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Red.Es Smh Ocde

  1. 1. Plan Avanza & Workshop International OCDE - SETSI Sebastián Muriel General Manager Madrid, november the 18th 2009
  2. 2. About Minister's Office Secretary Secretary of Secretary of Secretary of of State for State for State for Telco State for Tourism Trade & Inf. Society Energy Under Secretary's Office MITyC General Secretary for Industry State-owned company, reporting to the DGTEL* DGDSI* Ministry of Industry, Tourism, and Trade is responsible for carrying out specific projects on developing Information Society in Spain that fall under the strategic priorities of the Office of the Secretary of State for Telecommunications and the Information Society (SETSI) in cooperation with public administrations and the private sector. *DGTEL: General Department for Telecommunications *DGDSI: General Department for Development of the Information Society 2 2
  3. 3. About works in cooperation with the private sector and with the other public administrations ICT suppliers Users: (Specific Contract (citizens and Procedures) SMEs) Central, Regional and Local Administrations 3
  4. 4. projects & programmes designs and carries out complex projects within Avanza programme framework 1 Diseño de Project los design proyectos 2 6 Elaboración Request for Measuring de los tenders the impact pliegos Public tender 5 3 Dinamization and Concurso y Evaluation of 360º evaluación tenders Communication 4 Project management 4
  5. 5. other areas of activity National Observatory for Telecommunications and the Information Society (ONTSI): Analysis and monitoring of the Information Society and consultancy + specific support to any other administration on ICT RedIRIS – Technical Management of the National Academic Network for Research NIC .es Internet registry for .es domains 5
  6. 6. Our history: main milestones Total Budget Headcount: 10p 100p 200p 212p
  7. 7. Our history: main milestones •  Digital content • is designated by the Observatory entrepreneurs Spanish Secretary of State for issued first •  Public Info Telecommunications and study on re-use Information Society to manage Spanish •  FICOD: Digital Content programs related to the households •  Digital Civil International Forum Information Society telecom Registers development •  SME programmes services •  e-Health •  First steps of “Internet programme •  Legal SW campaign demand. in Schools” and •  Hispanic •  Local Government “Internet in Public Digital Library programmes Libraries”. •  Launching of the program “Public Access Centers in Rural Areas”. •  National Academic Network for Research (RedIRIS) is integrated •  “Internet in the Classroom” programme in structure. launched. •  Wi-Fi at Universities •  Correctional Facilities • (children, kids web site) 7
  8. 8. Our history: main milestones •  The Spanish Technical Network is created to manage “.es” internet domains. Trademark is changed to
  9. 9. Our history: main milestones The graph represents the accumulated number of domains (.ES vs .COM in Spain, Oct. 09) Source:
  10. 10. Our history: main milestones •  The Center for the Early Warning on Cyber Viruses (aka CATA) is created •  IT Security and accessibility national reference center •  Open Source •  Public – private national reference sector collaboration center 10
  11. 11. Some highlights & results Spain: + 12 million electronic ID card issued !!! 12 M 2009 focus: more intensive use of e-ID.! 1,4 M 0,2 M Dic 2006 Sep 2007 Oct. 2009 Source: Source:
  12. 12. .. diditalizing data (1950 to date)! Registrar
 1,312 dec
07 Sep
09 Over 61,3 million pages and near 80,600 Registrar Books have been digitalized until (Sept’07 – Sept’09). Around 180.000 pages are digitalized every day.! Source:
  13. 13. e-health services development! •  Electronic clinic history (97% of health centers)! •  e-prescription (+6,000 family physicians, +7 million patients)! •  on-line medical appointments (64% of health facilities, 21 million citizens)! • All citizens (+45 million) are part of the National Health System and health cards are already fully interoperable (project has interconnected 17 regional health systems)! Source:
  14. 14. ! .. ICTs & education .. + 20.000 schools already! Internet in the + 6 millon students! Classroom:! + 500.000 teachers! + 99% centres broadband access! 100% public universities open WiFi! Source:
  15. 15. .. digital educational contents ..! An open source communication platform for teachers, students and families:! • > 75% of teachers have been IT-trained.! • > 60% of teachers prepare materials on-line! • U.K. is using agrega’s code to develop their strategy ! Source:
  16. 16. Some highlights & results • has carried out the first project of a complete transition from analog to digital TV broadcast in Soria (July, 2008) ! •  We have also managed a nation-wide marketing campaign during these last Christmas and we’re developing the 360º communication on rural areas until april the 3rd, 2010.! 16
  17. 17. FICOD’09 - Madrid Nov, the 17th! Digital Convergence is about People, Contents and Technology... To what extent are important each one of the three of them?! •  + 10.000 attendants.! •  + 400 international experts! •  FICOD Includes the International Conference on Intellectual Property.! Source:
  18. 18. Edificio Bronce Tel.: 91 212 76 20 / 25 Plaza Manuel Gómez Moreno s/n Fax: 91 212 76 35 28020 Madrid. España