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Snehom learning centre ALP001


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Volunteers at social networking homes work at each one teach one program and contribute their income to build and gift an ICT centre to their own village. Poor villagers who has no access to internet and communications technology now can have their own Life Long Learning Centre owned and run by student cooperatives. This is a women centric program, empowering stay at home mothers and educated unemployed women. We call it WOW! Women of WIKI. Women use social software to connect, cooperate and co-produce wealth for each other.

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Snehom learning centre ALP001

  1. 1. Suma, Ashwathy Social Networking Homes, Startup Village Ajay, Lija St. George High School, Thankey GeoGebra Learning Centre 1 by Social Networking Homes (snehom)
  2. 2. All national dailies gave good coverage to our project to change digital divide to digital
  3. 3. Manorama called on phone to get exact picture of the project and published the news
  4. 4. Blog Post on GeoGebra Learning Centre – Alp001
  5. 5. As HLWS members, Ajay and Lija can invite Global Classroom teachers to train their schoolmates on Computational Thinking, learning in a borderless world, pioneering ICT based learning and updating technological pedagogy in Kerala
  6. 6. Lija at St. George High School, Thankey will connect Ajai at Kangangad Panchayat Me Hall to appreciate agent K Sudhakaran for his honesty. Nalla Padam, Federal Bank banners could be displayed at both end. Blog post by Ajay and Lija cross linked to HLWS blog posts of schools and students ensure great international coverage for sponsors.
  7. 7. Student Power blogs will give a voice to student community. They shall get media limelight through requests like above.. Trying for positive change..
  8. 8. Connected students will earn while they learn as they become tourism ambassadors. Students talk to people abroad about beauty of Kerala, show them pictures and videos to market Gods Own Country.
  9. 9. Snehom is working to help realize IAS dreams of this duo. Nalla padam and Kodeeshwaran will be involved to ensure wider coverage all over the w
  10. 10. Mentored at Startup Village •Suma will officially hand over the teaching order she canvassed from Germany to Lija Mary of St. George High School •Ashwathy will officially hand over the export order she canvassed from Dubai to Ajay George of St. George High School Mentoring at GeoGebra Learning Centre ALP001 and to teach online. •Deepa will take over teaching Vedic Mathematics in Germany •Resmi will take over the export business order and execute it Sponsor invited to: Arrange to gift Ajay and Lija laptops for their online learning at GeoGebra Learning Centre Alp001 Benefit to sponsor •All business at ALP001 will do their business through the sponsoring bank •Blog post of HLWS members inland and abroad, school, teachers, students and GG Centre will link to the sponsors site •Training programs, seminars, webinars arranged by GG Centre will have the sponso banner in the background ensuring global publicity to the sponsors •Sponsor can choose a gradated sponsorship in proportion to publicity value and goodwill generated by the activities.