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Exclusive Access Inside The Seazoria Dragons Discovery


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Prehistoric Ordovician Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons Discovery. Exclusive Access into one of the single most significant prehistoric biological discoveries in history. Sea Dragons are now scientific fact. Note: Seazoria Dragons extinct 484 million years ago, DO NOT LOOK LIKE DINOSAURS. THERE WERE NO DINOSAURS IN THE ORDOVICIAN SEAZORIA DRAGONS TIME ERA. Seazoria Dragons are examples of Cartilage (not having a bone skeleton) Advanced Marine Biology (Reptiles). The primary surviving Seazoria Dragons Biological Remains are the Skull, the Teeth and the Body Spikes.

  • Amazing Information in this presentation of the Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons. Thank You For Sharing With The World The Most Significant Historical Discovery Ever.
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Exclusive Access Inside The Seazoria Dragons Discovery

  1. 1. Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons Prehistoric Ordovician Seazoria Dragons Discovery With Discoverer, Mike Hallett PREHISTORIC ORDOVICIAN HALLETTESTONEION SEAZORIA DRAGONS DISCOVERED With Host and Discoverer Mike Hallett.The Seazoria Dragons Television Series is all about the discovery excavation and re-construction ofthe worlds first larges scal prehistoric Sea Dragon (Skull and Teeth) 10 foot skull with 27 inch teeth. TheSeazoria Dragons are one of the greatest Discoveries in history. The objective is to let the viewingaudience watch live in a weekly network TV series as the prehistoric Sea Dragons move out of mythologyand into the realm of scientific fact, right before the viewers eyes. Dragons Discovered.484 million yearHallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons. Mike Hallett has over 20,000 hours working with SeazoriaDragons. New era in advance prehistoric marine biology.   The Dragon Era.Below you will find Seazoria Dragons film footage and links to extensive Dragon Discovery photos andSeazoria Dragons information. Lets change the face of reality television forever and put into production themost prolific subject matter ever presented. A new scientific frontier awaits, and the Seazoria DragonsDiscovery will create an entire industry in Television, Film, Documentaries, Movies, Cartoons,Merchandising, Tourism, and overall Life Science Education.PREHISTORIC ORDOVICIAN HALLETTESTONEION SEAZORIA DRAGONS DISCOVERED The Seazoria Dragons Youtube channel provides 24 videos specific to the Seazoria Dragons Discovery.With just over 25,000 views  Seazoria Dragons Discoverer, Mike Hallett - Excavating has been a favorite place to publish Seazoria Dragons Discovery information andphotographs. View many Seazoria articles at this link: Seazoria Dragons information on hubpages can be found here:   Seazoria Dragons Discoverer, Mike Hallett  View Seazoria Dragons Discovery information on This is the latest Seazoria DragonsProduct. 62 Pages "A Conversation With The Discoverer" about the proposed Seazoria Dragons Docureality Series. Our Research Project wants a TelevisionSeries where a large scal prehistric Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons Skull is excavated andre-constructed while television viewers watch live. is a Seazoria Dragons Discovery Overview on slideshare. Go inside the Seazoria Discovery, Writteninformation and Dragon Discovery photos.  Seazoria Dragons Field Researcher, Ron McEwen    Twitter is a great place to get regular updates on the Ordovician Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons.!/seazoriaScribd documents and additional Seazoria Dragons Discovery Details and Photos, extensive info             Before / After Excavation Teeth and Skull Excavation Seazoria Dragons, Hallettestoneion Research Project Burial Matrix Excavation Template Seazoria Dragons ] Field Research Template Skull Matrix Collapse Seazoria Dragons Prehistoric Biology. Skulls - Seazoria Dragon Vs. Land Dinosaur     42 Inch Seazoria Dragons Tooth Teeth in Duckbill Configuration – Seazoria Dragons Zoria Repeating Biological Structures – Key to Discovery – Rights and Lefts Only Location of Teeth – Hillfieldeion Seazoria Field Excavation Duck-Billed Teeth Configuration - Seazoria Dragon Excavation Duck-Bill Configuration Seazoria Dragons Field Research File Photos – Repeating Biological Structures Full Size Seazoria Teeth 33 INCH FULL SIZE SEAZORIA DRAGON TOOTH 44 INCH FULL SIZE SEAZORIA DRAGON TOOTH Teeth - Seazoria Dragons Excavation Teeth - Full Size and Replacement Tooth - Seazoria Dragons Structural Format Teeth and Body Spikes – Seazoria Dragons
  2. 2.         Front View Seazoria Dragon Skull, 123 inches 36 INCH FRONT FANG TOOTH - SEAZORIA DRAGON Seazoria Dragons Graveyard, Utah – USA Master Template – Seazoria Dragons Discovery, Biological Remains Repeating Internal Sub Structures Identification Template – Seazoria Dragons  Zoria Repeating Biological Structures ~ Master Template Characteristics of the Right and Left handed configurations only Attachment base growing to a specialized tip Blunt leading edge and a double cutter trailing edge  Triangular wedge shape Internal growth spines, sub structure framework locations Always crowned on the outside face. The Zoria repeat external shape and internal sub structure framework. Consistent with Mathematical equations. Zoria Repeating Biological Structure Seazoria Dragons Skull – Side and Front View Skull, Teeth and Spikes – Biological Remains – Seazoria Dragons Concept Sketch         25 Minute Interview With Mike Hallett, The Discoverer The Seazoria Dragons Discovery In His Own Words.     Comparison Biological Structures – Megalodon vs. Seazoria Dragon     Paleontology Confirmation Seazoria Dragons Prehistoric Ordovician Biological Remains. Lab Photo Prehistoric Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons Discovery and Excavation Hallettestoneion Research Project 2003-2012 Mike Hallett, All Rights Reserved.