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photobook ~Introduction of my book and application about Titanium Mobile~

Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. Photobook
  2. 2. Profile@SeasonsSQUARE-ENIX Mobile Technical Director- Kobold2D member- ImpactJS,cocos2d,Titanium Mobile
  3. 3. What isTitanium Mobile?
  4. 4. You can make iOS,Android application by using only Javascript!
  5. 5. Powered by Titanium mobile!!
  6. 6. But...
  7. 7. •Understanding about JavaScript•Understanding Titanium•You know, a lot of bad techniques•Better, you can read native code
  8. 8. It is not so easy...
  9. 9. After all, it is good native code programming, if you can.
  10. 10. But i don’t think,,,,,
  11. 11. Only use titanium mobile,Only use pure javascript.....
  12. 12. I made Photobook.Powered by titanium mobile!!
  13. 13. Demo Designed by inami dai. (dddartwax)i’m planning demo movie on youtube. Please wait.
  14. 14. Repeat.Only Pure JavaScript. Only. Not use module. This is most important.
  15. 15. Free application! Only App Store.
  16. 16. 3000 lines javascript.
  17. 17. Source code isopen-source on github. Sorry, in preparation now.
  18. 18. In addition!!
  19. 19. Writing the book about making of this application!!You can make same application! First, Japanese book. Planing translate it into english.
  20. 20. Continuing writing...I’m very very sorry.
  21. 21. Please looking forward to publish them.