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Jack of all Trades, Master of One - Marco Barra


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A presentation about T-shaped marketing, the ability to evolve and adapt to rapid changes within the marketing industry. Thus allowing us to provide greater value to our clients, a key component in differentiating from competitors.

Published in: Marketing
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Jack of all Trades, Master of One - Marco Barra

  1. 1. Jack Of ALL Trades... ...Master Of ‘ONE’! Providing More Value Through T-Shaped Marketing
  2. 2. Notepad DEVELOPER Marketing CONSULTAN T
  3. 3. A Typical BUSINESS
  4. 4. Options in 2019
  5. 5. Become EXPERTS Option Option OptionOption Option Option Option Option Option
  6. 6. Even More CHOICE
  7. 7. Knowledge Graph Rich Snippets Optimisation Rankings Long Tail No-follow Title Tags Links PERCEPTION REALITY
  8. 8. Attract More CUSTOMERS To The STORE
  9. 9. For a better view ZOOM-OUT O
  10. 10. Technology INNOVATION VALUE Service Costs Data Sales Automation
  11. 11. ~150 ( 2011 ) ~7,000 ( 2019 )
  12. 12. BREADTH Vs DEPTH TExpertise Disciplines
  14. 14. Embrace POSITIVE MINDSETS
  15. 15. Never Stop LEARNING Identify Suitable Learning Resources Run Your Own Website*
  16. 16. I Hope I’ve Done Enough To Inspire You To Become a ... Jack Of All Trades, Master of ONE! Thank You For Listening!