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My introduction slides from Build a Cloud Day Paris, the full recap of the event is available at We had over 70 people attend this event where users of cloudstack, integrators and ecosystem partners presented how they work with cloudstack. iKoula a service provider in Paris showed how they created a cloud offering, Usharesoft showed how the can enhance image management and publish templates in cloudstack, Apalia showed how they have deployed cloudstack in multiple enterprises. Amysta showed how their products gives you very detailed billing information for your cloud. INRIA presented their private cloud for a continuous integration platform for France research community and btrcloud showed how they developed a plugin to provide adanced VM scheduling in your datacenter.
All presentations showed the various components of a cloud infrastructure. In these slides I also show how the Apache Software Foundation can be the base of your cloud and big data infrastructure since all components are under the ASF: CloudStack, hadoop, libcloud, jclouds, whirr, Stratos, Storm etc...

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Build a Cloud Day Paris

  1. 1. Build a Cloud DaySebastien GoasguenOpen Source Office, Citrix@sebgoaJune 19th2013Paris FranceTweet #bacdparis
  2. 2. BACD
  3. 3. BACD•• #build_cloud• Blogs, events, slides,videos• Open Source News inCloud Computing• Focused on CloudStackbut not only• A resource for an “OpenCloud” strategy
  4. 4. Thanks to ParisSponsorsGold:Bronze:Silver:
  5. 5. AProvider
  6. 6. A SaaS marketplace
  7. 7. AnOSS ecosystem to leverage
  8. 8. An integrator andSoftware Provider
  9. 9. A Private Cloud
  10. 10. Applications• Btrcloud: Optimization of virtual machinesplacement in the datacenter• Proactive: Dynamic resource allocations forcompute intensive applications
  11. 11. IaaSLandscape
  12. 12. IaaS is really:• A Data Center Orchestrator– Data storage– Data movement– Data processing• That can:– Handle failures– Support large scale– Be programmed
  13. 13. What is CloudStack ?• Open source Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)solution.• “Programmable” Data Center orchestrator• Apache Software Foundation Top LevelProject (TLP)
  14. 14. Load BalancersLoad Balancers FWs & VPNsFWs & VPNsDashboardDashboard Identity Mgmt.Identity Mgmt.Image Mgmt.Image Mgmt.ComputeComputeStorageStorage NetworkNetworkMeteringMeteringAPI (EC2 & CS)API (EC2 & CS) Self-service PortalSelf-service PortalData Center Orchestrator
  15. 15. Apache CloudStack is a top-level project at the Apache Software Foundation.Apache CloudStack, CloudStack and CloudMonkey are registered trademarksof the ASF.• CloudStack“The Web Server of the Cloud”
  16. 16. Apache SoftwareFoundation
  17. 17. Why ASF ?• Citrix Open Sourced CloudStack to:– Build a community– Facilitate the building of an ecosystem– Faster time to market• ASF highly recognized OSS foundation.• ASF clear processes• Individual contributions, companies have nostanding
  18. 18. ACommunity
  19. 19. ACommunity
  20. 20. ASF Pros & Cons• Pros:– Vendor neutral– No company affiliation– No vendor lock-in• Cons:– Heavy processes ?– Weak marketing ?– Tad old-fashion ?– Developer centric
  21. 21. Apache Processes
  22. 22. MultipleContributorsSungard: Announced lastweek that 6 developerswere joining the ApacheprojectSchuberg Philis: Bigcontribution inbuilding/packaging andNicira supportSolidFire: New storagebackend with QoSbackendShapeBlue: User supportBasho: Support forRiackCS
  23. 23. Apache CloudStack is a top-level project at the Apache Software Foundation.Apache CloudStack, CloudStack and CloudMonkey are registered trademarksof the ASF.• Build your Cloud with ASFsoftware
  24. 24. Libcloud• Python module thatprovides a CloudProvider API abstraction• Ability to write appsusing multiple providers• Now with an improvedCloudStack driver
  25. 25. jClouds• Under Incubation at theApache SoftwareFoundation (ASF)• Wrapper to multiplecloud providers• Basis of many Cloudtools
  26. 26. Deltacloud• Cloud Provider APIabstraction• Good way to get aDMTF CIMI interface• Avoid lock-in for apps ?
  27. 27. ApacheWhirr• Big Data Provisioningtool• Deploys Hadoop, cdh,Hbase, Yarn, etc in theCloud• Use jclouds• Works with multiplecloud providersincluding CloudStack
  28. 28. An ASFCloud• Build your Open Cloud with Apache SoftwareFoundation softwarePaaS ?
  29. 29. Example of Cloud(not an endorsement )
  30. 30. Thankyou and Info• Apache Top Level project•• #cloudstack on• @cloudstack on Twitter•••• contributions and feedback !Sebastien Goasguen@sebgoa