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Publishing for the students living in the iPad era: our view of the industry


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Publishing for the iPad generation of students requires some new mindset. How to enhance textbooks to create a lively reading experience? How to seamlessly offer cross devices compatibility?

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Publishing for the students living in the iPad era: our view of the industry

  1. 1. Publishing for the iPad generation of students: enhanced eTexts and lively learning content Devon Learning & Development Partnership workshop, 29th of November 2010 Sebastien Dubuis, Managing Director
  2. 2. Agenda ˃ Challenges for publishers of education books ˃ A few showcases ˃ Transforming the content and creating a new reality ˃ Facts and success factors ˃ Q&A
  3. 3. The publishers’ challenges Benefit of a global distribution network (World Wide Web) Differentiate a physical product from an online product Efficiently use online marketing tools for promotion and distribution purposes Endless evolution of the technology Online means interactivity, integration of rich medias, ... Readers expect a radically different experience Digital data travel fast. Shipping and printing costs are gone Social Media, Search Engines, web communities enables targeted MARCOM plan The core of the publisher’s activity is book publishing. Hence the need to rely on software/ technology partner
  4. 4. Digital eBooks, eTexts evolution 1st generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation Apps and Reading solutions Examples next page
  5. 5. Pitching on the interactivity Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt Inkling Live video
  6. 6. Transforming existing textbooks Service s Softwar e
  7. 7. A new discipline combining various competences > Various groups > Enhanced etextbook (
  8. 8. The Publiwide eText platform The Readers’ Line: - web - iPad - desktop
  9. 9. Will it be successful (I mean business!)? iPad sales and other tablets are thriving (2011 Fct: 14.5mio) The underlying conditions are right for schools as well: IWB, tablets mobile projects, ... eBooks sales in the US Big publishing houses are adapting all their workflow for an integrated digital publication of all books (XML)
  10. 10. The success factors of a digital strategy An online marketing strategy which takes advantage of social network Physical presence: workshops and events participation Platform agnostic content Multi-channels reading applications Creating a seamless user experience: purchasing - playing content – annotating – navigating through notes ... Well ... the infrastructure!
  11. 11. What will it do to students and educators Rich and interactive online/ offline learning experience Reader can easily read and study: - Print pages - Add bookmarks - Play, control video and audio Up to date content Avoid the burden of carrying books around Content is synchronised in a database Spread the word Collaborative environment and words of mouth: readers will share their thrilling experience and advertise your book. You benefit of viral marketing effects.
  12. 12. About us Incorporated in CH in 2010 with R&D in Romania, customers in US, UK, Switzerland We offer a Content distribution platform We are both a service and software company We position ourselves as a digital solution for small and medium publishers, self-publishing authors