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CODES: mining sourCe cOde Descriptions from developeErs diScussions - ICPC 2014


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Program comprehension is a crucial activity, preliminary to
any software maintenance task. Such an activity can be diffcult when the source code is not adequately documented, or the documentation is outdated. Di fferently from the many existing software re-documentation approaches, based on diff erent kinds of code analysis, this paper describes CODES (mining sourCe cOde Descriptions from developErs diScussions), a tool which applies a \social" approach to software re-documentation. Speci cally, CODES extracts candidate method documentation from StackOver ow discussions, and
creates Javadoc descriptions from it. We evaluated CODES
to mine Lucene and Hibernate method descriptions. The
results indicate that CODES is able to extract descriptions
for 20% and 28% of the Lucene and Hibernate methods with a precision of 84% and 91% respectively.
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CODES: mining sourCe cOde Descriptions from developeErs diScussions - ICPC 2014

  1. 1. CODES: mining sourCe cOde Descriptions from developeErs diScussions Carmine Sebastiano Massimiliano Gerardo Vassallo Panichella Di Penta Canfora
  2. 2. S. Panichella, J. Aponte, M. Di Penta, A. Marcus, G. Canfora - ICPC 2012
  3. 3. Such communications are…  unstructured  usually not explicitly meant to describe specific parts of the source code. Example: Eclipse (Java System) METHOD: searchMainMethods .......................... Problem seems to come from in org.eclipse.jdt.internal.debug.ui.launcher. ,there's a to addSubTypes(List, IProgressMonitor, IJavaSearchScope) if includesSubtypes flag is ON. This add all types sub-types as soon as the given scope encloses them without testing if sub-types have a main ! .......................... CLASS: MainMethodSearchEngine Parameters: “ORANGE” Keywords: “GREEN” searchMainMethods MainMethodSearchEngine (IProgressMonitor, IJavaSearchScope, boolean) cal l method method method Method Bug Report and Mailing List
  4. 4. • Step 1: Downloading SO discussions relying on its REST interface and tracing them onto classes • Step 2: Extracting paragraphs • Step 3: Tracing paragraphs onto methods ( Discards Paragraphs of discussions with 0 Votes) • Step 4: Heuristic based Filtering • Step 5: Similarity based Filtering CODES: Approach for Mining Method Descriptions
  5. 5. DEMO
  6. 6. CODES Results: System Mined Descriptions True Positives False Positives Apache Lucene 2.9.0 9,343 (about 20% of the Methods) 84 16 Hibernate 3.5.0 10,608 (about 28% of the Methods) 91 9 We sampled 100 descriptions from each project