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  1. 1. HIPPOPOTAMUS By Seattle Hughes Computer Applications
  2. 2. LINKS
  3. 3. What Is The Scientific Name For A Hippo?  Hippopotamus amphibious
  4. 4. RANGE Hippos can be found in the wild on the continent of Africa. They may be found in swampy areas, lakes, rivers, and streams.
  5. 5. • Diet •Grass •Some water plans •When they live in the zoo they are on a herbivore diet.
  6. 6. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION  The Hippopotamus is an animal, with a round body, short, stocky legs, and a large head.  Body is a brownish-gray color on top, and paler on the underside, with pink areas on the face.  Males are usually bigger then females.
  7. 7. BREEDING •One or two baby hippos are born each time. •Weigh for 60-110 pound when born. •Mostly born in water.
  8. 8. SPECIAL BEHAVIOR AND UNIQUE ANATOMY •Aggressive animal •Well-armed •Dangerous •Looks like short cow.
  9. 9. INTERESTING FACT •Third largest animal after an elephant and rhino. •Can weigh up to 3 and a half tons. •4.9 to 7 feet long
  10. 10. Thank you for watching my presentation. I learned a lot about hippos.