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A few years ago talk in the travel trade was of “unpackaging” the Package Holiday. However the Package Holiday has evolved & is fighting back with Package holiday searches increasing by +2% YoY from August 2011 to August 2012.

Read our latest white paper which explains this change and how you can make the most of it.

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Package Holiday White Paper

  1. 1. A White Paper from Search StarThe Package Holiday Sector September 2012
  2. 2. About UsSearch Star was set up in 2005 as one of the first specialist PPC agencies in the UK.• We do 100% Pay Per Click (PPC) and we do it extremely well. We do not do SEO. We do not do affiliate.• We combine expert knowledge with a passion for sales & leads to deliver unbeatable PPC to happy clients.• Results are reported as frequently as required coherently & transparently.• We’re based in the centre of Bath and work for results driven clients across the UK
  3. 3. Package Holiday Search Trends *Google Insights for Search, Sept 12 This trend is largely generated by price. 39% of searches include the Package holidays keyword ‘cheap’, with a are rising in large proportion of searchers using other popularity once price-related terminology such as ‘deal’ & ‘bargain’. again. Searches ‘All inclusive’ package are up +2% YoY holidays are also popular. Again, this is thanks to thefrom August 2011 all-inclusive price allowing to August 2012*. searchers to effectively budget, particularly in the Euro zone. Microsoft Advertising Intelligence Data, August 2012
  4. 4. Top Terms The statistics above are all based on position 1 Go for the mid and long-tail. Build up a and broad match. Longer search strings tailored, keyword specific Group similar keywords containing more specifics list of negatives. Use together in a granular Broad match is brilliant generate a higher CTR (1.9% Google’s keyword tool campaign and ad group for targeting the ‘16% of vs. 1.6% in this example) for and search query reports structure. Most package daily queries on Google a much lower CPC (£12.39 (AdWords >> Campaignsholiday accounts have at that have never been vs. £14.71). Searchers using mid and long-tail terms are >> Keywords >> Keywordleast 50 ad groups. Some seen before’*. Include generally further into the Details) to find irrelevant have thousands, each the broad match buying cycle so are more terms. Use -exact, -one containing just a few modifying +sign before likely to convert. Google ”phrase” and –[broad]closely related keywords crucial keywords for also love relevancy, and will matching on your and highly targeted ads. lower average CPC with reward you with lower CPCs negatives to filter quality scores equivalent and higher ad positions. effectively. to exact match. * Think with Google
  5. 5. Top 10 Locations Spain remains the number 1 Notably, Greek holiday resorts are Dalaman in Turkey and New York destination for British holiday missing from the top 10 list this are both destinations on the rise. makers. This is thanks to the year. A slash in VAT on holiday Both provide year-round attraction number of beds, good weather, a accommodation & ferries may help with plenty of cheap, last-minutestrong tourist infrastructure and of Greece’s tourism industry to bounce deals in the market. course,low cost. back from the debt crisis.
  6. 6. Structuring your AccountThe top 5 package holiday campaign must-haves: 1. Set up accounts on all search engines - Google, plus the Yahoo! Bing Network. • The current average CPC for package holiday keywords on the Bing/Yahoo! network is £0.50 compared to £16.05 on Google! • The current average CTR for these terms is also much higher on the Bing/Yahoo! Network - 9.16% compared to just 1.6% on Google. 2. Use geographical targeting to reach the areas that are going to yield the best ROI for your package holiday company (AdWords >> Campaigns >> Settings). 3. If you’re going to capitalise on the reach of Google’s display network, set up a completely separate campaign. There are many benefits to be had from remarketing, contextual and keyword marketing, but they need to be run, managed and optimised in a completely different way from search network advertising. With the display network, always use site exclusion. This removes high-click, low yield partner sites from the display network. Go to networks >> show details and check & remove all underperforming sites. 4. Do the same for mobile campaigns. Mobile search has grown 400% in the past 12 months* and 15% of UK Smartphone owners have ‘awareness of advertising on smartphones’*. Copy your mobile campaign, run it separately and keep on top of this emerging market. 5. Link to the right landing pages - test whether deep or category links work best for your site. This will reduce bounce rates, increase dwell time and lead to improved sales. * Think with Google
  7. 7. Writing effective PPC adsGet the basics right: Include the If you’re bidding keyword on shorter tail Use correct terms, considerspelling, punct using persuasiveuation, gramm language to encourage ar & searchers away capitalisation Use trust- Ad scheduling from what they related thought they Include as on Google language, such were looking formuch detail as AdWords as allows PPC (e.g. ‘cheap possible Filter out non- ‘experts’, ‘speci advertisers to package Use calls to Have at least 3 converters by alists’ & set different holidays’) to you action ads per ad Cost is king so being as ‘ATOL/ABTA bids for (‘3* package group. Test include it specific as holidays’)Include special protected’. different days different where you can. possible, e.g. offers This is of the week messages. More Check prices ‘5 star hotels and different important in than 5 ads per are competitive only’. hours of the today’s ad group can first. Qualifiers also day. If your economic dilute your data. work well for business is climate with this. closed on travel weekends, you companies can pause your susceptible to ads. collapse. * Think with Google
  8. 8. Tracking Implement Google AdWords Conversion Google Analytics has a longer default Tracking (AdWords >> Tools & Analysis cookie length of 6 months. Google Analytics >>Conversions). This piece of code on your is also the best place to analyse conversion page will allow analysis of engagement – you can see page views, time campaigns, ad groups, keywords, ads and on site and bounce rate for every single search queries that resulted in specific keyword. You may find terms that aren’tcustomer actions. The only con is the 30 day performing well in terms of conversions, but cookie length, which means that if a are still generating strong engagement. This searcher returns to your site after 30 software also allows you to track non-PPC days, the conversion won’t be attributed to traffic sources, including social media. the PPC keyword.
  9. 9. Demographics • The best PPC accounts target the right audience. Package holiday searches are dominated by women (65.6%). • The key demographic are also aged between 35 and 64. These are likely to be searchers with families and with a loyalty to traditional package holidays. • If your business is targeted to these demographics, consider uplifting bids for this audience. Microsoft Advertising Intelligence Data, August 2012
  10. 10. Next StepsA decent PPC campaign takes patience, commitment and time. It’s nolonger profitable to adopt a ‘set it and forget it’ attitude. Return to youraccount regularly and optimise, optimise, optimise:• Run search query reports (AdWords >> Campaigns >> Keywords >> Keyword Details) to find the phrase and broad matched search queries for your keywords. Add any relevant ones with decent click levels to your account. Use the irrelevant search queries as negatives.• Use Google Insights for Search to find breakout searches – those which have increased in popularity by at least 40%. These should have low competition and therefore low CPCs.• Run an ad group report. Ad groups with large click volumes might need splitting out. Also analyse ad groups with high CPCs and low CTRs. You may need to rework ads to boost relevancy.• Analyse your tracking data regularly. Update everything from landing pages to your social media to improve conversions and engagement. *Google Insights for Search, August 12• Keep up-to-date with the latest algorithmic and product updates. Search engines are constantly striving to provide their audience with better results, and you’ll need to do the same.• Be aware of seasonality. January is the key month for travel. Ensure you have enough budget, seasonal ads and the right keywords to capitalise.• ‘Two line sitelinks increase click-through rates by more than 30% compared to standard AdWords ads’*. Sitelinks are brilliant for helping users to quickly navigate your site. This is an automated process, but Webmaster Tools allows you some control.• And lastly, please get in touch with us if you need any further assistance.
  11. 11. Contact Us