Talbot HIll Job Fair 2013-2014


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Check out the MicroSociety organizations our 3rd, 4th & 5th graders will be applying to after today's Job Fair!

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  • Talbot HIll Job Fair 2013-2014

    1. 1. Are you interested in growing things? Do you want to learn more about plants and vegetables? Would you like to teach others about this? If so, you should apply for the
    2. 2.  We will learn how plants grow  We will learn about the scientific process  We will learn how to grow our own food  We will learn how to market our ideas  We will educate others on how to grow their own plants and vegetables  We will learn about the history of food
    3. 3.  We will spend the first part of the year learning about seeds and growing vegetables  Later in the year we will focus on nonedible plants and flowers  We will make our money by selling our products to the Talbot Hill Community
    4. 4. Talbot Hill Recycling Center We rethink, reduce, recycle and reuse!
    5. 5. If you care about the earth, and think about saving natural resources, stopping pollution, and keeping the world healthy for the future, join us!
    6. 6. We will learn about: Recycling -- what goes in and what doesn’t? The environment -how can we help protect it? We collect many items and recycle them through the Terracycle recycling program – and raise funds for MicroSociety!
    7. 7. Arts and crafts-- how can we make awesome projects from reused materials?
    8. 8. Job Opportunities Head manager Assistant arts & crafts manager Assistant collections manager Arts & crafts associates Collections associates
    9. 9. We will have fun and make the Earth a better place in the Talbot Hill Recycling Center!
    10. 10. The Capitol Facilitator: Mr. Crandall Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government.
    11. 11. The Capitol The Capitol functions as our school government in action. We interface with both the student government and Micro businesses to ensure smooth operation. •Working with students and businesses to ensure full staffing •Working with businesses to ensure a smooth Marketplace •Providing data about Talbot Hill Micro businesses
    12. 12. The Capitol Employees should be: •Friendly and Caring •Cooperative and Respectful •Hard workers •Excited to Impact our Community
    13. 13. The Capitol The Capitol offers: •Group and individual projects •Interaction with other Micro businesses •Regular business meetings •Fun, busy, rewarding work environment
    14. 14. The Talbot Hill Community Bank “We Need a Few Good People!”
    15. 15. Requirements The Bank needs people who are very honest! The Bank needs people with integrity! The Bank needs people who can be trusted! The Bank needs people who have excellent people skills! The Bank needs people with excellent Math skills!
    16. 16. Apply! If you think that you meet all the requirements to be a banker then apply to join the Talbot Hill Community Bank Team! We need tellers, IRS agents, Business license agents, loan managers, cashiers, and account managers. Be part of a well trained and professional Team!
    17. 17. Facilitator: Mrs. McDowell
    18. 18.  We PROVIDE supply catalogs to businesses  We SELL supplies for businesses to make products  We RENT tools to businesses to make their products  We RENT sales space for each MarketPlace  We take orders, fill orders and deliver supplies to businesses
    19. 19.  We CREATE new product prototypes  We ASSEMBLE ready-to-make kits for businesses to buy and turn into products  We DETERMINE suggested retail prices for products in our kits  We get to BE CREATIVE!
    20. 20.  SUPPLIES AND DELIVERIES DEPARTMENT  We are looking for responsible, independent people that like math and have good people skills  PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT  We are looking for independent, responsible, creative people that like art and coming up with new ideas
    21. 21. BE A PART OF IT ALL Apply Today!
    22. 22. Have fun writing and singing songs for others. We will also perform at community meetings and brainstorm other ways to share music and the arts at Talbot Hill.
    23. 23. We will explore how to play basic tunes on stringed instruments, keyboards and drums. We’ll even design & build our own instruments!
    24. 24. Discover the musician or performer that you can become. Help the group by sharing your creative talents!!!!!!
    25. 25. Fly into a new future with the Talbot Hill Performing Arts Group!
    26. 26. Talbot Hill Scientists Learn about The Scientific Method while Studying Motion, Force and Simple Machines!
    27. 27. The Talbot Hill Scientists will: Design investigations following the scientific process (method) Carry out investigations, record data and observations Study motion, force and simple machines Work as a team to decide how to present scientific information to others in the school Enjoy hands on learning Develop skills for writing in science
    28. 28. PHOTOBOOTH KA NNE E S. B R M AN TH DYL ABE Z -ELI AH A SAR RIEL GAB Pictures to last a lifetim e!
    29. 29. What will we do? 0 We will learn how to take ideas and images from short stories and make them into backgrounds. 0 We will learn the different elements in photography. 0 We will create a photography portfolio. 0 We will learn how to edit pictures. 0 We will learn the different steps in building a background (sketch, model, life size).
    30. 30. Hey you! Do you like to take pictures? Do you like to build and design back drops? Do you have a camera? Then this is the place for you! We are going to explore the amazing world of photography. As well as create back grounds to help capture memories to last a life time!! Come join our team and apply to the Photo Booth!!!
    31. 31. Do you like to write stories and talk to new people? Are you interested in current events? Do you have a passion for finding out and sharing information? Then join The
    32. 32. • We will learn about the writing process. • We will learn how to publish and present information in a newspaper format. • We will learn about the news’ role in society. • We will learn how to do research using other media sources and by interviewing people. • We will learn how to work together and create a student-oriented news publication.
    33. 33. • We will keep citizens up-to-date on current affairs, student interests and Talbot Hill happenings, featuring students staff, and businesses. • We will focus on student news and successes, local Renton and Washington news and national news.
    34. 34. tech kids Facilitator: Mrs. chilenski Managers: nico & caleb accountant: JiMMy
    35. 35. tech kids • Are you the Tech Guru in your classroom? • Can you teach others about technology? tech kids May be the organization For you !
    36. 36. tech kids We will be going beyond the basics with Microsoft Office programs – Word, Publisher, Excel and Powerpoint Our goal is to become consultants for the school and offer classes to help others learn to use these programs.
    37. 37. Facilitator: Ms. James
    38. 38. Garden Art   Do you enjoy art?  Do you like to build and design new things? Come join the Garden Art Center and feel happy when you are creative and helping others! Green thumbs are not needed to join Garden Art!
    39. 39. Garden Art   Everything can be made into garden art so our possibilities are limitless.  Master Gardeners and local garden shops will be helping us and bringing their expertise to our organization.  We’ll create beautiful objects to enhance the gardens at everyone’s place.
    40. 40. Talbot Hill Acting Ensemble Facilitator – Miss Neighbors in ted es nter ting, i you direc or Are ting, ing t ac ing, wri ? g anc rformin d pe Do you w a st ron ant to ger b rea ecom d e writ er? er and In the Talbot Hill Acting Ensemble, we will be working together to become stronger readers, put on a theatrical production (or a few!) and maybe even write a script of our own! We will also learn about the backstage aspects of putting on a performance such as building sets, costumes, props, and more!