How to Translate Apache CloudStack Docs


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Slide Deck describing how to translate the Apache CloudStack documentation using transifex an publican.
CloudStack has an extensive documentation built using docbook xml files and publican. Localization i.e translation of that documentation is handled by transifex a web service that translators can use to submit translated strings. These translations are then pulled from transifex and committed to the cloudstack source tree to build the documentation in multiple languages.
This same workflow is used to translate the graphical user interface elements. We currently have support for several languages in the GUI including: Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Russian, Italian, French etc...

check and search for CloudStack.

This talk shows you how to use transifex from the web UI as well as from the transifex command line client and submit translations.

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  • @sebastiengoasguen it's work, will start translate from today :)
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  • @calmuharbi When you list the resources, pick one, then you should see a window pop-up, there will be a link 'download for use' this will give you the pot file which you can then re-upload to your own project. That said I really encourage you to contribute directly on the cloudstack project, it will be much easier, and all the team members email will appear on the cloudstack source code.
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  • @sebastiengoasguen I didn't found it! could u pls send it to me? we wanna start
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  • @sebastiengoasguen ok I will try, when we finsih translate it you can download it and upload it to ur project.It will work inshallah
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  • @calmuharbi go to the page of the resource you want to translate, pick en-US and you will see a window where you can 'download original pot file', download it and upload it to your team page. However I am not sure how we will be able to get your translation from there. Let's try. Inshallah it will work !
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How to Translate Apache CloudStack Docs

  1. 1. Translang  Apache  CloudStack   (ACS)   Documentaon   Sebasen  Goasguen     @sebgoa    
  2. 2. Outline  •  CloudStack  documentaon  •  Translaon  concepts  •  Using  Transifex  website  •  Using  the  Transifex  client  •  Working  with  the  ACS  source  code     Based  on:   hFp://­‐apache-­‐cloudstack-­‐docs-­‐with.html   hFp://­‐transifex-­‐client-­‐to-­‐translate.html            
  3. 3.                      ACS    Documentaon  •  Apache  CloudStack  documentaon  is  wriFen   in  DocBook  xml  format.  •  The  various  documentaon  arfacts  are  built   with  Publican  •  Documentaon  source  files  are  part  of  the   ACS  source  tree  under  the  docs  directory.   hFp://   hFp://­‐US/Publican/2.7/html/Users_Guide/   hFps://git-­‐wip-­‐­‐cloudstack    
  4. 4.                      ACS  Documentaon  •  To  modify/correct  the  documentaon:     –  Submit  a  jira  cket  to  track  your  modificaon  and   highlight  the  issue.   –  Clone  the  git  repository   –  Prepare  a  patch   –  Submit  the  patch  via  Review  Board   hFps://   hFps://git-­‐wip-­‐­‐cloudstack   hFps://    
  5. 5.                        Translaon  concepts  •  With  Publican  we  can  build  the   documentaon  in  different  languages.  •  To  do  this  we  need  every  string  of  the   documentaon  to  be  translated  in  the   targeted  language.  •  Anyone  can  contribute  string  transla8on   without  even  working  with  the  source  code.  •  To  do  so  we  use  Transifex   hFp://­‐Users_Guide-­‐Preparing_a_document_for_translaon.html   hFps://      
  6. 6. Sign  up  
  7. 7.              Your  dashboard  
  8. 8.                      Search  for  ACS  projects  
  9. 9.            ACS  projects  •  There  are  currently  three  ACS  projects  that   need  translaon:   –  ACS  UI  (The  Web  UI)   –  ACS  Runbook  (a.k.a  Quick  Install  Guide)   –  ACS  DOCS  (The  enre  documentaon)  
  10. 10.                  Pick  a  project  
  11. 11.                        Check  the  Resources   Resources  correspond  to  the  DocBook  XML  files  in  the  source  tree  
  12. 12.                Pick  One  and  Add    translaon  
  13. 13.                    Pick  the  target              language  
  14. 14.                      Translate  strings  
  15. 15.                    Save  your  translaons     NB:  Check  potenal  suggeson,  enter  the  translaon,  submit  it        
  16. 16.                    Check  Progress                          for  your  language    
  17. 17.                            Transifex  Client    •  The  website  is  really  easy  to  use,  but  you  can   also  use  the  transifex  client  (tx)  if  you  want  to   work  from  the  command  line.  •  You  sll  need  to  signup  on  the  website       pip install transifex-client     !   hFp://   hFps://­‐client/      
  18. 18.                  Setup  the  Project    •  This  part  is  not  linked  to  the  ACS  source,  it  can   be  done  without  checking  the  ACS  code.  •  Inialize  a  transifex  project  on  your  computer      $ mkdir txproject!   ! !$ cd txproject!     ! !$ tx init!
  19. 19.            Point  to  ACS                      Transifex  project  •  For  the  main  documentaon:   ! !$ tx set --auto-remote     ! ! !projects/p/ACS_DOCS/!  •  Pull  all  resources  for  the  project      $ tx pull –s!      •  Pull  exisng  translaons      $ tx pull –a !      
  20. 20. Translate  •  Pick  a  resource  and  make  a  copy  with  the   language  code  of  your  target  language,  for   example:   $ cp translations/ACS_DOCS.pod-add/en.po     translations/ACS_DOCS.pod-add/fr.po!  •  Enter  your  translaon  in  the  msgstr  lines:     $ vi translations/ACS_DOCS.pod-add/fr.po!    •  Push  your  translaon  (replace  the  language   code  and  the  resource  name  with  yours):     $ tx push -l fr -r ACS_DOCS.pod-add -t!    
  21. 21.                  Build  final                                documentaon  •  Once  translaon  strings  appear  on  Transifex  •  An  ACS  commiFer  will  pull  them  directly  into   the  source  code  •  Build  the  guides  with  publican    •  And  Voila…  
  22. 22.                     Working  with  the    source  •  You  can  translate  directly  in  the  ACS  source   and  submit  patches  or  commit  directly  (if  you   are  a  commiFer)  •  Go  to  the  docs  directory,  note  the  pot   directory.  •  Create  a  directory  corresponding  to  your   target  language  if  it  does  not  exist  yet  (use   publican  commands)  •  Use  the  publican  language  codes   hFp://­‐Users_Guide-­‐Preparing_a_document_for_translaon.html    
  23. 23. Example  •  The  docs/runbook  directory  contains:   !en-US! !fr-FR! !it_IT! !ja-JP!   !pot!     !publican.cfg! !tmp! !zh-CN! !zh-TW!
  24. 24. Example  •  In  docs/runbook/it_IT  you  see  the  PO  files   which  contain  the  strings  that  need  to  be   translated   ! !Book_Info.po! ! !Environment.po! ! !Management.po! ! !Overview.po!     ! !Preface.po!   ! !Revision_History.po! ! !config.po! ! !kvm.po!
  25. 25. Example  •  Pick  a  resource,  use  your  text  editor  to  view  it,   edit  the  missing  strings  •  Commit  the  changed  files  via  review  board  or   git    #. Tag: title!#, no-c-format!    msgid "Database Installation and Configuration"!  msgstr "Installazione e Configurazione del Database"!
  26. 26.        Conclusions  •  We  are  aiming  to  release  ACS  4.1  on  March  22nd   2013.  •  We  need  as  much  translaon  as  possible.  •  We  need  your  help  •  Even  if  you  can  do  one  string  it’s  great.  •  If  you  cannot  complete  the  enre  translaon  for   the  4.1  release,  keep  at  it,  it  will  make  it  for  4.2.