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Contemporary music in poland


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This is how our students perceive contemporary music in Poland.

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Contemporary music in poland

  1. 1. Ewa Farna was born August 12, 1993, in theCzech city of Trinec. She is a Polish pop singer.Since being a child she’s been associated withmusic, taken part in various song contests. Thefirst album released at the age of 13 years. Thesecond album was released a year later underthe name "Hush". She got many nominations andawards. Throughout her career, she has releasedseveral albums that were popular mainly withyounger population.
  2. 2. Polish singer and songwriter. Her debutalbum, The Edge was released August14, 2012. She gained popularity thanks totheir amateur musical recordings publishedon the Internet. It was recorded at home as aversion of the song "Every Time" – it’s beenviewed on the Internet more than a milliontimes. The professionally recorded singlemusic was composed by Adi Owsianik, leaderof Rotten Bark.
  3. 3. In 2011, she took part in a talent show TVNs GotTalent. A year later, she reached the semi-finalsof the second part of the Polish adaptation of XFactor, also broadcast on-air television stationTVN. As a result, Shabbir signed a publishingcontract with the record company UniversalMusic Poland. Their debut mini-album, singer FriEwelina Shabbir was released on 7 August 2012.All the songs from the album have been releasedby singer on YouTube. Material was promotedwith a song "Not resistant reason" which won thehearts of the listeners.
  4. 4. The band performing music from the borderland ofpop and wider alternatives, founded in 2002 inOlsztyn, by brothers: Peter and Paul Sołoduch andtheir friend Luke Kojrysa, acting as team manager.Enej, due to the roots of the composition of theteam, takes its inspiration from the ukrainianculture.In 2011 the band performed in Must Be TheMusic (music show) and got to the finals, where tookfirst place. The song Radio Hello has gained greatpopularity in both the Polish and the Ukrainian radiostations. The June 30 the band performed at theHeineken Opener Music Festival.
  5. 5. Lemon Group was established shortly afterqualifying for the talent show Must Be the Musicfor casting in Wroclaw, which Igor Herbutspontaneously went with his cousin AdamHoroszczak. The band performed in the Lemkosong „Litaj ptaszko”, which wowed the judgesand ensured the group participated in the semi-finals. The song "Dewiat" She has won over theaudience, so that the team advanced to thefinals and eventually, won the third edition ofthe program.
  6. 6. Musician, composer, singer, songwriter andinstrumentalist. In 2008-2012, the singer formationStar Guard Muffin. From 2012, the bands signature isin his name. In 2010, Bednarek took part in the thirdedition of Got Talent! emitted by the TV station TVN.The casting introduced the song "I" from therepertoire of Kurt Nilsen. Unanimously passed to thenext stage where he sang "Tears in Heaven" by EricClapton. The votes of viewers qualify for the final.After the final version "Is This Love" by BobMarley, won the second place on the show’s podium.
  7. 7. He started in the early 90s. In giving up thelegendary DJ compilations 600V and IGS-a, and manyothers associated with the beginning of hip-hopculture in Poland, immediately gained a huge groupof listeners faithful to him to this day. Around theyear 1999 established close cooperation with Gutek(Indios Bravos now), which results in a lot of tracks todate tracks, and EP their common formation -MUSTAFARAI. Nobady can count how many concertshe played, but performing in clubs and on stages inPoland can boast of working with acts such as: LoveSen-C Music, Marika, DJ Feel-X, Grubson, Hajdas, Bakshish, East WestRockers, Jamal, and many others. He is currently co-owner of Fandango Records label.
  8. 8. Ras Luta is a singer associated with reggaescene. He started in 2004 by local bands andreggae sound system in Torun. His firstprofessional recordings appeared on an album byMark "MMF" Bogdanski, the leader of the LodzDreadsquadu. Later joined the EastWestRockers, with whom he recorded two studioalbums and a number of informal materialsavailable mainly on the Internet. Ras Luta hasworked with many famousartists, reggae, dancehall and hip hop. Heperformed during almost all the major recurringevents and festivals organized in Poland.
  9. 9. In September 2008, released his debut soloalbum artist People straight released on PinkCrow Records label and promoted single Everyday. In December 2008, Mesajah announced thatit was withdrawing the application boardFryderyk awards for certification album as a"ethno / folk". In February 2012, released thesingers second album titled Im out of here.Lyrics on the album are a social commentaryMesajaha - they are sometimescritical, sometimes positive things about theworld and relationships.
  10. 10. As a small boy kaseciaka programs recorded on"Radio Chomiczek", then caught the beginningsof Polish hip-hop, to finally discover that hisvocation is rhymed singing reggae / dancehall. Itseems that as the son of King Stressa - selectorof one of the oldest sound systems (Love Sen-CMusic) had no other choice. Jr. Stress has eyesand heart open to the sublime and mundanematters. Struggling with the case, screwed todance and above all, confesses love like no otherPolish singer.
  11. 11. GrubSon began his adventure with the culture of Hip-Hop & Rap in 1993. This is due to his older brother -Hudemu that featured the incredible culture in hishometown leading the so-called first party. "Rapoteki"from cassette tapes. Grubson’s publishing activitybegan in the late 90s. Currently GrubSon collaborateswith many artists such as: CrewMaxFloRec, Shells, Majkel, East West Rockers SoundSystem, Sound System LSM, RainbowHiFi SoundSystem, Antikings Sound System, JuniorStress, BasTajpan, Honey & Frenchman NaturalDreadKillaz, DJFEEL-X DJ Twister, DJ Bart, DJ Ramonegraphomania, ZeroRHPlus, Dreadsquad, Donguraleskoand many others.
  12. 12. Ryszard Andrzejewski is best known frommany years of performing in the musicalgroup Slums Attack, which he co-founded. In2002 his team won the Fryderyk Polishphonographic industry award. In 2000-2004, he co-founded the formation of SkiMagazine. He is also a solo artist. The lastrecord is again released as a soloperformance Rychu Peja Soflufka whererapper proves that he is one of the leadingartists of the genre in Poland.
  13. 13. Polish rapper and radio journalist and televisionpersonality. Eska Music Awards winner, VIVAComet and Superjedynki. He has also been twicenominated for the Fryderyk Polish phonographicindustry award. The rapper is commonlyidentified with the commercialization andtransfer short of hip-hop in Polsce. He studiedpolitical science at Adam Mickiewicz Universityin Poznan. Divorced, one daughter. He wasmarried to Sandra Łupicka, sister co-founder ofrecord label My Music DJ Remo.
  14. 14. Former member of the hip-hop groupAscetoholix, in which he performed along withhis cousin Krzysztof "Kris" Piotrowski and Dominic"Donia" Grabowski. He co-founded the short-livedproject Rio Boss, along with Cuba Mańkowskimand Sylwia Grzeszczak. Since 2004 he has been asolo artist. On May 22, 2012 he released theirfirst mini-album, rapper Fri The magic offootball. The album included songs e.g.featuring Thomas Zimoch, Rafal Brzozowski andInoRos team.
  15. 15. Polish band playing music from theborderline rock and blues founded in 1973 bybrothers Adam and Beno Bran and PaulBerger. Counted among the most importantbands in the history of Polish rock and bluesmusic. In December 1973 a vocalist RichardRiedel joined the band.
  16. 16. IRA is one of the most popular and the most"cash" Polish bands playing heavy metal (lightervariant) of the first half of the 90th, havingreceived three gold albums and one platinum.Rings, "My house", "1993 years" and live "IRA Live"circulation figure reached several thousandcopies, which allowed the group to advancerapidly to the forefront of Polish rock. With sucha success, the team had the opportunity toappear on some of the biggest rock festivals inthe country.
  17. 17. The group was founded in 1998 in Lodz. The firstrelease of the group was the single "jump /Passenger". The autumn of 2012 Coma rode witha special route jubilee to celebrate the 15thanniversary of the band. This tour included 27concerts in 25 cities and was named "Favoritequickie". The uniqueness of the concert tour wasto randomly selecting songs that the band willplay during a performance.
  18. 18. The group was founded in 1997 on theinitiative of the brothers Wojciech and PeterCugowskiego. The next stage in the band’scareer was winning Opole Festival Debuts -Brothers at the last minute have enrolled forthe competition debuts. They did it at theinstigation of Christopher Cugowski. In2012, the band released the single "On theprecipice", recorded with the help of theauthors text Edyta Bartosiewicz.
  19. 19. This Polish duo of music producers. Kalwi, orChristopher Kalwat and Remi - RemigiuszRush began working in 2003. Musicalknowledge gained as a radio DJ. The duocreates mostly trance music. Gained fame in2006, when the single was releasedExplosion. The song was distributed musicstation, thanks to the specific music.