Start Blogging - A Step-by-Step Guide


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Blogging is more than putting words on a page. It takes knowledge and planning to be effective.

Follow this step-by-step guide to learn:

Choosing the Right Blog Platform - the pros and cons of the two most popular ones.

Generating Good Topic Ideas - a list of ideas to get you brainstorming great ideas.

Types of Blogs - learn what the 5 most popular types of blogs are

Traffic-Building Techniques - see how to get traffic to your blog site.

Make Money from your Blog - see how your blog can create both information and profit

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Start Blogging - A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. 1. A Step-by-Step Guide Choosing a Blog PlatformPresented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  2. 2. So…What’s a Blogging “Platform”? A blogging platform is the software that will help you turn your writing into a website that can be easily navigated and accessed by visitors from around the world. Think of it as any other software you currently have on your computer or use online.Presented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  3. 3. There are 2 Basic Platforms to Choose from: and BloggerBoth of these options have advantages and disadvantages.Before you make your decision, you should read through thepros and cons of each and think about which will be best foryour needs. Go beyond today’s class to each platform’s websiteand see what they have to say.Presented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  4. 4. Blogger Advantages: It’s very easy for new bloggers to use. Setting up a blog with Blogger is as simple as following a few prompts. There is nothing to install. Blogger is totally free to use. You don’t have to purchase a domain name as the system will give you an address based on the name of your blog. Posting to your blog is easy. You can change the look of your blog very easily. This is all done through Blogger’s dashboard. If you have more than one blog with Blogger, you can access all of the blogs from the same dashboard.Presented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  5. 5. Blogger Disadvantages: Compared to other options out there, the design and function of a Blogger blog is very limited. You can download and install custom themes for the blog, but most look very similar. This means your blog won’t stand out as well in your niche. You cannot use the your own hosting or URL. You will get a free domain name with your Blogger blog, but the domain name will be “”instead of “” You will never truly own your Blogger blog because the files and content are hosted on Blogger’s server.Presented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  6. 6. Let’s Now Talk About WordPressWordPress is the other popular platform for blogging. There is afree option that functions similarly to Blogger; they host yoursite. However, there is also an option that allows you to haveyour own website name.You install WordPress on your website hosting and hook it up toa domain name that you own. If you don’t know how to do this,your hosting company should be able to walk you through theprocess.Presented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  7. 7. WordPress Advantages: WordPress themes are diverse and plentiful. Some themes will even make your blog look like one of the real estate websites that people are paying hundreds of dollars a year for. WordPress users have created tons of “plugins” and “widgets” that will increase the functionality of your blog and help you get the most out of your site.Presented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  8. 8. WordPress Disadvantages: Some people feel that it’s not as user-friendly as Blogger, which can make it intimidating for newbies. I don’t personally agree with this opinion but you can check both options out and see which one best suits your skill level and needs. You will also have to spend money to get your domain name and your website hosting.Despite these disadvantages, most professional bloggers gowith the WordPress option because they maintain ownership oftheir blogs and can customize them to their heart’s content.Presented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  9. 9. Let’s Summarize A Blog platform is the software that you need to have a blog. There are basically 2 types of blog platforms; Blogger and WordPress. There are advantages and disadvantages to each blog platform.Presented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  10. 10. What’s Next?Starting a blog is one of the easiest and most accessible waysto get great online exposure and ultimately make money. If youare starting your first blog, you are being confronted with manychoices about how to set it up, including the selection of yourblogging platform. Check into the Blogger and WordPress platforms and decide which one works best for you.Presented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  11. 11. A Step-by-Step Guide Generating Good Topic IdeasPresented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  12. 12. In this second Blogging from the Beginning lesson, we aregoing to talk about how to generate good topic ideas for yourblog.We all have busy lives and keeping it interesting and fresh cansometimes be a bit challenging. While many bloggers have notrouble beginning their blog, the number of abandoned blogs,or blogs that are rarely updated, shows just how many bloggersdon’t know what to do to keep their blog going with freshcontent.Presented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  13. 13. You may be a little intimidated at the thought of having tocome up with a lot of topic ideas, but brainstorming great topic ideas is easy if you use the following tricks: News in Your Niche – Your blog should be timely. A good way to attract attention to your blog is to tap into some new or on going news stories. Sign up for Google Alerts (it’s free) and set up alerts on important words in your niche. This way you’ll be able to see timely news and blog about those current topics.Presented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  14. 14.  Comments Section – The comments section on your blog can be a great source of inspiration. Let’s say you have a post on your blog about “Going Green“. Within the comments section, a few people start asking about what appliances are the best for energy savings. There you go! You have your next blog post. Look through your comments section to identify topics that you can write about or questions you can answer in the form of a blog post.Presented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  15. 15.  Resource Lists – Are there some websites or other resources that your niche market needs to know about? Resource lists posts are very easy to write and they provide maximum value to your readers because your readers can get the information that they need easily. When you can’t think of anything else to write about, you can pull together a helpful list for your readers.Presented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  16. 16.  Blogs in Your Niche Market – Find other blogs in your niche market and see what they are writing about. You can take a different angle on the same topic or cover an area of the topic that the original author missed. If you disagree with the author, feel free to go ahead and express your opinion on your blog (without “calling out” the original author, of course). Get involved in blogging communities such as Active Rain or RealTown They can be a great resource.Presented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  17. 17. What’s Next?Post frequently. (I recommend at least once a week.) Thismeans that you’re going to need an ever-present stream ofcontent coming into your blog. Start keeping a file with blog post ideas and you’ll never be at a loss for material.Presented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  18. 18. A Step-by-Step Guide 5 Types of BlogsPresented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  19. 19. So far weve covered "Choosing Your Blogging Platform" and“Generating Good Topic Ideas".In Lesson Three, we are going to talk about the different kindsof blog posts you can use on your blog.Whether you are blogging to make money directly from the blogor blogging to drive traffic to your website, you should knowabout these five kinds of blog posts.Presented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  20. 20.  ReviewsReview blog posts can help you monetize your blog. When youreview a product and include an affiliate link, youll make acommission from each sale generated with your affiliate link.Review blog posts should go over the benefits as well as thepitfalls of the product. Keep your review balanced. Youraudience will appreciate your honesty and be more likely totrust your recommendation.Presented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  21. 21.  Quick TipsQuick tips are great “in between” posts since they can be keptshort. If there’s a great bit of information that you want toshare with your niche but it doesnt really warrant a full blogpost, you can post a quick tip.The tip should be focused on one key area of the niche. Forexample, “How to Create Curb Appeal” is a perfect quick tiparticle for a real estate blog.Presented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  22. 22.  ListsBlog readers love lists! You can make lists fit literally any nichetopic imaginable. They are great ways to convey informationonline because they can easily be scanned by readers. You cancreate resource lists that will help your readers findinformation. You can also create lists of different ways toaccomplish a goal in a niche, like “5 Ways to Sell Your HomeQuick.” The possibilities are endless.Presented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  23. 23.  InterviewsAlthough these require a bit of preparation, they can be veryvaluable to your blog. You can interview someone in your nicheand share the results of the interview with your blog readers.This will not only help provide valuable content for your blog,but you can also get more traffic to your blog. Likely, theperson who you are interviewing will publicize the event ontheir blog which will bring more traffic back to you.Presented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  24. 24.  How to PostsLike quick tips, "how to" posts help you provide valuableinformation to your readers. Unlike "quick tips" these posts gointo more detail. Some "how to" posts are even written into twoor three part courses (like this post, for instance).For ideas about what to write about, look at the most frequentlyasked questions in your niche and develop posts around thosetopics.Presented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  25. 25. What’s Next?Blog posts come in many different forms and lengths. If youwant to keep your blog fresh and interesting, you should postoften. I suggest no less than once a week. Creating differenttypes of blog posts will keep your audience interested and willhelp showcase yourself as an expert in your field. Choose a type of blog and create a post.Presented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  26. 26. A Step-by-Step Guide Effective Traffic-Building TechniquesPresented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  27. 27. Now that you know how to: Choose a Blog Platform Generate Good Topic Ideas Write Several Types of BlogsHere’s a quick guide to the five most popular and effectivetraffic-building techniques:Presented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  28. 28.  Put Your Party Pants on and Get social!Social networking and blogging go hand-in-hand. Your blog postscan be distributed across social networking channels in manydifferent ways. Sign up for Twitter and tweet about your posts assoon as they are added to you blog. Update your Facebook statuswith a link to you new blog posts. By the way, if you have a self-hosted WordPress blog site, there’s a plugin that will automaticallyfeed your blog posts into your social media sites. Submit yourstories to, and as well asniche-specific networks. Remember that in order for socialnetworking to be effective, you need to participate with otherpeople on your list. If you visit their links and respond to theirupdates, they’ll be likely to do the same for you.Presented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  29. 29.  Be a Stand Out and Get Noticed!Find blogs in your niche and start following their posts. Makesure to add insightful and interesting comments on their posts.Not only will the blog owner take notice and visit your blog,other commenters will visit your blog to get more of your greatinsight. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on comments,but make it a point to comment on a few related blogs eachweek.Presented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  30. 30.  The Beast Must be Fed!RSS feeds are a way to syndicate your blog’s content so that itis sent to many different people in their own blog readers or ontheir own sites. Most blogging systems have RSS feedsautomatically included but you can add a lot more functionalityto your feed by using a free service like WithFeedBurner you can add things like sharing the feed via e-mailso it will pull in new readers and encourage previous visitors tocome back to the blog again.Presented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  31. 31.  Paper! Paper! Read all About it!Get articles in directories. You may think that by being ablogger you don’t need article marketing. However, you can geta lot of traffic to your blog by tweaking some of your popularblog posts and adding them to article directories. Notice theword “tweak”? Article directories won’t accept articles thathave been blog posts. So, read the article directory’s rules andmake your changes as needed. You can post your popularposts as articles with a link back to your blog in many differentarticle directories. Not only will you get a valuable backlink butyour article may also be used by ezine owners which will bringyou more traffic. And, don’t forget that little piece of valuablereal estate at the end of your article – your short bio.Presented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  32. 32.  Get Backlinking – Not at all Back Breaking!You should work to build backlinks to your blog. By creatingbacklinks, you’ll improve your blog’s ranking in search engineresults. You can get lots of traffic from search engines if youare within the first group of search results for your keywords.Presented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  33. 33. What’s Next?Building traffic is just as an important as writing quality posts.These simple ways of building traffic should be used to helpbuild traffic to your blog and increase your readership. Put each of the five traffic-building techniques into practice.Presented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  34. 34. A Step-by-Step Guide Make Money from your BlogPresented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  35. 35. After following the previous four lessons, you’re now ready tostart making money from your blog.Here are five ways to make your blog pay for itself and being insome extra cash for you.Presented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  36. 36.  Affiliate MarketingThis is one of the easiest ways to make money from your blogand very simple to start. You begin by selecting an affiliateprogram from one of the popular affiliate networks such asClickBank or Commission Junction. You will be given an affiliatelink. You can either post a review on your blog about theproduct or post ads along the side of your posts, including youraffiliate link.Presented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  37. 37.  Selling Your Own ProductIf you want to create your own product, you can add it andadvertise it to your blog for another stream of income. Yourreaders have already built a level of trust with you so theyll belikely to be interested in your product.You can link to your product’s sales page directly from yourposts and display graphic ads in the sidebars of your blog.Presented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  38. 38.  Contextual AdvertisingThis is a way to make money from your blog with hardly anyparticipation on your part. When you sign up with a companylike Text Links, InfoLinks or a similar service, your blog postswill automatically have certain words hyperlinked. These linksgo to advertiser’s websites. You get paid when someone clickson a link. Unlike with affiliate programs, you wont get acommission on a sale but you do get paid whether or not yourvisitor buys from the advertiser’s site.Presented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  39. 39.  Other Types of AdvertisingGoogle Adsense and other pay per click advertising programswill give you code to add to your website. These programs willautomatically display ads in the sidebars of your website.Anytime a visitor clicks on one of these links, you will get paidanywhere from a few cents to a few dollars depending on yourniche. These ads don’t appear within the body of your post, butthey are based on the content of your posts so they will berelative to your audience.Presented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  40. 40.  Get Paid for ReviewsOnce you have some traffic coming to your blog, you can bepaid to post reviews. There are many different networks thatlink advertisers with bloggers. You simply find an advertiserthrough one of these networks and promise to post a review onyour blog about the product or service. You’ll be paid a flat ratefor your review. Be sure the product or service is relevant toyour niche for best results. There are tons of these so Irecommend that you type “Get Paid for Reviews” into a Googlesearch and see which sites best suit your goals.Presented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  41. 41. What’s Next?What started out as an online diary or newspaper has fastbecome a source of income for some. By taking the right steps,you really can make money from your blog. Start with one money-making technique and build from there.Presented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.
  42. 42. By the way…. For tons of free resources, tips and information for your business, please visit my blog. For a variety of ebooks, ecourses and other digital downloadable information, go to my Internet-Classroom.If you are ready to dip your big toe into the WordPress blogging world, get started in 3 easy steps for as little as $58 per year. If you have any questions or need any assistance please feel free to contact me at anytime. I will be happy to help.Presented by, a Second Self Virtual Assistance Company.