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Michael king-sic-2011


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Michael King's presentation at Seattle Interactive Conference 2011.

Published in: Technology, Design
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Michael king-sic-2011

  1. 1. UX + SEO Let’s Be Friends Michael King SEO Manager @ipullrank Publicis ModemDownload these slides
  2. 2. RANTBuilding a user experiencewithout SEO in mind is likebuilding a car with no engine.
  3. 3. RANT I don’t believe in bad user experience for the sake of SEO. Stop making ugly sites and blaming it on the need for SEO
  4. 4. RANTDo Less of this Do More of this Make compelling experiences with utility
  5. 5. RANTAny Creative that thinks SEO willlimit their abilities to deliver aquality product isnt very (ahem)creative. Yeah, it’s an orphan. What you gonna do about it?! SEO is a springboard not an anchor
  6. 6. RANTUser Experience is onlycompromised by SEO when it isretrofitted to the design process Inject SEO into the design process as early as possible
  7. 7. RANTSEO absolutely MUST be an activeconsideration and ideally the driver ofevery step of a site build SEO = DNA
  8. 8. RANTUX is very important to SEO becausethere is evidence that Googlebot andBingbot may be headless webbrowsers. See: and Google also just revealed that they can crawl AJAX
  9. 9. RANTMost importantly SEO is abouthelping people find what they wantand presenting it to them in a waythat they expect. Need States Navigational Business Goals Informational Navigational Transactional Informational Transactional The old keyword classes are dead; identify need states
  10. 10. </RANT>I’m done ranting, let’s talk about the mistakes that I’ve learned from
  11. 11. MISTAKE Your development and Creative teams will just do what works. To them building for Search is utterly unnatural. Don‘t let them build anything before you see it. Cheech & Chong’s Magic Brownie Adventure was an awesome campaign developed by my team but the site was built with no SEO considerations at all. Not even a page title. Never leave your Creative or Tech team to their own devices
  12. 12. MISTAKE LG’s site is a nightmare for a variety of reasons but one of my favorite is the 1997 frames-inspired navigation that features over 200 links and is impossible to mouse over properly. Faceted navigation is an option when handled properly
  13. 13. MISTAKE Giant flash videos are cool, right?Sometimes your team or theclient will be so far off the markthat there is nothing you can dobut wait for the redesign. What do you mean navigation should be text? Some battles you cannot win.
  14. 14. SUCCESS Use expandable DIVs to keep large blocks of text from being obtrusive to design The Expandable DIV is your best friend.
  15. 15. SUCCESS Drive the Content Strategy by preparing an SEO Copy Brief that thoroughly outlines the information architecture with regard to target keywords and identify the objectives and target audience. Keyword-relevant information architecture MUST come from SEO
  16. 16. SUCCESS Adding considerations at the wireframe stage allows everyone to be on the same page about how and why SEO is to be accomplished. Apply pressure during the Wireframe phase to ensure success.
  17. 17. SUCCESS RECIPESocial Listening/ Keyword Push Live / Need State Creative / Copy / Mapping / Conversion RateDetermination/ Tech Information Optimization / Keyword Development Architecture Measurement Research SEO Defines SEO Validates SEO Drives Info Architecture User Experience Measurement Get involved throughout the lifecycle from strategy to measurement
  18. 18. SOCIALLISTENING Scout Labs Alterian SM2 Social Mention Mine the conversation in social media for personas and keywords
  19. 19. Show yourWork. Here comes a case study!
  20. 20. CASE STUDY 1. 2. 3. 4 5. 6. 7. Motivation Decision- Research Booking Pre-flight Travel Post-travel to travel making How do I crystallize my Need States What is out there that travels so that they are I want to collect new Of the options Who’s going to help me What do I need to do to Who can I rely on to help would be fun and easy to share, and experience, add to my available, what is fine tune and make the activate my trip so that me make the most of my interesting to do alone provide inspiration to personal story, and feasible given time & plan possible? it’s as easy as possible? trip? and/or with the people I me and otherscreate special memories budget constraints? care about? evermore?Occasion: Get Ideas: Search for: Search for: Locate: Connect: Organize: Examples of What’s happening-Season/Holiday Key trip info: -With local info -Memories/events From friends, family,colleagues, Activity and experience options -Cheapest flight options based-NY’ eve -Luggage rules -With resources (guides, gurus) -Evidence you’ve been there/ extended social media network, at different destinations on timings-Valentine’s D -Check in time -Activity ideas Memorabilia bloggers, TV personalities, - Cheapest flight options based-Honeymoon -Terminal to go to -New ideas movies, activity groups & forums on destination (look for promos-Birthday gift and time suggestions) -Currency exchange-Anniversary Compare: -Ways to and from airport-Stag do Destination options based on -Travel tips Record: Package:-Reunion Search for: timings, costs, and ease of -Experiences-Accomplishment Occasion or experience sought getting there Compare: -Memories Trip takeouts so as to extend the benefits gained from the trip-Time off on google, publications, forums, social media groups,etc Time options vs. budget across key providers Book: -New ideas, contacts, knowledge -Car hire -AccommodationExperience: -Airport bus Share:-Broaden horizon Commit: To build on and showcase who-Hobby/skill To a scenario you are-Well-being/R&R-Adventure Manage:-Landscape Info updates, efficient and easy(sea, mountain, plant) task completion-Weather (sun, snow, wind) Research Commitment Experience Inspiration Discoveries in social listening must dictate the SEO, content strategy and UX We used social listening to identify need states and build personas
  21. 21. CASE STUDY 1. 2. 3. 4 5. 6. 7. Motivation Decision- Research Booking Pre-flight Travel Post-travel to travel making Occasion Activity Destination Offering Simplify Connect RememberCore Semantic Groups We identified the need state Flights matched the client’s business goals and mapped them to semantic groups to dictate the information architecture.Country/Region Logistics Timing City/Airport Cheap Flights Map need states to core semantic groups to develop site maps
  22. 22. CASESTUDY Identify what people want and present it in a way that matches their expectations using the language they expect in order to provide the best user experience to your target audience and improve conversion. We mapped those to our keyword research and developed content
  23. 23. CASESTUDY Navigation and sub-navigation reflect need states UX and content developed with the concerns of our personas We built a user experience indicative of these considerations
  24. 24. CASESTUDY We improved rankings and conversions dramatically by marrying these concepts. Bookings Organic Traffic Turns out we’re pretty good at this.
  25. 25. TheNextLevel So what else can we do?
  26. 26. SOCIAL DESIGN Search Keyword-LevelFB:Admin Demographics Referrers Placing a site on Facebook’s OpenGraph and having a user opt-in allows you to get their FB data whenever they come to your site. Matching that with search referrers gives you demographics at a keyword-level. KLD Source Code:
  27. 27. KEYWORDOWNERSHIP OWNER Curious George Gamer Film Purist Tech Geek • 18-32 • 18-32 • 22-40 • 22-40 • Male • Male • Male • Male • Loves indie rock • Loves all music • Loves film soundtracks • Loves Techno • Wishes he had a beard • Wishes he could move out • Wishes he could live in the • Wishes you would stop his mom’s basement movie Avatar invading his online privacy• 5000 Searches Monthly • 600 Searches Monthly • 1000 Searches Monthly • 100 Searches Monthly• Conversion Rate 5% • Conversion Rate 2% • Conversion Rate 0.5% • Conversion Rate 0.2% This data allows you to determine which of your target personas dominates traffic and conversions for a given keyword. For more applications of KLD see:
  28. 28. RESPONSIVEDESIGNWhat Normal Users See What Curious George Sees Curious George • 18-32 • Male • Loves indie rock • Wishes he had a beard Using the FB data user experiences can be tailored dynamically to reflect properties of the persona when they visit. Use social data to improve the user experience and conversion
  29. 29. OBLIGATORY CAT PICTUREUX and SEO are good buddiesnow and they are going places! UX SEO
  30. 30. THANKS! Michael King SEO Manager @iPullRank