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How Big Brands Turn Social Data to Insights

How do large brands listen and engage with millions of customers and billions of conversations across social channels to gain measurable business insights? Learn from leading marketers who have created industry changing models that support their product launches and major campaigns. How are they communicating the impact of social media to executives and establishing consistency in measurement across a large enterprise? What works/ doesn’t work? How are they measuring success and what can marketers learn from them? What’s next?

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  • Welcome to our session everyone on “How big brands turn social data into insights”.I’m excited to be up here today with some great social and data experts. My name is Julie Rezek and I’m the General Manager of Wunderman Seattle. We are probably Seattle’s best kept secret at 450 people strong just located in the lake union area. We are a CRM and digital agency that creates action for our clients in a measurable way.We have Ariel Dos Santos…….
  • But before I get each of these guys to give us a brief overview of their positioning on How Big Brands Turn Social Data into Insights – I wanted to spend a few minutes to set up the stage on some data facts…
  • Social media usage in the US is strong. We all have our personal stories and stats but this gives a good picture of how it all adds up.Read out a fewAnd I’m sure everyone in this audience skus higher
  • And with all that social habit and usage, clearly there is a lot of data that is generated in the different channels online and you’ve got to believe there are opportunities of using this social data for business. And when you are looking at this data, think about every minute of the day…this is what is happening.
  • And some brands are using their social data as a legitimate sales channels.Read out a few
  • So with that, I’d like to welcome each of our panelists to speak for a few minutes about what they do and their perspective on How Big Brands Turn Social Data Into Insights. Starting with Ariel.
  • Ariel Dos Santos
  • Ariel Dos Santos
  • Adam Schoenfeld
  • Anil BatraClearly defined objectivesTied to tangible e.g. ROICustomer firstSocial Media data is one piece of the puzzleMeasure to take actions and optimize
  • Social Data Insights Panel - SIC2012

    1. 1. How Big Brands Turn Social Data to Insights Julie Rezek Wunderman Ariel Dos Santos Microsoft Adam Schoenfeld Simply Measured Anil Batra KBM Group #SIC2012
    2. 2. Julie RezekWunderman
    3. 3. The social habit 46,000,000 52% Americans check social media sites several times a day have a social media profile on one or more networks 8% 1 in 4 80% use Twitter follow brands, products, use Facebook to engage or services with brands 51% use Facebook 56% own smart phones 64% update their status on a mobile deviceSource: “The Social Habit” by Edison Research
    4. 4. YouTube usersEvery minute of Instagram Consumers upload 48 hours of users share spend the day… new video 3,600 $272,070 on web new photos shopping Foursquare The users Email users send mobile perform 204,166,667 Twitter users send over web 2,083 messages check-ins 100,000 Tweetsreceives 217 Facebook users Wordpress Brands and blog owners organizations receive new share 684,478 publish 34,722 “Likes” users 347 new pieces of content blog posts Source: Domo
    5. 5. Social impact on creating action
    6. 6. Ariel Dos SantosMicrosoft
    8. 8. Adam SchoenfeldSimply Measured
    9. 9. Market Context Beyond the Buzz WordsConvergence Consistency
    10. 10. Anil BatraKBM Group