Dan Lieberman of SmartThings - Open House: How Open Platforms are Making Our Homes Smarter at SIC2013


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Open House: How Open Platforms are Making Our Homes Smarter

Our homes are smarter than ever before. Everyday objects are being connected to the Internet so we can monitor and control them from anywhere, but the end-user’s experience is fragmented due to closed systems and data silos. Dan Lieberman from SmartThings will talk about how open platforms will drive the growth of the Internet of Things and change the way that we interact with our physical world.

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Dan Lieberman of SmartThings - Open House: How Open Platforms are Making Our Homes Smarter at SIC2013

  1. 1. Open House: How Open Platforms Are Making Our Homes Smarter Dan Lieberman, SmartThings @danlieberman
  2. 2. What is the Internet of Things?
  3. 3. Everything that can be connected to the network will be connected.
  4. 4. The Physical Graph is a virtual representation of the Physical World
  5. 5. It makes the physical world programmable
  6. 6. By just about anyone, not limited to firmware engineers.
  7. 7. What are the key layers of abstraction for the IoT?
  8. 8. One: The Physical Graph
  9. 9. The Physical Graph makes things easy, so we don’t have to know how it REALLY works.
  10. 10. Two: Security & Privacy, Security … more Security
  11. 11. Three: Visibility & Control … of Things
  12. 12. This Instead of This # ask the switch to turn on the light switchDevice.sendZclCommandNoAck(switchPort, switchEndPoint, lightDevice, lightEndPoint, ZCL_CLUSTER_ID_GEN_ON_OFF, ZCL_FRAME_CLIENT_SERVER_DIR, switchEndPoint.onCmd()) livingRoom.Switch1.On() t = Timer(toggleDelay, name = ”On command watchdog") t.start() # we should get a notification alt( [ [ lightPort.RECEIVE(lightEndPoint.mw_incomingZcl(), value = 'incomingZclMsg'), lambda: t.stop() ], [ lightPort.RECEIVE(), lambda: REPEAT ], [ t.TIMEOUT, lambda: stop() ], ]) if value and value('incomingZclMsg')[1]: _msg = value('incomingZclMsg')[1] lightEndPoint.incomingZclCmd(lightPort, lightDevice, _msg[ 'clusterId'], _msg['cmdCode'], _msg['data'])
  13. 13. Four: Discovery & Intelligence – The application of, well, “applications”
  14. 14. Five: Predictability
  15. 15. “Would you like me to close the garage door automatically from now on when you leave?” “Would you like me to order new air filters?” “Shall I turn off the hot tub now?” “Shall I turn off the lights in your store?” “Since you are near the market, did you know that you need milk, eggs, …”
  16. 16. Putting it all together … Predictability Discovery & Intelligence Visibility & Control Security & Privacy Physical Graph Physical World
  17. 17. The landscape today is fractured
  18. 18. Functionality and data are locked in silos
  19. 19. 50 billion devices by 2020
  20. 20. Building Connections
  21. 21. Ad-hoc
  22. 22. Open Ecosystems
  23. 23. Standardization
  24. 24. Open federation standards are the missing link: the Internet of Things needs its SMTP
  25. 25. True interoperability will create user value and drive growth