Merry christmas


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For my Koala. <3

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Merry christmas

  1. 1. Or at least maybe consider it, but I think you should just say yes
  2. 2. • Like super hot• Like holy shit, I just about ruined my panties hot• Like you should really take up modeling if the whole animal thing doesn’t work out• Like really hot, but in a beautiful way• Like you’re gorgeous• Lets take a look
  3. 3. • This was the first picture of you I saw.• I was left breathless.• Look at that face.• I love that face.• I love that girl.
  4. 4. • Look at you, my little gleek. • Your hair is so sexy • I love your teeth• You are adorable • But so is • And your lips everything about • And your eyes you • And nose • And you
  5. 5. I’m Cute…? • I mean, I’m not at beautiful or sexy as you. • But I think we would look good together. • And if you think this is• Like, this looks nice I • I think I can pull off cute, then I should I think glasses alright keep you around
  6. 6. • No, really, look at this shit. Its awesome.
  7. 7. • Did you see this shit?• It’s sweet as hell.
  8. 8. • I saved these • I took care of this little fuckers shithead at one of the animal shelters I when they fell volunteered at out of their nest.
  9. 9. • Even the polar bears loved me when I • Frogs? Yeah, they worked at the zoo. like me too
  10. 10. • This fish is named Sandy, and the Snail Gray• They are in love
  11. 11. • See this net? Yeah that’s all I used.
  12. 12. • I built this shit, all by myself.• I was raised in the country.
  13. 13. • As soon as two Cancers meet, their feelings of love can be very intense and passionate. Cancer have the tendency for very strong emotions, yet at first they will be wary as learning to trust each other is vital to them before making any kind of commitment.• Cancer are romantics and when in love, like nothing better than having cozy nights in with their partner. They are idealistic and will strive to make things perfect for each other.• Cancer needs security and reassurance that they are well and truly loved. Cancer are both deeply sensitive and they will nearly always put their partner first and foremost before anything or anyone else.• Cancer have the tendency for moodiness and their emotions can go from one extreme to another in an instant.• Cancer crave love and affection and this they will give to each other in abundance. Cancer can both be demanding and need to guard against feelings of jealousy and resentment but once they are reassured that their partner is the right one for them they will hold on to their loved one for life. Two Cancers together can be one of the best pairings of the Zodiac. • You may not believe in Zodiac signs, but I do, and yeah…were good together. I did my research.
  14. 14. • He is my rock, and is so funny. Everyone loves him. He’s a sweetheart and my best friend.• Excuse my face • Look at this G • People say I look like him. I don’t see it.
  15. 15. • There is tons of room to cuddle, and it will come in handy when we have you move in.• Oh and I know how to fix it too. My dads a mechanic and he’s taught me a lot.
  16. 16. My Sadie Is so Fucking Cute• How can you not want to date someone with this cutie as their pet?
  17. 17. • I made that.• With no tools, just a lighter.• It’s a fucking flame thrower.• That’s cool.• This is in Noel’s garage.• That’s her.• This is our hangout.
  18. 18. • I got Noel an autograph of HeMo for X-mas.• That’s her girl.
  19. 19. • His name is Mr. Ducky.• I gave him a Mohawk. Like I legit cut his hair.• He’s a pimp and gets all the chicks.
  20. 20. Michigan Is Pretty• This is the park I hang out • This is one of the at a lot of the time. lakes I go to.
  21. 21. • She’s fun, and I know you guys will get along
  22. 22. • For, um…well so, when I fuck you it feels really nice. • I keep up on my lesbian maintenance
  23. 23. • At least I think so.
  24. 24. • This is my cave, my bear cave.• We can cuddle here. My bed is super comfy • This could be your second home because, I live here.
  25. 25. • Because, creamsicles are Dee-licious
  26. 26. • I carry this• This is my • I use this little guy in my toothbrush. 2x a day purse so I can use it after meals when I’m out • I also have one of • I use this in these in between my meals to keep wallet me fresh
  27. 27. • This is my dorm. My room is this one. This is our living room and this is our(mine and Alexa’s) other roommates room.
  28. 28. • I use this • I carry this in when I my purse to smell good want a all day fruity smell • I use • I use this this on special when I occasions want a mature smell
  29. 29. • 1996.8 Miles• 3213.5 Kilometers / 1734 Nautical Miles• Approximate flight duration time from Warren to La Paz (Mexico) is 4 hrs, 9 mins • But, I love you. And we can get over this thing called ‘distance’ until we get the chance to actually meet.
  30. 30. • I love you Andrea. I love you with all of my heart, my being, my life. You make me so happy; you are my happiness now. I get butterflies when I see a message from you, and I want to show you off to everyone. You are beautiful, smart, giving, strong, bright, pure, calm, generous, genuine, enchanting, tender, so loving and understanding, and the list can go on. Theres not a thing about you that I have not liked. You honestly are not only perfect, but you are perfect for me. You give me what I need and what I want without even asking. Its as if you were made for me. And I know its only been a short time, but I love you. I am in love with you, and I don’t want to be with anyone else. You are my sexy little Latina, with a cute smile, a nice big ass, deep brown eyes, and a huge heart. I want to know everything about you, and I want to be with you. I want you as mine, all mine. And I know you say I am yours right now, but I want more. I want you all to myself. This grizzly wants to be your one and only, and I want you to be mine. You were put on this Earth for me, and I was put here for you. There no point in waiting if I know what I want and what I want is you, I will always want you.
  31. 31. I promise to always keep you happy and neverhurt you intentionally. I promise to love youevery second and never leave your side. Ipromise to give you my heart and take care ofyours. I promise to give you everything I haveand be the best I can be for you. I promise tolove you like you deserve.
  32. 32. Oh I know that I am here I love you more than you will But nothing feels like home likeAnd you are there but we still ever know you babehave our love I love you more than you willWe move just like the moon Oh Ive got my car and my ever knowand sun guitar Than you will knowThe sun comes up the moon A couple pills a couple scars Dear I love you more than yourolls down But I made a wish on a will ever knowA world apart but they dont lonesome starmake a sound Star oh star you shine so brightThey know their love spins us Wont you grant me one smallround wish tonight That I wont die on thisIve been to heaven Ive been to destructive path of minehellIve been to Vegas and god Ive been to heaven Ive been toknows where hellBut nothing feels like home like Ive been to Vegas and godyou babe knows where