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Why a Single Handle Kitchen Faucet Is The Best Choice For Nearly All Kitchens


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Why a Single Handle Kitchen Faucet Is The Best Choice For Nearly All Kitchens

  1. 1. Why a Single Handle Kitchen Faucet Is The Best Choice ForNearly All KitchensToday it has become a norm because of the ease of operation, possibility to do that with onehand and the elegant look both when the handle is integrated on the what is the best kitchenfaucet body or installed separately.Smart technologies assist the handle back to the off position thus eliminating the possibility ofdripping.Operation with one hand is a lot more convenient than with two. So you can have one handfree for other tasks. In fact, the single handle faucets are also time-savers due to the ease ofoperation. They are easily serviceable and repairable if a problem occurs. For most kitchenfaucets canada models, spare parts are easy to find and replace.Families with young children will benefit from using single handle faucets because they areeasier for the children to learn, and they will learn sooner how to get the water they need,without asking parents. It is also much less likely that they will leave the water runningbecause it is much easier to turn the water off with the single lever handle than it is withdouble handle faucets.Faucets with pull-down function usually come with single handle operation. You can hold thespray head with one hand and adjust the flow with the other. If you compare that with what atwo-handle faucet would take, you will clearly see the difference.But now, if there are so many advantages in having a single handle kitchen faucet, why dopeople ever choose a double one? There are some specific situations when double handlesare preferred. One example is a period style kitchen where faucets need to match theinterior. Another reason is the variety of the available shapes. Double handles can becrosses, knobs, levers or even some advanced shapes while the single handle usuallycomes as a lever.Some argue that two handles allow for greater precision, and that was true in the early daysof single handle faucets. But today it is no longer an issue. The assertion that double handlefaucets save water more efficiently has no substance, either.The big question though is usually not about features. It is important to know how reliable thefaucet is and how well will it serve. How can we find it out?The safest way is to choose a faucet model with already established popularity. Onlinevendors usually include user feedback and ratings on their sites, and those are helpful if youwant to find a popular faucet. I have seen this information particularly well presented onAmazon store. Here you can sort the faucets by popularity, find the bestselling ones,
  2. 2. compare the ratings, read comments and get a lot of useful information about the parametersand features.On the bestsellers list, you will find mainly faucets with single handle operation. It shows howpopular they have become during the recent decades. If there are more than a hundredusers that give the faucet 4 stars and up, then you can know for certain that the one you arelooking at is a high quality item. You can now decide whether you what to order the faucetdirectly from the online vendor or go to your local store.