What is Digital Signage ?


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A short documentation about digital signage in hospitality sector. From reception monitor to meeting room monitors, digital signage is a modern way to inform your guests and improve your sales.

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What is Digital Signage ?

  1. 1. Digital Signage for your hotel with Noisy Le Grand - France - Phone : +331 4815 9600 - Fax : +331 4815 9698
  2. 2. About our Company Our strong experience is shown through a highly qualified team of over 280 people and covers a broad range of activities including design, conception and manufacturing of furniture for all kinds of point of purchase (hotels, perfume & comestics, health care, clothing ….), and of course digital signage. We are the only supplier which can offer you a full range of integrated services in Digital Signage : we do our own software development, hardware and software integration, assembly and manufacturing, cabling and installation. Novotel France and Mercure have chosen our company for their Digital Signage Equipment. Major companies worldwide have put their trust in our solutions. We service the Hotel industry, leisure industry, mobile phone manufacturers, major cinematographic studios, luxury industries, cosmetics ….. References: Accor, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Fox, Thomson, Sony, Philips, Nokia, Kodak, ST Dupont, Lancôme, Clarins, l’Oréal, Estée Lauder, Lacoste, Hennessy, Dom Perignon,Veuve Clicquot, Procter & Gamble ……
  3. 3. Digital Signage in your Lobby Key informations and communication tool for your customers Room rates and specific services Exchange rates Managers on duty Customer messages and welcome messages 2 usual settings are commonly used : two 37 inches screen or one single 42 inches screen. Digital Signage for your hotel
  4. 4. Meeting rooms digital signage Finding your room The name of the room The company and its logo Scrolling messages or messages for clients A 17 inches screen Videos as well as still images can be displayed and scheduled, on these screens Digital Signage for your hotel
  5. 5. Meeting rooms digital signage Finding your room The name of the room The company and its logo Scrolling messages or messages for clients A 17 inches screen Videos as well as still images can be displayed and scheduled, on these screens Digital Signage for your hotel
  6. 6. Digital Signage adapted to your size and style Digital Signage for your hotel
  7. 7. External wireless price panel Automatic outside price panel You need to change your prices quite often You cannot wire to the outside You do not want to forget a price change Our radio frequency device is connected to our application and prices are updated automatically from the application Digital Signage for your hotel
  8. 8. Smarthotel software The software is very user friendly and time efficient. Management of the lobby screens (for example rates and prices) Scheduling of the meetings which will then automatically display on the totem and on the rooms Messages management Wall paper screens management in order to enhance your messages (Can be adapted for specific events, Christmas, …) Video management.Videos can be scheduled for different screens creating a very dedicated atmosphere Screens can be previewed at the main desk Digital Signage for your hotel Lobby Room Rates Exchange Rates Scheduling
  9. 9. Why Digital Signage ? Signage is the key communication tool for your client/customer relationship. Understanding key information such as rates or directions to a meeting room must happen in the very first minutes. Room rates and exchange rates screens allow your customers to get key information at a glance without needing any help. The totem provides the room names in which companies hold their meetings. Logos and directions are displayed. In front of each meeting room, 30 minutes before the meeting, the screen automatically Digital Signage for your hotel displays the scheduled meeting, the company name and it’s logo. Specific scrolling messages can be seen on the screen.Videos can also be displayed. All screens indicate date and time. A turnkey global offer Smarthotel package includes : A server with 17 inches lcd screen A software license Delivery and installation Training of your team On site 3 or 5 years warranty, maintenance and hot line access LCD screens and or video projectors and specific housing
  10. 10. Digital Signage adapted to your size and style Whether you have only one single screen to install or a large number in a major complex of significant size, CPI will customize your screens, adapting them to your design codes or to your brand. Your hotel is unique, and you will need the screen to be discrete and well suited to your universe. The 30 designers strong CPI design team will suggest the best fit to house the screens and will manufacture these housings. All these communication tools can be used to display internal advertising or information when meetings are not scheduled both using a picture or video mode. You will be able to communicate about your excellent restaurant, your brand new Digital Signage for your hotel fitness room, or other topics and services of your choice.
  11. 11. Other Realizations : Totems & Kiosks Touch screen systems allowing our customers to install any kind of application targeted to provide interactive information to customers, print documents, deliver perfume or sound information. Other Realizations Lancaster Skinlab Kiosk POP Dynamic furniture Philips Furniture Lacoste Totem Keys to your success : Custom Quantities (one to several thousands) & Design One single provider Delivers and supports all around the world