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IRM: The Pill for your Data Theft.


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In Pharma Industry the need to use Seclore FileSecure are for Intellectual Property within organization at Research & Development stage in area of Discovery Research. Generic Drug Development, NDDS /Value added Generics, Process and Technology Development.

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IRM: The Pill for your Data Theft.

  1. 1. Is Your Security as Effective as your Drugs? Tlr I c H ho T re e e yS P oe i l u ua f r i d t a y c h . . . . .
  2. 2. Welcome to the next big wonder drug in the Pharma Industry – Information Rights Management (IRM). You share your confidential information to multiple third parties. You have no control over their security infrastructure and systems. Yes - your vendors and business partners have YOUR sensitive data on their computers with little or no security. You have no control. No monitoring. No Power. All you have are a couple of audits and an NDA. Are NDAs enough to give you peace at night? ? R&D teams regularly send confidential documents to other R&D teams and university scientists. D m s i si p s ooe t r c at y pt t I u p ? o ly he u er e c t u Tr a l t r y a u ? You outsource your manufacturing to other plants. W o k o a rp? h ms u t u e a eel r oc ts toe a d y m i f n l s l ayao t ot i o r ? a large body of your confidential data with regulatory bodies andauditors. You share W dher c ia r ht o ar I u r c a ooe t Tr f u t r yv he n t c l u v i si o n oe t su y t e r ? ?Complaints regularly leak and land up on Facebook. Market W fr e h eu x a os t tn i f ys ? o on i ? documents lying around that contain patent-pending information. You have Wgd yl ut ? h dte ek i h a iu m sw t s l p a te i f r a n le oh e o w t m Seclore (incubated and promoted by IIT Bombay) is a leading provider of Information Security and Classification Solutions in the areas of Information Usage Controls, Information Rights Management (IRM) and Secure Outsourcing. Our products protect data after distribution irrespective of its location or mode of transfer. Blog: