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Is BYOD = Bring your own Disaster?


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Published in: Technology
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Is BYOD = Bring your own Disaster?

  1. 1. Is BYOD = Bring your own Disaster? Is BYOD = Bring your own Disaster?
  2. 2. is embedded within the information itself and is independent of the device. The information can be remotely monitored,controlledandcanevenberemotelydestroyedifrelationshipschange. Seclore ( is leader in area of Information Rights Management with over 3 Million users worldwide. Seclore has received numerous accolades like being named the Gartner Cool Vendor for 2012 and Deloitte's Technology Fast 50for2012.Seclore'ssolutionisusedbygovernmentagencies,banksandFortune500companiesglobally. Traditional approaches of enabling BYOD have relied on controlling personal devices in much the same way as enterprise-owned devices. This approach can lead to user inconvenience and device dependence. Seclore FileSecure protects unstructured data like emails & documents while it is accessed by internal and external entities on mobile devices without putting draconian controls on the device itself. The "usagepolicy"ofinformationi.e. WHEREcanheuseitfrom Information can be linked to locations e.g. only 3rd floor office by private/publicIPaddresses WHATcaneachpersondo Individual actions like reading, editing, printing, distributing, copy- pasting,screengrabbingetc.canbecontrolled People & groups within and outside of the organization can be defined asrightfulusersoftheinformation WHOcanusetheinformation WHENcanheuseit Information usage can be time based e.g. can only be used by Mr. A till 25thSeptoronlyforthe2days Allowing employees to bring their own device (BYOD) to work, considerably extends mobility to your workforce. The personal devices however, come with the risk of information breaches leading to security, privacy andcompliancechallenges.