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Presentation 03 - Plant Tissues


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Presentation 03 - Plant Tissues

  1. 1. Tissues an integrated group of cells with a common structure and function
  2. 2. Plant Tissues n Meristematic tissue: rapid cell division, lengthening of shoots and roots n Dermal tissue: covering for the plant body n Ground tissue: support, photosynthesis, and storage n Vascular tissue: conduction of water, food, and dissolved minerals; strengthens and supports the plant
  3. 3. Meristematic Tissue  cells that do not differentiate  cells retain the ability to divide  Types:  Apical – primary growth at root and shoot tips  Lateral – secondary growth in trees and shrubs  Intercalary – secondary growth in monocot stems
  4. 4. Region of cell differentiation Apical meristem /maturation Region of cell  In shoot tips and elongation root tips  Allium cepa root tip Region of cell division Apical meristem Root cap
  5. 5. Dermal Tissues Epidermis  Single layer of cells called the epidermis in herbaceous plants  Guard cells  Trichomes  Root hairs  Functions  Absorption  Secretion of cuticle  Protection  Control of gas exchange Cuticle
  6. 6. The Ground Tissue System
  7. 7. Parenchyma cells  spherical-shaped cells  found throughout plant  thin primary walls  living, metabolizing tissue  functions:  Photosynthesis & respiration  Storage (starch, oil droplets, water, and salts)  Wound healing & regeneration
  8. 8. Collenchyma  beneath the epidermis in young stems and in large veins of leaves  elongated cells that have unevenly thickened cell walls  alive at maturity  flexible support system  found uniformly throughout the plant
  9. 9. Sclerenchyma  structural support  two types:  fibers – support in wood, bark, leaves, stems  sclereids – protection in fruits, seeds, other plant organs  primary and secondary cell walls.  dead at functional maturity
  10. 10. The Vascular Tissue System
  11. 11. Complex Vascular Tissues  Xylem  Conducts water and dissolved minerals from the roots  Phloem  Conducts dissolved food materials, carbohydrates, in solution  Continuous throughout plant  Support plant body
  12. 12. All 4 types of tissues are present in the root tip
  13. 13. Young dicot stem Young monocot stem