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Pilot survey analysis


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a level media pilot survey analysis

Published in: Education
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Pilot survey analysis

  1. 1. Pilot survey analysis The first thing in which our pilot study showed was that the majority of people who took part were female. This showed us that our answers were tailored more from a female target audience, which may show that thriller films may have a more female target audience that first thought. Our surveys question about what the participant’s favourite genre of film showed that the most popular genre was comedy than closely followed by both action and thriller. As result of this we are going to add parts of action to our final piece to be able to better suit are target audience. One of the main improvements that the participants think the survey needs to include is that if they do not like thriller films then there should be different question for them to be answer. This will therefore give us better research as to why they dislike thriller and so we can make are thriller opening more appealing to them. Another improvement to our survey that the participants have commented is to have more multiple choice questions instead of lots of longer written questions. The participants also commented that they would want more options for the multiple choice questions to be able get more specific information regarding things such as what their favourite genre is. My pilot research also showed that the main age range who took part in the survey was found to be aged between 16 and 21. This showed that in order to see what our full target market thinks in the survey we will need to try to encourage more people between 21 and 30 to complete the survey. So it is more realistic data about our target audience.