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Black hat SEO - Craig Campbell - SearchNorwich 2


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Find out how blackhat SEOs are still dominating Google in 2018.

Google has a set of ‘Webmaster Guidelines’ which lay out the rules of engagement for SEO. Of course, it’s completely up to you if you choose to obey them or not. This sessions explores the techniques and tactics that ‘blackhat’ SEOs are using in 2018 and beating Google at its own game.

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Black hat SEO - Craig Campbell - SearchNorwich 2

  1. 1. @craigcampbell03 1
  2. 2. @craigcampbell03 Craig Campbell 2 Hi there! Im Craig based in Glasgow, Scotland. I’ve been in the SEO industry 17 years, starting out as a freelancer in my bedroom to building up my own digital agency. Craig Campbell, SEO Trainer & Consultant
  3. 3. @craigcampbell03 Training and Events 3 BrightonSEO SMXL Milan SEMRush Chiang Mai SEO Conference
  4. 4. @craigcampbell03 My SEO Career 4 1 year in-house 3 years Freelancing 9 years as an Agency 4 years as I am
  5. 5. @craigcampbell03 Which hat do successful SEO’s wear 5 The white hat vs black hat is a debate thats been ongoing for many years. White Hat vs Black Hat
  6. 6. @craigcampbell03 What is White Hat SEO 6 01 What is White Hat Ethical SEO, Ethical Practices, Huge Budgets Big brands, PR Teams, Big Budgets Small Budgets wont stretch that far
  7. 7. @craigcampbell03 What is Black Hat SEO 7 02 Black Hat SEO Spammers, using automation and any type of tactic to get quick wins Scrapebox GSA PBNS & Expired Domains thrown up in minutes Spun Content Trashy Links Cheap gigs on Fiverr All low quality work
  8. 8. @craigcampbell03 Successful SEO’s Don’t Label Themselves 8 03 ROI Hat, Money Hat ✓ Silly to label yourself as white or black hat ✓ One of Googles main ranking signals is link building ✓ There is a difference between being clever and being spammy
  9. 9. @craigcampbell03 Myth’s 9 Black Hat SEO Tooth Fairy Santa Claus
  10. 10. @craigcampbell03 10
  11. 11. Traffic Boners So if PBN’s are done properly you will get a nice uplift in traffic as some of the examples show, but thats if you use PBN’s as part of an overall marketing strategy.
  12. 12. simplicity template explore the world of simplicity
  13. 13. @craigcampbell03 13
  14. 14. @craigcampbell03 14
  15. 15. @craigcampbell03 Time is Money 15 •Rankings •Traffic •Conversions Clients are too nosey •What links are you building? •I read this somewhere why are you not doing this? •Clients believe in Santa, The Tooth Fairy and White Hat SEO Report on what you need to to clients
  16. 16. @craigcampbell03 16
  17. 17. Delegation You don’t have to be involved in every single process in your business, delegation is key. Outsource If you want to work at scale, outsource the grunt work to a virtual assistant. Use Automation Where possible use automation, we are in the 21st century its time to use technology.
  18. 18. What is a PBN Its a private blog network, websites are designed and used as link building assets to rank other websites. Sites that are there to manipulate the search engines.
  19. 19. @craigcampbell03 Do PBN’s Work? 19
  20. 20. @craigcampbell03 PBN Structure 20
  21. 21. @craigcampbell03 Juicing Up Links 21
  22. 22. @craigcampbell03 22
  23. 23. @craigcampbell03 Careful what you read online 23
  24. 24. @craigcampbell03 CTR Manipulation Works 24 Tried and tested Time on site CTR Keep it Natural Looking
  25. 25. @craigcampbell03 25
  26. 26. @craigcampbell03 26
  27. 27. @craigcampbell03 27
  28. 28. @craigcampbell03 28
  29. 29. @craigcampbell03 Google Map Listing 29 Offering a Free audit and getting access to search console, analytics, map listing. Free Audit So I don’t a basic site audit and gave some suggestions. Do Some Checks Use a URL shortener for your affiliate link. URL Shortener Place your affiliate link in the place of the website. Place in Map Listing
  30. 30. @craigcampbell03 30
  31. 31. @craigcampbell03 31
  32. 32. @craigcampbell03 32
  33. 33. @craigcampbell03 Fact or Fiction 78% of Facts on the internet are unverified ? 33
  34. 34. @craigcampbell03 Lies = Amazing SEO 34 Tell lots of lies and you might actually get somewhere.
  35. 35. @craigcampbell03 35
  36. 36. @craigcampbell03 36
  37. 37. @craigcampbell03 Lies 37 Make up a bullshit case study Make up stats and data Ask the webmaster to update stats and data
  38. 38. @craigcampbell03 Nobody verifies anything 38 01 Reach Out Tell them you done the case study previously and ask them to update the stats and data and place a link. 03 Link gets placed People will never ask for proof, they simply change the stats, graphs and link and go about their daily business. 02 Lazy Webmasters 9/10 times people don’t check anything, they probably don’t even read what you have sent. 04 Rinse and Repeat Go about telling lies to anyone who will listen, its a great link building strategy.
  39. 39. @craigcampbell03 RSS Feed Trick 39 Sign up to a bunch of RSS feeds Sign up to blogs or any other type of RSS feeds that you like to read up on and potentially want to take content from. Get a custom made tool You can easily get someone to make a custom made tool that will pull the RSS feed data in and alert you when something is published out there. Copy & Paste and Send to an indexing tool Simply copy and paste the content, add it to your PBN or website and send it to an indexing tool and get your version crawled and indexed first.
  40. 40. @craigcampbell03 40 Linkedin Automation Reach out to bloggers, interns or anyone else that you can get links from. Outreach Bulk Add People Mass Message
  41. 41. @craigcampbell03 41
  42. 42. Beer break for me Thanks for watching
  43. 43. thank you.
  44. 44. @craigcampbell03 How to contact me 44 @craigcampbell03 Linkedin Facebook craig@craigcampbellse