LOGIC MODEL Worksheet: BJ’S Empowering the Future
INPUTS                                     OUTPUTS                                                      OUTCOMES – IMPACT
Situation Statement: 2-3 sentences describing the issue or problem to be addressed

Risky sexual behavior has been a treme...
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Sears Logic Model


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Sears Logic Model

  1. 1. LOGIC MODEL Worksheet: BJ’S Empowering the Future
  2. 2. INPUTS OUTPUTS OUTCOMES – IMPACT Activities Participation Short Medium Longer term What we invest What we do Who is reached, Why they Short-term changes Medium term changes Long-term will be engaged we expect we expect changes we expect Sexual outcomes LONG TERM INPUTS ACTIVITIES PARTICIPATION SHORT OUTCOME MEDIUM OUTCOME OUTCOME • • • Sex Outcome Financial Health Care Authentic Sexual Literacy, Youth knowledge, Healthy members Resources professionals will will consist of the facts Youth recognize Attitude, and behavior of Society with -Public enlighten youth about about sex, actual photos of and understand about sex has changed decreased -Federal the importance of safe the effects of sexual Sexually numbers of new -Private sex, abstinence, and transmitted diseases, sex Transmitted Youth are able to make cases of Sexually extensive knowledge terminology and the Disease Conscious Decisions by Transmitted about sex meaning of oral and anal either practicing diseases and • Community sex through myth busters Youth are familiar abstinence by saying infections, also • Involvement DCF will help youth in which is an activity that with sex “NO”, using decreased teen -Agencies seeks to distinguish hear need of resources such terminology and the contraceptives, or pregnancy -Community Centers say from facts as sexual literacy, meaning of sex frequently practicing safe -Department of mentors, quality parent sex Children and Family • involvement, etc. by Educational Peer mentoring and referring them to the Outcome Youth improve in counseling program which program • Parents and youth have Education, Staff and consist of college students Parents begin to built an exceptional Academic, and Volunteers and volunteers focusing on • Parents and Guardians understand and parent-child bond Career -Mentors motivating youth to be a -receive professional help establish emotional Achievement -Counselors success by cultivating with techniques to build bonds with youth Youth use mentors as a -Being a positive -College Volunteers mentor bonds, being a positive relationships with support system by valuing role model for positive role model children in order to their opinion and looking other troubled understand and emotionally Barriers are broken for their approval about youth • bond with their children Parental Guidance between youth and any issues concerning Education are courses mentors a comfort their development • Youth from all ethnic offered to parents to help zone has become backgrounds: them with techniques to customary Youth academics have emotionally strengthen their -can gain a support system improved with mentors/ volunteers of parent-child bonds Youth begin to - Academic Acceleration the program value school and - Improved grades - receive the Progressive • education -Significant Increase in Job Training, a professional Grant the program offers class participation/ club designed to educate -Participate in activities Youth obtain attendance in school youth on global issues in such as Social, Recreation, professional skills the job market, discussions and Cultural Health for interviewing and Youth apply learned job on communication skills an understanding of skills to their lives to and interview skills, how to • Youth will be the job market model the interview skills be polite and how to motivated because obtained, apply to college, produce a successful -They will build a strong etc. interview bond with the staff -Receive a progressive Youth begin working to • grant after completion of obtain their ideal career Progressive grant will be the program administered to help youth transition into college, trade school, or the job market after they have
  3. 3. Situation Statement: 2-3 sentences describing the issue or problem to be addressed Risky sexual behavior has been a tremendous problem for our youth from increased teen pregnancy to new cases of sexually transmitted diseases; all have been on the rise and are much more prevalent in America then other countries. Our goal is to educate youth about sexual literacy in hopes of decreasing youth engaging in risky sexual behavior. According to the Center for Diseases Control, (2007) “approximately 48% of high school student’s reported having sexual intercourse and 15% of high school students have had four or more partners during their life.” As a society, we must establish a productive and cohesive program to raise awareness and decrease youth’s risky sexual behavior. ASSUMPTIONS: What assumptions are you making in your model? What would have to be true for your model to work? 1) That youth from all ethnic backgrounds will participate and be open to applying the skills of our program. 2) Community centers, Department Of Children and Families, and existing programs will network with us and tell us what works for their programs and the things their programs are insufficient on and how we could implement effective policies into our program. Established Organizations have to be receptive to their shortcomings and willing to discuss ways of making progress for effective programs and our youth. 3) We are assuming that parents want to build constructive child relationships and that they will make time to learn the skills to implement a positive parent-child relationship. Parents will have to be eager to participate and accessible for the workshops and willing to apply the skills learned. BARRIERS/CHALLENGES: What barriers or challenges will you have to overcome? What would make it difficult to achieve your outcomes? 1) Seeking parental Invovelment is a barrier that our program may face with some parents being the primary breadwinner or single parents. If parents are single parents or the primary breadwinners of the household they may not be able to give their child the attention and guidance they need. 2) Building up trust to ensure participants that leaders are passionate and concerned about their well being is a barrier that our program may face. It will be difficult to develop support systems and gain the trust of strangers, for a program to be effective participants and leaders will have to gain mutual trust. 3) Becoming a reputable program is a barrier that our program will face being that it is a new program and we are establishing crediabilty. It is diffcult to obtain the respect from exsiting programs and participants considering the number of participants in their programs may choose to decline there membership in hopes of learning something pertinent .