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Interactive eTextbook_presentation

  1. 1. Publication, distribution of interactive multimedia eTextbooks<br />BookFair 2010, Education Hotspot<br />Sebastien Dubuis, Managing Director<br /><br />
  2. 2. A brave new education world<br />The technology in schools, Higher Education<br />Well, whatdoesitmean …<br /> Country’s diversity <br />Addressing the expectation of students and pupils <br />
  3. 3. The publishers’ challenges<br />Differentiate a physical product from an online product<br />Online means interactivity, integration of rich medias, ... Readers expect a radically different experience<br />Benefit of a global distribution network (World Wide Web)<br />Digital data travel fast. Shipping and printing costs are gone<br />Efficiently use online marketing tools for promotion and distribution purposes<br />Social Media, Search Engines, web communities enables targeted MARCOM plan<br />The core of the publisher’s activity is book publishing. Hence the need to rely on software/ technology partner<br />Endless evolution of the technology<br />
  4. 4. Our concept<br />Services<br />Marketing<br />Software<br />
  5. 5. The publiwideeTextbook Platform<br />Textbook Content Pack<br />Mobile and Tablet Applications<br />Marketing Facility<br /><ul><li>Expanding the online Reader to Android-iPad channels
  6. 6. Cross channels format
  7. 7. Reflowing the multimedia content
  8. 8. Advertisement portal
  9. 9. Multimedia eTextbook Store
  10. 10. E-commerce module
  11. 11. Online MARCOM strategy
  12. 12. ePub format
  13. 13. Multimedia (video-audio) integration using cutting edge 3rd party services
  14. 14. Developing interactivity, dynamic navigation (according to the nature of the book)
  15. 15. Zooming, highlighting and bookmarking options</li></li></ul><li>Let’s show some cases<br />iPADreader<br />WEBreader<br />
  16. 16. Premium Package Service for a Total E-textbook Application<br /> Text-Audio-Video<br />We provide a full online conversion of your text and multimedia elements in a page turning format. You can also integrate quizzes and hyperlinks. The result is viewable in a dedicated online viewer.<br /> User authentication, registration and management<br />Activation and licencing of this module enabling full control and management of your users<br /> Branding and Marketing<br />We will customize the platform and Reader to fit your graphical wishes. You can be part of our dedicated interactive eBookstore<br />Private Hosting<br />All multimedia elements are hosted as part of the licensing fee. In addition 1 GB of online videos are included in the premium package (it represents approximately 1 hour of video). <br /> On-going update and maintenance<br />You can use up to 4 hours of administration time for updating your books during the course of the yearly licence.<br />
  17. 17. What will it do to your readers<br /> Rich and interactive online learning experience<br />Reader can easily read and study:<br /><ul><li> Print pages
  18. 18. Add bookmarks
  19. 19. Play, control video and audio</li></ul> Comfortable offline experience<br />Possibility to enjoy the written text locally through the downloadable Reader.<br /> Up to date content<br /> Avoid the burden of carrying books around <br />Content is synchronised in a database<br /> Spread the word<br />Readers will share their thrilling experience and advertise your book. You benefit of viral marketing effects. <br />
  20. 20. About us<br />We offer a Content distribution platform<br />We are both a service and software company<br />Marketing solution as much as technology solution<br /> We aim at coping with the philosophy of Swiss Quality<br /><br />