Sea-Shield 2012 Catalog


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Sea-Shield Premium Yacht Detailing Products

Full line of products and detailing accessories.

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Sea-Shield 2012 Catalog

  1. 1. The SEA-SHIELD® brand of products has been developedover the years by experienced professionals and crewworking within the boating and yachting industry.Our focus is to provide a line of products that clean faster,polish better and protect longer than any other products intheir class.We here at SEA-SHIELD® believe that our customersshould be out enjoying their boat not spending a lot oftime maintaining their boat.
  2. 2. Catalog 2012
  3. 3. • Extremely Concentrated• Safely Cleans all surfaces• Easy to rinse formula• Won’t remove waxSea-Shield® Boat Soap creates volumes of suds, yet rinses away in seconds withoutleaving a film.This amazing boat wash is so gentle it won’t remove even the most delicate waxes,and it instantly improves the high gloss shine of Sea-Shield® Coatings.Sea-Shield® Boat Soap is hyper-concentrated. One Gallon is enough product toproduce up to 400 gallons of wash solution with suds that won’t quit until the washis complete.• Removes stains due to engine exhaust• Cleans gel coat, paint, rubber and teak• Cleans stains on nonskid surfaces• Also cleans buffing pads This product is exceptional for those tough cleaning jobs where soap and water just can’t get the job done. This ready-to-use formula is ideal for removing stains from a variety of surfaces such as paint, gel coat, vinyl, rubber, hypalon, plastics, fabrics, woods, etc. Catalog 2012
  4. 4. • Great for new paint• Prepares surface for wax/coating• Safely cleans paint, gelcoat, acrylic and clear vinyl• Easy wipe offSea-Shield® Surface Prep is a fine, non-abrasive product that deeply cleans andlusters paint and clear plastic surfaces.It smooths away swirl marks, removes water spots, reduces fine scratches, andincreases overall paint gloss.As it cleans, Sea-Shield® Surface Prep leaves behind a special primer designed topromote proper bonding of Sea-Shield® Nano Coating protection or other sealants.Using Sea-Shield® Surface Prep greatly enhances and extends the life of Sea-Shield®coatings.• Removes rust and corrosion stains• No hard rubbing or scrubbing required• Spray-Gel formula reduces runs Sea-Shield® Rust Stain Remover quickly and easily eliminates stains on fiberglass and paint. It is a concentrated spray gel solution manufactured from ingredients chosen for their bio-biodegradability and their compatibility with the environment. Specially formulated and extremely effective at removing the stains around stainless steel fittings, waterlines, and exhaust areas. Catalog 2012
  5. 5. • Mildew disappears!• No scrubbing formula• Safe for use on vinyl/hypalonSea-Shield® Mildew Eliminator is a professional strength formula that removesmildew on contact.Even the toughest stains are no match for Sea-Shield® Mildew Eliminator.Amazing results can be seen after 30 seconds of product penetration. Catalog 2012
  6. 6. Catalog 2012
  7. 7. • Compounds and polishes have more working time• Great on heavily oxidized surfaces• Helps prevent damage to paint and gel coatLubrication to pro-long the life and working time of Sea-Shield® compounds andother brands as well. Excellent on areas of vessel that are heavily oxidized and needmore wheel time to produce better results. Use in any situation that normalcompounds and polishes dry out too quickly, such as on warm surfaces, full sun,high winds, chalky surfaces etc.• Removes heavy scratches and oxidation• Removes 1500 grit sandpaper marks• Breaks down evenly for uniform finish Sea-Shield® Heavy Cut #1 removes heavily oxidized and damaged surfaces on paint and gel coat. It can also be used to remove 1500# grit sandpaper scratches. Uniform compounding beads break down while polishing to reduce swirl marks and micro scratches. Follow with Sea-Shield® Cut & Polish #2 and Sea-Shield® Swirl Remover #3 to restore surface to like-new condition. Catalog 2012
  8. 8. • Removes light scratches and chalk residue• Restores oxidized surfaces• Removes heavy compound marksThis compound was designed to remove heavy oxidation, moderate scratches, andmedium chalk residue from both painted and gel coat surfaces.Follow with Sea-Shield® Swirl Remover #3 to restore gloss. Used by professionalslooking to restore dull gel coat/paint. For very dry gel coat add Sea-Shield® BuffingLube for better results.• Removes light oxidation• Completely erases swirl marks• Brings back the ultimate luster Sea-Shield® Swirl Remover #3 is an exceptional polish designed to remove light oxidation, fine scratches, light chalk, and light swirl marks from both paint and gel coat surfaces. Catalog 2012
  9. 9. • Removes light scratches• Produces wet shine• Brings back the clarity of the surface• Easy-to-use formulaSea-Shield® Final Polish is a one-step polish that restores paint, gel coat and acrylic.This product uses nanotechnology and microscopic particles to safely clean andpolish paint to a perfect optical finish and a high-gloss shine.No need to fill in the scratches and swirls with thick waxes, because there are none.As a final step, apply Sea-Shield® Exhaust Guard for that final ultimate shine andprotection.• Removes 2000 grit scratches• Restores original finish• Provides brilliant shine Sea-Shield® Metal Polish is a liquid rouge that quickly removes oxidation, rust and scratches and restores a brilliant shine to dulled stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and chrome. For best results use in combination with a Sea-Shield® Soft Felt Pad. This ammonia-free formula wipes on and off with little effort. For long-lasting protection, apply Sea-Shield® Nano Coating. Catalog 2012
  10. 10. TM• Crystal Clear results• Leaves a perfectly prepped surface for glass coatings• Removes etched in water spots• Eliminates all micro-scratchesSea-Shield® Glass Polish is the most advanced glass polish available on the market.A completely water based solution, it can be used to remove hard water spots, lightscratches, and stains providing a clean and prepped surface for the Sea-ShieldNano Glass Protection System or any other glass protection. Catalog 2012
  11. 11. Glass SurfacesSea-Shield provides the best glass polishing ceriumand coating system of its type for all your glass needs.Sea-Shield Glass Polishing Cerium restores glass to a“like new” condition by using special techniques andtools to remove hairline scratches and swirls causedby faulty prior cleaning methods. We believe that aglass surface should be crystal clear and free ofcontamination.We further provide Sea Shield Glass Coating, a unique,cutting edge window coating that chemically bondsto your glass providing and extremely durablehydrophobic effect that will last up to two years! Metal Surfaces Sea-Shield understands the intense care it takes to maintain stainless steel and aluminum on a yacht that is why we put together our line, to reduce the amount of time you spend polishing. Sea-Shield Metal polish and accessories give you the tools to help bring back that new finish when other products fail to do so. Sea-Shield Nano Coating gives you the long lasting protection (up to 6 months!) you need so that rust stains and corrosion don’t come back and dramatically reduce the amount of times you polish in a year.Plastic SurfacesSea-Shield provides cleaning and restorationproducts for Acrylics, Corian, and Polycarbonate(Lexan) surfaces or any plastic surfaces.Whether removing scratches or contamination,Sea-Shield produces outstanding results byproviding top-of-the-line products.Improve the visibility of your clear plasticsurface by using Sea-Shield!
  12. 12. Catalog 2012
  13. 13. Strong UV Protection with Advanced Hydrophobic Wax• Multi-surface coating• Extreme UV protection• Hyper-concentrated• Very water repellantSea-Shield® Nano Coating is the longest-lasting protection you can apply to youryacht or boat, works on a variety of surfaces including, but not limited to paint, gelcoat, stainless steel, vinyl, leather, rubber, hypalon, Isinglass, and acrylic surfaces.This product takes minutes to apply to a clean and dry surface. Simply wipe on andwipe off.• Protects against engine exhaust and black streaks• Last months with a single coating• Fast and easy application Synthetic Hydrophobic Wax• Seals and protects paint, gel coat, hypalon, rubber and plastics This product is a powerful polymer-based surface sealant designed to seal and protect finishes from black streaks, engine exhaust, industrial fallout, acid rain, saltwater and UV rays. It seals and protects paint, gel coat, hypalon, rubber and hard plastic surfaces. Catalog 2012
  14. 14. • Cleanser and Wax spray• Refreshes Sea-Shield Coatings• Add to Boat Soap for wax booster• UV Protection/Water RepellentSea-Shield® Nano Fresh is a water-based environmentally-friendly cleaner /surfaceprotecting product that contains no petroleum distillates.Because it is water-repellent it helps protect against both pollution and dirt adhesion.Sea-Shield® Nano Fresh works on most surfaces, and is an excellent cleaner/protectionbooster spray for surfaces that have been coated bySea-Shield® Nano Coating, Sea-Shield® Exhaust Guard and Sea-Shield® Cleaner Wax.• Safely cleans and protects hard surfaces• Leaves a smooth, shiny finish Non Abrasive• Wipes off easy Exhaust Guard Wax Technology Sea-Shield® Cleaner Wax is a one step product that cleans, polishes, and protects paint, gel coat and plastic. Our Cleaner Wax is a simple -to-use ,“all-in-one” product that shines and protects while removing surface corrosion, water spots, exhaust residue, light scratches and swirl marks. Sea-Shield® Cleaner Wax should be used prior to Sea-Shield® Nano Fresh. Catalog 2012
  15. 15. Gelcoat SurfacesSea-Shield specializes in the restoration andprotection of Gelcoat finishes. Being thicker andharder than paint, there are many ways toremove oxidation from Gelcoat finishes andbring back the original shine. Properlymaintaining your Gelcoat finish is one of themost important aspects of yacht maintenance.We work with and sell only the highest quality,most durable and environmentally friendlycompounds, polishes and Nanotechnologycoatings available. Technology is alwayschanging and improving. Sea-Shield stays atthe front of the pack by choosing to work withcutting-edge Nanotechnology products as partof our core line of protective coatings. Ourbuffing process is scratch and swirl free – we useinnovative tools found in the aeronauticalindustry which have consistently producedoutstanding results year after year. Paint Surfaces Sea-Shield understands the care needed to keep your yacht looking great and keeping it protected from the harsh saltwater environment. Special care is required to restore and protect yacht paint. Repainting is an option, but an expensive and time consuming one. Sea-Shield provides the best polishing and coating products in the marine industry to restore your paint to a like new condition and protect it. By researching different yacht paints and the nanotechnology industries we have developed new micro polishes and nano-polymer coatings that go well beyond our competitors.
  16. 16. Catalog 2012
  17. 17. Sea-Shield Applicator Sponge• Easy to grip• Applies sealants thinly & evenly• WashableThe easiest to use microfiber pad for applying Sea Shield coatings. Thelarge surface allows for faster application and the microfiber materialprovides an even coating.Sea-Shield Sealing Pad The Sea-Shield Black Sealing Pad used with Sea Shield Exhaust Guard or any other sealant is the final step to a flawless finish using the Sea Shield Polishing System! The Sea-Shield Sealing Pad is a Velcro back foam pad that offers safe, thin and even application of your favorite wax, sealant or protectant. Your paint/gel coat is sealed and safe from damage• Applies sealants thinly & evenly due to salt, exhaust, detergents, and• Very soft environmental factors while maintaining a rich,• Will not scratch or leave any glossy shine! marks• Safe for all painted & gel coat finishes Sea-Shield Clay Sponge• Removes overspray and other bonded contaminants• Use with Sea-Shield Nano Fresh The Sea-Shield Clay sponge is the ultimate replacementclay bar for the marine environment. Made of closed cellfoam, (It floats!), is easy to grip and use. The thin rubber-ized clay surface lasts a long time and is able to be wipedoff if it gets contaminated, unlike traditional clay bars.Used with Sea-Shield Nano Fresh it not only removesoverspray and contaminants but cleans the surface andprovides a protective coating. Catalog 2012
  18. 18. Wipeout Eraser with The WipeOut Eraser uses powerful nanofiber technology to offer a fast and effective solution for tough marine handle/Refills cleaning. The new larger size of the WipeOut Eraser and its reusable handle make it comfortable to use even in large areas. Use with Sea-Shield MPC to remove deep stains and scuff marks! Made in Germany, the WipeOut Eraser with Velcro handle and available refills offers convenience and flexibility. Pkg of 2 Scratches and swirls on the surface of a boat are Sea-Shield Professional caused by improper boat washings. Dirt and grit Bucket Insert from the boat’s surface are trapped in mitts and brushes. The Grit Guard Insert keeps dirt and other contaminants away from your wash mitt or brush. Grit Guard is a wash bucket grate system that prevents your brushes, sponges and wash mitt from reaching the bottom of the bucket where the grit in the wash water settles.Sea-Shield Blond Boar • Hand MadeBrush We found a brush company that went on a quest to find the worlds finest boars bristle. What they found was a luxurious blonde boar hair that posses ideal qualities for boat and yacht care. Were proud to bring you the results of their quest, the worlds finest Blonde Boars Hair Wash Brushes. Rugged, yet silky smooth, these blonde bristles stand up to repeated use while retaining a feather-soft -Sea-Shield Boar Brush Blond 7 in. texture. -Sea-Shield Boar Brush Blond 10 in.• Super tight lid for heavy compounds Sea-Shield Clear Squeeze Bottle• Long lasting-will not become brittle Sea-Shield Clear Squeeze, 16 oz. /24 Whether you are mixing product for application or transferring it from a larger container, the Sea-Shield Squeeze Bottle is invaluable. This 16 ounce bottle allows you to measure out the amount of product required controlling costs and preventing waste. The Clear Squeeze Dispenser is also a great solution for mixing additives to products per use. Additives such as Sea-Shield Buffing Lube should be mixed as needed. And application of product is easy with the Clear Squeeze Dispenser, simply shake product and squeeze a small amount on applicator, buffing pad, or surface to be worked. Great for compounds, polishes and sealants. Catalog 2012
  19. 19. Sea-ShieldApplicator Pad • Machine Washable • Excellent for hand application • Quality microfiber material Excellent for applying Sea Shield coatings. Microfiber material provides a thorough and even coating of product. Perfect size for applying in hard to reach places, small areas and stainless rails. 2 pack Sea-Shield Applicator Mop 15” base Velcro backMicrofiber Applicator Mop is designed to cleanand apply Sea Shield Coatings to large surfacesBenefits:Velcro Backing for easy on/off of Sea Shield MopPadsThreaded adapter for use with traditional orsnap-on extension poles.Sea-Shield Mop Applicator Pads Replacement applicator mops specially designed to clean and apply Sea-Shield Coatings to large surfaces.Pkg/2 Sea-Shield Glass & Window Microfiber Towel• Provides Streak-Free Shine 16x16 inch, Green, Rounded Edges, Pkg/4.• Removes Smudges• Deep Cleans• No SheddingThe Sea-Shield Glass Microfiber Towel provides the bestway of cleaning glass. The fibers are specificallyformulated to deep clean glass and remove smudges andstreaks quickly and easily.Use with water, or with your favorite glass cleaningproducts. Catalog 2012
  20. 20. Sea-Shield Microfiber Towel, • Scratch Free • No Shedding16x16 inch, Blue • Deep Cleaning • Use for all your Polishing or Cleaning needs Our Sea-Shield Microfiber Towels are big, soft, easy-to-use and very gentle on your vessels paint, gel coat or interior surfaces. We use very soft, high quality microfibers that don’t cause scratches yet are durable enough to be washed repeatedly and still maintain thatPkg/10 - Pkg/50 soft, scratch free texture. • Perfect for new paint Sea-Shield Deluxe Microfiber Towel • Great for clear Acrylics 16x16 inch, Gold w/ Black Trim, Pkg 2 • No shedding Our Sea-Shield Microfiber Towels are big, soft, easy-to-use and very gentle on your vesselss paint, gelcoat or interior surfaces. Sea-Shield Hand Polishing Ideal for use on stainless steel and aluminum, bring out the brilliance of bright work by hand.Use with Soft Felt your preferred metal polish or with Sea-Shield Metal Pkg/6 Pkg/ 12 Polish and buff away tarnish, scratches, and other minor surface imperfections. You will be amazed at the level of shine that can be achieved by hand! After polishing, protect your stainless steel and aluminum surfaces with a high quality sealant to maintain the renewed shine and prevent deterioration from exposure to elements. Sea-Shield Glass Restoration Felt Polishing Disc • Highest quality felt in the marine industry • Great for Glass and Stainless Steel Sea-Shield Glass Restoration Felt Polishing Discs are equipped with a hook and loop backing that attaches securely to Sea-Shield velcro backing plates. Polishing by machine reduces the time and effort spent removing light scratches, water spots 4 inch od x 1/4 inch thread and stains from glass. Use with Sea-Shield Glass 6 inch od x 1/4 inch thread Polish for optimum results. Catalog 2012
  21. 21. Sea-Shield Backing Plate5/16 Threads Velcro Back The Sea-Shield Backing Plate has a 5.5 inch diameter and makes changing pads easy. Simply attach backing plate to your dual-action polisher and the velcro back design will hold all of your 6 inch pads. Changing pads is as easy as pulling one off and attaching another. No need to fuss with tools to attach a new pad. Save time and keep5/16-24 Threads, 3.5 inch moving through the detailing/sanding process.5/16-24 Threads, 5 inch5/16-24 Threads, 6 inch5/8-11 Threads, 7 inch• Removes swirl marks Sea-Shield Final Finishing Pad• Provides final polish 4 inch / 6 inch Pad, Orange• Machine WashableUse with polishes or WaxesProvides brilliant shine on paint and gelcoat surfacesThe worlds first pre-polymer final finish pad.Applies super-thin films of sealant for fast removal!The Sea-Shield Final Finish Pad is an advanced pad for applying finepolishes, glazes and waxes. New pre-polymer foam technologyallows the pad to be used at higher speeds to achieve outstandingfinal gloss with low polish or wax residue.Sea-Shield Sealing Pad • Applies sealants thinly & evenly • Very soft • Will not scratch The Sea Shield Black Sealing Pad used with Sea Shield Exhaust Guard is the final step to a flawless finish using the Sea Shield Polishing System! The Sea Shield Sealing Pad is a velcro back foam pad that offers safe, thin and even application of your favorite wax, sealant or protectant. Your paint/gel coat is sealed and safe from damage due to salt, exhaust, detergents, and environmental factors while maintaining a rich, glossy6 inch, Black shine! Sea Shield Double Sided Pad Adaptor 5/8 ThreadFor use with double sided polishing padsHex shapeLow thread count for flush mountEasy on/easy off Catalog 2012
  22. 22. • Nylon/Wool fibers for Heavy DutySea-Shield Heavy Cutting Pad Compounding9 inch • High Density for even Cutting • Extra Thick for Longer Life • 1.5 inch pile Embedded oxidation is no match for the Sea Shield Heavy Cutting Pad!. Using the Sea Shield Heavy Cutting Pad on your rotary buffer in combination with a heavy paint/gelcoat compound will effectively remove embedded oxidation and more serious scratches and defects. The 1.5 inch pile of 50/50 blend fibers is specifically designed for use on paints and gelcoats. Renewing the finish of your vessel renews its appearance and maintains its value. Sea-Shield White Cut & Polish Pad• High density wool for even polishing 9 inch• 1.25 inch wool pile• Extra thick for longer life• Great for moderate to heavy polishingThe new standard for compound polishing the Sea Shield Cut &Polish Pad provides maximum density and top quality wool forlonger life and even polishing. The extra thick 1.25 in.Pile provides additional protection on the edge of pad.Sea-Shield Yellow Polishing Pad • Soft Wool fibers for finish polishing • 1.50 inch wool pile • Extra Thick for longer life • High Density wool for even polishing • Double sided 9 inch diameter with 1.25 inch wool pile that effectively removes light oxidation and swirls while enhancing gloss.9 inchCombines benefits of abrasive cloth and non-wovenproducts. Constructed with a fabric face, foam center, Sea-Shield Sanding Disc 1000 / 2000 / 4000, Pkg/10and a grip backing. Abrasive grains are bonded evenlyto the fabric face. Openings in the fabric allow water,solvent and air to flow freely around the abrasive toprevent overheating. Works especially well whensanding contoured surfaces, corners and sharp edges.Open cell design holds large amounts of water forlubrication and cooling. Foam center also provides foreven surface pressure that helps eliminate unevenmarks when hand sanding. Use with paint, gel coat,acrylic, metal, etc. Catalog 2012
  23. 23. HOW TO’S &