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Mystery skype with teachers!!


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Lin-lin is an awesome global connector. I felt it a privilege to be with her learners, online on Google Hangout, playing Mystery Skype!!

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  • There is no more chance at the National Ideal School and with the Elders
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Mystery skype with teachers!!

  1. 1. Mystery Skype with Teachers!! Meeting with Teachers in Taiwan, Courtesy Lin-lin, as she Worked On Little Dreams, a member of my PLN The first time playing Mystery Skype with teachers, I watched the glow on their Faces as they became as childlike and vibrant as Lin-lin, who stole their heats!!
  2. 2. Through chat, I invited them to accept The Gift of Knowledge, WikiEducator training
  3. 3. I dynamically took screen shots and added it to my Dropbox, as I planned to make a Slideshow Of the meet to show teachers at National Ideal School, with which Lin-lin’s students cooperate.
  4. 4. I wish Ezekiel was not in his native land; teachers immediately recognized him as from Africa 
  5. 5. Govinda sure can walk tall! He is from the land of the tallest mountain on earth, Everest. The teachers found it out soon enough!!
  6. 6. As the Vice Chairman of “The Elders”, working on School in the Cloud project, I invited the teachers to collaborate with National Ideal School, whom we have adopted to The Global Classroom Project.
  7. 7. I also invited them to connect and collaborate with children at National Ideal School, Aluva. WE are launching a project at the school to ensure a clerner world for all!