moneyHave not had one that wasn’t successfulBecome media event planner
  • BrandyNot only does Facebook allow you to have lead generationSimultaneously have a reason for them to come to your locationBounceback offer – urgent or something that ties in was a coupon for the following month for their next promotionGoal is always: Bounceback to be clear activator to drive to the store
  • EmilyThat totally makes sense and is very smartIn terms of Advertisers to target, there are a few ways you could approach this
  • EmilyFirst – the most obvious, the low-hanging fruitLook at your current client listCurrent clients – are they on Facebook? Do they have something coming up we could activate?If they’re posting with some level of frequency it shows that Facebook is important to them You don’t want to target someone who has a page but never posts – they’re not going to see a return on their investment because they’re not investing anything into their PageThey’re not going to keep up the momentum or be in a position to do anything with all of the new fans you will deliver to themGo back to their Timeline – what did they do last year for X holiday. Check out their Events pageCheck out their website – what do they have going on?Who’s currently advertising their Facebook page but might not be running a contest with you?
  • EmilyLots of ways to prospect and find new clientsLook at Facebook adsThey’re in the sidebar, in the newsfeedThey’re in the lower corner when you look at a photo
  • EmilyWe’ve got a tip on using Facebook’s Graph SearchGo to in “local restaurants” or “local banks”You’ll get a listing of all the business in your area that have a Facebook Page!Do you have anything to add Brandy?BrandyBest is when they DO have eventsAnything that involves food and entertainment – we’ve found this to work really well
  • Emily
  • EmilyWhen you sell Facebook contests, sell the benefitsIt’s not just the new Likesthe new Emails, You’re doing yourself a big disservice if you acquire a bunch of Facebook fans and never convert them into a database you really ownYou can remarket to them, you can hypertarget messages, you can survey your databaseIt’s also your current Likesit’s re-engaging, inviting them back to the party – you’ve got to have people engaging with your page in order to affectEdgeRank and get into the NewsfeedBrandyI know you’re like “what is EdgeRank?”Just like Google search has an algorithmSo does FacebookBusiness owners are not aware of thatI will pull up their Facebook page and go through it with themShow them what it is visually – whether they’re doing it right or not
  • BrandyIt’s all positioningIf you say “do you want to buy an FBA?” (what we call Facebook contests)…transition to next slide
  • Brandy…They say huh, what’s that?The word FBA can kind of baffle peopleThey don’t know what it is, they aren’t interested in something they don’t understand
  • BrandyAre you interested in doing a social event? What’s that?You want to invite people to your party
  • BrandyThis is a fulfillment mechanismRather than doing a giveaway box in your store where people had to fill out paper entriesInstead of having to enter in all the email addresses manually - we serve that up to youMakes it easy for the client
  • BrandyAnother important part of positioning…Do you want people to Like you or do you want brand advocates?This social event allows you to take your message viral because there is something in it for themWhat happens when you go to a party that you really enjoyed?Do you share it with others?Social boost
  • BrandyReach friends of fans
  • EmilyBrandy is obviously doing a lot of things right This is more than just “selling a contest”This is selling a solutionWhat is the campaign objective, what is the business objectiveWhen it’s not thought out or there’s no rhyme or reason, that’s when you’re going to have problemsThink of TV - they have a season, and they have episodesWhat is your season?Helping them beyond the FBA, helping them plan their eventOffer something they can’t get anywhere elseWhat are you going to put on your page?What is Edgerank?That’s when they get excitedWhat is good content?
  • EmilyBrandy can you walk us through the objective for Reginelli’s and why this matters?BrandyObjective - bring awareness to non-meat items during Lent, people don’t think of pizza during lentIf you haven’t identified this before it starts, they won’t know what worked and what didn’t work. What was supposed to work?What would success look to you at the end of this campaignAre we having a results conversation? That’s not standard for media.So what did you think? It’s too late, whatever they thought is overIf I don’t know that before I start, I can’t do a checkpoint with you, make creative changes
  • EmilySo we just talked about expectationsWe are also trying to plan parties throughout the yearThis gives us the ability to look backLook at past event, the past contests and set measurable goals for the next eventWhat you’re ultimately doing isHelp clients build a planWe’re stopping them down and helping them Build that plan around USBrandyBuild their media event around their own marketing – they should promote it too!This is going to be an event that we’re going to plan as a part of your overall marketing strategyWould you promote your own party?Can this be in my TV ad?Should I email this to my own database?Yes of course!
  • EmilyEvery media has their own mixAs media – what are your drivers?Radio’s strength might be a bit different than Newspaper or TVWhat are your weaknesses? What are your opportunities?Everyone has that one thing that really activates a campaign for a client
  • EmilyWhen you look at radio’s integrated mixThis is a typical radio packageWhat we’ve found is that integrated assets have been critical to the success of the campaignOftentimes a contest isn’t as successful as it could be because you’re Not adding enough layersExpectations without right media mix, not going to meet that expectationsAs media – what are your drivers?We’ll show more sample packages from our partners in just a little bit
  • EmilyEveryone’s favorite – overcoming objectionsWe’ve all been there!Here are a few that I have received and that I’ve heard from our partners
  • EmilyIt’s more than that
  • EmilyIt’s not just the new Likesthe new Emails, it’s re-engaging, inviting them back to the partyBrandyFor a lot of business owners, someone else might be handling their social mediaThey assume everything is going “OK”Show them what’s really going onDon’t you want to re-engage your fans?
  • EmilyI’ve gotten this personally and since I’ve been working with our Affiliates I’ve gotten this objection
  • EmilyYou cannot run it and here’s why
  • EmilyHere are the benefits of running it through an appYou can’t remarket to those people
  • EmilyNow the really fun stuff – the results
  • EmilyBrandy – can you walk us through this?BrandyObjective:Lent, people think of them, Reginelli’s, tons of meatless itemsConnect the dots picture for your marketing strategy40% fan growth in 3 weeksWhat took 4 years they increased by 40% in 3 weeks75% opt-ed in, 900 new emails to them1252 Likes at close
  • BrandyBusiness objectiveSaw an increase in Friday businessHow our promotions affect your bottom line
  • BrandyMay is national hamburger monthRan a text coupon eventResults were so great they wanted to do more
  • BrandyDid a Facebook sweepstakes, 5 $100 giftcards to Phil’s
  • EmilyGreat stuff BrandyNot only do we provide the contest applicationWe have this data, we have resultsSo much more than contest entriesAnalyze the data, where the entries came from55% of entries came from Jefferson ParishGives him an opportunity to engage with these people, you want to market to people who haven’t been there beforeMaybe you want to hyper-target locations with emailTeaching them how to use the email list we give them based on analytics
  • EmilyAnother great feature of the tool is the ability to customize your entry formsUse the survey questionsSurvey questions had a remarkable responseWhat is the most important thing to you - for food - quality, taste, location
  • EmilyWasn’t that fun?What great information from Brandy! If you’re not already convinced that there is a huge opportunity for you, let me show you what other size markets and media types have done
  • EmilyPart of Pioneer NewsgroupDMA 112Nampa, IDGoal: The goal was to add likes for Intermountain Community Bank and Dillabaugh Flooring. We tied this contest in with our Taste of Home Cooking School that we had that spring. Results: 1000+ New Likes
  • EmilySet-up on each individual business’ Facebook pageA like-gate for users before seeing entry formAn opt-in for email was also included and we provided each business with list of emails at end of contest3x10 print adOnline adsSocial Media mentionsIn addition – the advertiser’s helped promote the contest as well – this is really importantThey made social media posts and leveraged their internal email databases
  • EmilyGreat case study from our partners at Lee EnterprisesQuad City Times in Davenport IADMA 100Goal:Grow local business’ Facebook fans and email via a group contest which made it more affordable for the advertisers8 advertisersRevenue: $14,000 ($1750 each)Results (Likes each advertiser got, email opt ins for you and for each merchant) Businesses gained between 157 Facebook likes (local carpet cleaning business) and 341 Facebook likes (local Mattress store). Other businesses gained 165, 202, 238, 262, 286, 303 fans.
  • EmilyAll promotion was shared between all 8 businesses: 1 full page in print, 3 ¼ pages in print, an email to our 80K email list, 100K ROS impressions on, and a Total Dominance (full color front page strip ad and homepage takeover of all ad positions).Set-up on each individual business’ Facebook pagea like-gate for users before seeing entry formAn opt-in for email was also included and we provided each business with list of emails at end of contest.
  • EmilyPartners at Nexstar, WCIAChampaigne, ILDMA – 83Nexstar gave stations a challenge to optimize FB to help news productPhase 1 was to offer “Marketing Consultation” package that how to optimize your Page, how to use Facebook InsightsThis also included a sweepstakes contest, – $1500 sold 8 in the first month“Easiest thing I’ve sold…EVER” Greg LivesayDirector of Internet Sales
  • EmilyBy doing the consultative piece, gets advertisers to start thinking about their business and how social media impacts itWhen they talk to advertisers they make a point to say we are consulting we are not selling to you. They get real answers this way about budget and inside information not normally shared with ad sales team.
  • Julie
  • JulieHave a team/have a championHave a plan for station contestsFocus on revenue for advertiser contests
  • JulieUnderstand the opportunity!As our case studies have been demonstrating, contests have so many benefits for your advertiserThey grow your Likes, grow your email database, increase engagement
  • EmilyThe best part is that they NEED your help#1 reason business owners use social media is to Acquireand Engage new customersFacebook contests are the best way to get new fans and to get new leads
  • EmilyThese numbers also indicates that while most SMB owners are on social media, many of them have no idea what they’re doing and could benefit from social networking support.That’s where you come in
  • JulieLook at your current client listAre they on Facebook? What are they doing? If they’re posting with some level of frequency it shows that Facebook is important to them Who’s currently advertising their Facebook page but might not be running a contest with you?Check out their Events page on Facebook, on their websiteDo they have something coming up we could activate?
  • JulieNew clients:Look at Facebook adsTry the tip Emily shared with us earlierGo to in “local restaurants” or “local banks”You’ll get a listing of all the business in your area that have a Facebook Page!
  • JulieIn terms of The pitch
  • JulieThink beyond the LikeThese contests provide so much more than thatBe consultative, understand their goals and objectives FIRSTUnderstandEdgeRank so you can consult clients in an area where they are in dire need of your help
  • JulieDon’t just sell contests as one-offs
  • JulieYou need to be engaging with new fans and re-engaging with existing fans on a regular basis if you want Facebook marketing to work for youHelp clients build a planBuild that plan around YOUIntegrate contests as cornerstone of your sales strategyThese contests can be an event that you help an advertiser plan as a part of their overall marketing strategy
  • JulieWhat’s the prize? What’s going to inspire folks? How are you going to promote it?Think Digital and how that can support TraditionalPlace more impressions digitally, where people can convert and enter to win easilyWeave contest promotion into content (live mention, Evonne’s example from KING-TV)Email
  • JulieThink about digital assets can support your tradition assetsPlace more impressions digitally, where people can convert and enter to win easilyEmail messagesStreaming adsVideo-pre rollBanner adsHomepage sliding billboard or rotating featureSocial mediaEmail can be one of the most powerful drivers of your promotionsUT San Diego Best Dressed Couple Contest1963 total submissionsOn the day the email was sent there were 430 total submissionsAlmost 22% of total submissions in ONE day! Quad City Times is seeing their promotional contest emails drive 70-80% of entries!!
  • JulieThe followupIt’s more than just giving them the resultsanalyze the data, where the entries came fromUse the survey questionsConnect the dots picture for your marketing strategyHow our promotions affect your bottom line
  • JulieDo more than just give them the resultsAnalyze where the entries came fromPhil’s Grill example from Brandy: 55% of entries came from Jefferson ParishGives him an opportunity to engage with thosepeopleMaybe you want to hyper-target locations with emailTeach them how to use the email list you give them based on analytics
  • Julie
  • Julie50% and growing are on mobileNon-negotiable
  • JulieEmily: If a client says they can run their own contest, why do client’s need us?Facebook’s Terms of Service are pretty clear on what you can and can’t do – you can’t just run a contest on your wall, you have to use a vendor, you have to use an application.There have been pages that have been shut down for illegal contests.Don’t risk it!Beyond that, you are making things very turnkey!You’ve researched a vendor, you’ve done the heavy liftingEmily: Prizes in terms of these contests - how much does that matter?The prize definitely mattersIf you’ve got a weak prize, it will not motivate people to act and your results will be poorTypically a prize value fro 500-1000 is going to resonateThe prize needs to match the products and services they offer – an auto dealer probably doesn’t need to give away a massage – a year’s worth of oil changes would make more senseEmily: For building a package, I noticed many use email, you talk about how much email matters. What if we don’t have a big email database we can resell to advertisers?If you don’t have an email list but you have run contests in the pastYou can send an email to past contest participants inviting them to this oneMoving forward - have an opt-in for your promotional databaseAnother option is to start running more contests for your media property
  • Sales & Marketing for Facebook Promotions

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    32. 32. #contestlabOther28%Newcustomers,leads72%SMB Primary Goal in Using Social MediaSource: MantaHello, Facebookcontest!THE FACEBOOK OPPORTUNITY
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    34. 34. #contestlabHOW TO MONETIZEFACEBOOK
    35. 35. #contestlab• Contest runs on your page• Co-branded• Sponsor may provide prize• Dual Like-gate• Dual Email opt-in• Contest runs on their page• Client-focused objectives• Client pays for promotion• Client provides the prize• Single Like-gate + email opt-inSponsoredAdvertiser(Agency Model)REVENUE MODELS
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    40. 40. #contestlabDoubleFacebook Likes +IncreaseengagementSell 500 gift cards@ $25-50 a cardMarketing Objective Business ObjectiveADVERTISER CONTESTS
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    45. 45. #contestlab0100200300400500600Giftcard Sales Goal500 @$37.50/cardADVERTISER CONTESTS
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    51. 51. #contestlabWHY FACEBOOK CONTESTS?Bounceback: Clear activator to act
    52. 52. #contestlabADVERTISERSTO TARGET
    53. 53. #contestlabADVERTISERS TO TARGETCurrent clients• Are they on Facebook?• Current events?• Use Timeline for past events• Are they currently advertisingtheir Page?
    54. 54. #contestlabADVERTISERS TO TARGETNew clients
    55. 55. #contestlabFACEBOOK.COM/SEARCH
    56. 56. #contestlabTHE PITCH
    57. 57. #contestlabSELL THE BENEFITS
    58. 58. #contestlabPOSITIONINGDo you wantto buy aFacebookcontest?
    59. 59. #contestlabPOSITIONING
    60. 60. #contestlabPOSITIONINGAre youinterested in asocial event?
    61. 61. #contestlabPOSITIONING
    62. 62. #contestlabSOCIAL BOOST
    63. 63. #contestlabSOCIAL BOOSTPOTENTIALFriends of fansFans
    64. 64. #contestlabBE CONSULTATIVE
    65. 65. #contestlabIDENTIFY OBJECTIVES
    66. 66. #contestlabBUILD A PLANYourMediaCompanyFacebookContest#1FacebookContest#2FacebookContest#3FacebookContest#4
    67. 67. #contestlabTHE PACKAGE
    68. 68. #contestlabPACKAGE FORMULA2 Week CampaignFacebook Contest setupOn Air CommercialsInternet Radio CommercialsEmailWeb Display AdsMobile Display AdsCampaign RecapTotal cost: $5,000
    69. 69. #contestlabOVERCOMINGOBJECTIONS
    70. 70. #contestlabOVERCOMING OBJECTIONSI’ve got enoughLikes.
    71. 71. #contestlabOVERCOMING OBJECTIONS
    72. 72. #contestlabOVERCOMING OBJECTIONSI can run myown Facebookcontest.
    73. 73. #contestlabADVERTISER FACEBOOK CONTEST
    74. 74. #contestlabADVERTISER FACEBOOK CONTEST
    75. 75. #contestlabTHE FOLLOWUP: RESULTS
    76. 76. #contestlabFOLLOW UP: RESULTS
    77. 77. #contestlabIncreasein FridaybusinessFOLLOW UP: RESULTS
    78. 78. #contestlabText PHIL to 8708 to get$5 off BurgerpaloozaFOLLOW UP: RESULTSCongrats! Show thisto get $5 offat Burgerpalooza
    79. 79. #contestlabFOLLOW UP: RESULTS
    80. 80. #contestlabANALYZE THE DATA0%10%20%30%40%50%60%Zip Code 1 Zip Code 2 Zip Code 3 Zip Code 4 Zip Code 5 Zip Code 6 Zip Code 7Where contest entries came from
    81. 81. #contestlabUSE SURVEY QUESTIONS34% hadnever visitedhis businessbefore
    82. 82. #contestlabMORE CASESTUDIES
    83. 83. #contestlabSMALL MARKET – NEWSPAPER1000+New Fans$1,500Revenue
    84. 84. #contestlabTHE PACKAGE4 Week CampaignContest setup on your Facebook PageLike-GateOpt-in for Email DatabaseWeb Display Ads3x10 Print AdsSocial media mentionsTotal cost: $1,500
    85. 85. #contestlabMIDSIZE MARKET – NEWSPAPER250 New Fans$14,000 Revenue
    86. 86. #contestlabTHE PACKAGE2 Week CampaignContest setup on your Facebook PageLike-GateOpt-in for Email Database1 Full Page Ad3 ¼ Page Ads1 Full Color Front Page Strip AdEmail to 80k membersWeb Display Ads (100k impressions ROS)Homepage takeoverTotal cost: $1,750
    87. 87. #contestlabSMALL MARKET – TV$1,500Revenue“Easiest thing I’vesold…EVER.”-Greg Livesay, Director of Internet Sales
    88. 88. #contestlabTHE PACKAGE2 Week CampaignFacebook marketing consultationContest setup on your Facebook PageLike-GateOpt-in for Email DatabaseSocial media mentionsEmail blastWeb Display AdsTotal cost: $1,500
    89. 89. #contestlabTAKEAWAYS
    90. 90. #contestlab3 STEPS TO SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS
    92. 92. #contestlabOther28%Newcustomers,leads72%SMB Primary Goal in Using Social MediaSource: MantaHello,Facebookcontest!THE FACEBOOK OPPORTUNITY
    93. 93. #contestlabDoing OK42%Need help58%SMB Confidence with Facebook MarketingSource: MantaBigopportunityTHE FACEBOOK OPPORTUNITY
    95. 95. #contestlabFACEBOOK.COM/SEARCH
    96. 96. #contestlabSELL THEBENEFITS
    97. 97. #contestlabBENEFITS OF FACEBOOK CONTESTS
    98. 98. #contestlabBUILD A PLAN
    99. 99. #contestlabBUILD A PLANYourMediaCompanyFacebookContest#1FacebookContest#2FacebookContest#3FacebookContest#4
    100. 100. #contestlabPACKAGE AGREATPROMOTION
    101. 101. #contestlabIMPACT OF EMAIL050100150200250300350400450500Day 1 Day 2 Email Sent Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7Submissions by DayRepresents22% ofSubmissions
    102. 102. #contestlabCONNECTTHE DOTS
    103. 103. #contestlabANALYZE THE DATA0%10%20%30%40%50%60%Zip Code 1 Zip Code 2 Zip Code 3 Zip Code 4 Zip Code 5 Zip Code 6 Zip Code 7Where contest entries came from
    104. 104. #contestlabOPTIMIZE FORMOBILE
    105. 105. #contestlabMOBILE-FRIENDLY
    106. 106. #contestlabEmily ThousandAffiliate Success ManagerSecond Street@emilythousandPresentersBrandy CarterDirector of StrategicSales and MarketingEntercom New Orleans@BrandyCCarterJulie FoleyDirector of Affiliate SuccessSecond Street@julie_foleyQ&A