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SEO in a Universally Personalized SERP World Pubcon NOLA 2013

Now that search results are "personalized" for each individual searcher, how does a business approach SEO? What are the best methods to focus on and what things should they avoid?

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SEO in a Universally Personalized SERP World Pubcon NOLA 2013

  1. 1. SEO in a UniversallyPersonalized SERP WorldPresented by:David WallaceCEO/Founder - SearchRank@DavidWallace
  2. 2. Personalized Search = My Search@DavidWallace
  3. 3. Personalized Search = My Search@DavidWallace
  4. 4. On-Page SEO Still FoundationalBasic On-Page SEO Best PracticesEven though SEO is now multi-faceted and can include a myriad of elements, onpage SEO is the foundation.- Keyword Research- Title Tag- Meta Data- Headers- Image Alt Attributes- Anchor Text in Links- Canonical- HTML- Etc.@DavidWallace
  5. 5. @DavidWallaceImage source:
  6. 6. Content MarketingA strategic content marketing strategy will help cover all aspects of today’spersonalized universal search (i.e., web pages, images, video, social, etc.)• Blog Posts / Articles still work but need images• How To’s / Tutorials• White Papers• Video• Infographics• Interactive Infographics / Video Infographics@DavidWallace
  7. 7. Content Marketing + Social PushGood content is invisible unless accompanied with social media marketingPost Level Tips:• Make sure social media voting buttons are present• Incorporate thumbnail to show up on Facebook and Google + posts• For infographics, include “embed this” code
  8. 8. Content Marketing + Social PushGood content is invisible unless accompanied with social media marketingSocial Media Outreach:• Establish strong presences on Facebook, Google +, Twitter & Pinterest• Contests, promos, giveaways and the like to build your following• Push content via these social media accounts• Use unique descriptions for each site@DavidWallace
  9. 9. InfographicsInfographics Archives/Directories• Infographic Journal –• Cool Infographics -• InfographicsArchive -• Infographic Site Dot Com -• Submit Infographics -• The Infographics Showcase - ($100)Additional Sites –
  10. 10. Which Social Media Sites?These are the essential social sites where your content should be distributed.• Facebook - Utilize “Promote This Post”• Twitter - Consider morning, afternoon and evening tweets for same content• Google + - Because it’s Google dammit!• Pinterest - If good images are present• YouTube - For video content• Others - StumbleUpon (Paid Discovery), Tumblr, LinkedIn, SlideshareBesides these, seek out social media sites that fit your content and audience.@DavidWallace
  11. 11. Video: Cool Knife Tricks@DavidWallace
  12. 12. Infographic: Knife Throwing Records@DavidWallace
  13. 13. Infographic: Barcode Scanners@DavidWallace16 Facebook Likes69 Google +s136 Tweets1,484 Stumbles
  14. 14. Infographic: QR Codes@DavidWallace156 Facebook Likes41 Google +s185 Tweets1,352 Stumbles
  15. 15. Infographic: How Animals See@DavidWallacePublished April 2012 (1 year ago)Still # 1 visited piece of content on Infographic Journal65 inbound links to date
  16. 16. Infographic: B.A.C.@DavidWallace
  17. 17. Page Speed• Minimize HTTP requests• CSS design (avoid nested tables)• Externally locate CSS and JavaScript• Place style sheets towards top of html• Place scripts towards bottom of html• Reduce DNS lookups• Make AJAX cacheable• Don’t scale images in html• Make favicon.ico small and cacheable• For Wordpress sites - make sure theme & plug-ins are not slowingdown site. Use P3 – Plugin Performance Profiler@DavidWallace
  18. 18. Key Takeaways• Traditional On-Page SEO foundational to success• Use Content Marketing Strategy to cover all aspects of personalized universalsearch (i.e., web pages, images, video, social, etc.)• Good content that nobody sees is not good content at all. Make sure youhave an effective social media marketing strategy in place for your content.• If a user thinks your web site is slow, so will a search engine. Optimize forpage speed.@DavidWallace
  19. 19. Thank You!David