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Afcons | Securing Information Wherever It Goes
Ÿ Third largest const... | Securing Information Wherever It Goes
We are now one-hundred percent sure that the docu...
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Afcons feels confident with Seclore FileSecure.


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AFCONS Infrastructure Limited, a leader in the infrastructure EPC industry, is a part of the Shapoorji Pallonji (SP) Group which is the third-largest construction group in India. They wanted to build a knowledge repository of methodology documents, technical designs, QA-QC documents, HR documents etc. This information combined years of industry experience with world-class expertise - with much of it being Afcons’ own intellectual property.
However, the company realized early on that the process of digitization comes with its own set of risks. They were extremely concerned about this information finding its way in the wrong hands. The company realized the need for a solution that secured this confidential information – and yet did not affect collaboration or information sharing.

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Afcons feels confident with Seclore FileSecure.

  1. 1. Afcons | Securing Information Wherever It Goes AT A GLANCE Company: Ÿ Third largest construction group in India Ÿ Deliver world-class services in the areas of marine, highway, bridge, tunnels, and more Ÿ Execute complex infrastructure projects both in India and overseas Challenges: Ÿ Protect technical specifications and IP that need to be shared Ÿ Protect sensitive HR documents Ÿ Protect QA documents and findings Solution: Seclore FileSecure Information Rights Management (IRM) AFCONS Infrastructure Limited is a part of the Shapoorji Pallonji (SP) Group which is the third-largest construction group in India. Over the past five decades, AFCONS has emerged as one of the leaders in infrastructure EPC industry by continuously delivering world-class services in areas of Marine, Highways, Bridges, Metro, Tunnels, and Onshore and Offshore Oil & Gas. The company has a transnational presence in almost the entire spectrum of infrastructure activities. In fact, it is one of the pioneers in infrastructure development, involved in execution of large and complex projects both in India and overseas An introduction to line of business… Sandeep Desai Executive Vice President (Information & Process Management Group) We knew we could succeed in securing our intellectual property by implementing a software like Seclore FileSecure We wanted to build a document repository of our knowledge base in the areas of technical design, methodology and the learnings. Further, we also have HR and quality policies which are required to be shared with our employees. These documents are extremely confidential, especially the technical details, which include some of AFCONS own intellectual property. So, IRM is extremely crucial for the organisation because it allows us to enforce who should be given the rights of viewing, copying, writing, modifying or removing a specific document. The whole idea is to ensure the company information doesn't get into wrong hands. The business/technology scenario which triggered the need for Information Rights Management (IRM) AFCONS is part of the Shapoorji Pallonji Group, the third-largest construction group in India. Do you think deployment of Seclore FileSecure is going to have a positive impact on the company's image in the market? Today, document security is crucial in any industry. The need is, perhaps, slightly more acute in the construction industry where tender information and methodology are readily shared – things that make the difference in a business segment where jobs are fast drying up. So, protecting the intellectual property that's the company's USP gains huge significance. Following is an interview with Sandeep Desai, EVP at Afcons
  2. 2. | Securing Information Wherever It Goes We are now one-hundred percent sure that the documents are secure now that IRM is protecting our information. What were the business/technology benefits that AFCONS experienced as a result of the deployment? IRM protection is provided by the document owners or by the administrator and the documents right are managed centrally. What would you like to say about this particular feature? We know who the document owner is. We take the definition of the document from the document owner, including at what levels the document can be viewed and what rights should be given to whom. This feature ensures us that nobody can tamper with the intellectual data. We had an international vendor and Seclore in the race. Seclore was finally selected because it was an Indian company which was new in the market and looked promising. Secondly, the pricing was extremely competitive that cut the deal for them. What was the vendor selection process like and what made you decide on your final choice? Implementation was very quick; we didn't expect it to get over in less than two weeks. And the adoption phase was less than perhaps a month. So, we could see the visibility of the product within a month. What was the implementation phase like? At present, we have implemented Seclore in a limited way for protecting our technical, HR and QA-QC documents. However, we are keen on going one step further to make sure most of the data which is generated from tender or finance is also protected when it is getting transferred from one hand to another. What impact did it have on the business? Afcons