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Convergence of Social & Search - PubCon Vegas 2012


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Impacting Your Search Visibility Using Social Media

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Convergence of Social & Search - PubCon Vegas 2012

  1. 1. Convergence of Social & SearchImpacting Your Search Visibility Using Social Media Image Source: Presented by: David Wallace CEO/Founder - SearchRank @DavidWallace
  2. 2. Search Marketing Used To Be EasyThe Early Days Title tags, meta tags, header tags, content, & image alt attributes did the job! It didn’t take a genius to perform SEO! Image Courtesy of Walt Disney Company @DavidWallace
  3. 3. Birth of Google & PageRankAddition of Google Birth and prominent growth of Google necessitated the need for inbound links. Link Building industry is born! Image Source: @DavidWallace
  4. 4. From Links To Social SignalsGoogle Trying To Be Facebook Now that Google wants to be a social site, social signals are an integral part of their search algorithm (Google+, SPYW). @DavidWallace
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  17. 17. Where Are We Now?On-Page SEO + Link Building + Content Marketing = Success• On-Page Optimization (SEO) & Link Building are still essential ingredients, however they alone are often not enough.• Google moving away from PageRank & focusing on social signals makes Content Marketing via Social Media another essential ingredient.• Content Marketing Examples - Resourceful Posts (Top 10s, How-Tos, etc.) - Guest Posts - Memes - White Papers - Videos - Infographics @DavidWallace
  18. 18. Infographic MarketingWhile a relatively new term to Internet marketing, infographics have been usedthroughout history, even dating back to the cavemen. Image Source: @DavidWallace
  19. 19. It All Starts With a Great IdeaEvery great piece of content has to have its origin in the quality of an idea! @DavidWallace
  20. 20. Ideas – Time SensitiveImage Source: @DavidWallace
  21. 21. Ideas – ResourcefulImage Source: @DavidWallace
  22. 22. Ideas – Entertaining Image Source: @DavidWallace
  23. 23. Ideas – HistoricalImage Source: @DavidWallace
  24. 24. Back It Up With ResearchOnce you have a great idea in place, it’s time to gather the research. Depending on the nature of the piece, your research may contain• Historical Facts• Current Data/Trends• Creative Ideas Make sure you list citations! @DavidWallace
  25. 25. Make Sure She’s Pretty A good idea is crucial, but how it looks is not far behind in importance.• Do you want your Infographic to stretch horizontally or vertically?• Will you display a smaller version of it or crop a section out?• Make sure format loads relatively quickly (.bmp, .png and .tiff bad idea) Image Source: @DavidWallace
  26. 26. Image Source:
  27. 27. Image Source:
  28. 28. Promoting InfographicsHow and Where?• The general nature of the piece will determine which social networks it will do best on.• Share on Facebook & Twitter; consider utilizing Facebook Ads & Sponsored Tweets.• Use StumbleUpon Paid Discovery to draw more attention to your Infographic.• If content is interesting, time-sensitive or controversial, it should do well on Reddit.• Set up and post to Pinterest, Tumblr and accounts.• Send an optimized press release via online PR sites such as MarketWire & PRWeb.• Utilize dozens of bookmarking sites including Infographic sites (next slide).• Having a large network of followers (influential status) will help promotion efforts.• If you lack influence, it might be wise to hire someone who does to share content.• Include an “Embed This Code!” ( @DavidWallace
  29. 29. Promoting InfographicsInfographics Archives/Directories• Infographic Journal –• - (self-serving)• Cool Infographics -• InfographicsArchive -• Infographic Site Dot Com -• Submit Infographics -• OMGInfographics -• The Infographics Showcase - ($100) Additional Sites – @DavidWallace
  30. 30. Measure For SuccessMeasure 3-4 Weeks After Publishing• Use Google Analytics or similar to see how many people visited the Infographic, learn where they came from and even discover what they did after landing on the page.• Utilize backlink checkers such as Raven Tools’ Backlink Explorer and SEOmoz’s Open Site Explorer to discover who has linked back to the piece.• Finally you’ll want to see how the content did on the most popular social networks. How many Stumbles did it earn? How many retweets or Facebook shares? How many times was it “re-pinned?” @DavidWallace
  31. 31. Case Study - Barcodes• Over 1,400 Stumbles• Over 100 Tweets; 100 Google+• Over 900 inbound links to date• Ranks # 3 for “how barcode scanners work” @DavidWallace
  32. 32. Case Study – QR Codes• Over 1,300 Stumbles• Over 185 Tweets; 150+ Facebook Shares• Almost 800 inbound links to date @DavidWallace
  33. 33. Case Study – Infographic Journal @DavidWallace
  34. 34. Case Study – Infographic Journal @DavidWallace
  35. 35. Case Study – Infographic Journal @DavidWallace
  36. 36. Key Takeaways• Social signals are now integral to the ranking algorithm. SEO and link building are still essential but you need social signals as well!• Infographics are one of many effective content marketing strategies that can earn social signals.• Infographics that are well thought out, well designed and marketed aggressively can do very well across multiple social platforms.• If you have yet to establish a social media presence on all the major sites, what are you waiting for? @DavidWallace
  37. 37. Thank You!David Wallace @DavidWallace SearchRank SearchRank Download This Presentation at: @DavidWallace