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HToo Thit Fish Feed Company


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Slides from a presentation @Inclusive Agribusiness Southeast Asia Roundtable September 23-24 2015, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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HToo Thit Fish Feed Company

  1. 1. Htoo Thit Fish Feed Company Clemens Grunbuhel, AIT
  2. 2. Company background • Family company that produces and supplies fish feed to fish farmers • Company founded in 2003, as an expansion of Ngwe Sar Pe Le Company that owns fish farms and processes and sells fish • Production is four times higher than 2003 • Currently servicing 20,000 acres of fish farms in Ayeyarwaddy Delta
  3. 3. Inclusive mechanism • Different sales channels; large farms through contract; small farms from distributed sales network • Farmers can buy on credit, and are then obliged to sell fish to parent company • Adaptive approach for farmers with reliable reasons for debt default (eg climate related) • Company supports farmers by offering extension services and seminars, to customers and others • Supports basic education and housing for staff
  4. 4. Dynamics of inclusiveness • Flexible payment options provide access to quality input product • Purchase of input gives farmers stable access to markets through parent company • HT’s research and networks providing more economically viable production – eg floating pellets, improved species for international markets • Knowledge transfer on fish nutrition and growth improves and shapes the industry
  5. 5. Scaling and policy • HT has international network for technology development and extension; proposing to establish a research centre • Support for education of staff, student training and provision of scholarships benefits the company, producers and the industry • No policy or external financial support
  6. 6. Suggestions for participants • One-stop-shop approach creates trust with clients • Constant optimisation & innovation of new products responds to client needs