Video Saved the Marketing Star: Amping Up Search with Video Content


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Did you know videos rank 41% better than text content in search engines, and YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world? Video content presents marketers with an incredible opportunity to reach and engage with prospective customers in a whole new way – and in a mobile world, this opportunity cannot be ignored.

In this webinar, Janet Driscoll Miller, President & CEO of Search Mojo, and Jessica Davidson, Account Manager at Search Mojo, will show you why you should be including video as part of your content and search marketing strategy, and share with you some useful ideas for leveraging video.

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  • Also use regular Sitemaps for your blogs and website. Search Mojo new blog entries are indexed and within Google in less than a minute!
  • Video Saved the Marketing Star: Amping Up Search with Video Content

    1. 1. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | VIDEO SAVED THE MARKETING STAR: AMPING UP SEARCH WITH VIDEO CONTENT Janet Driscoll Miller President and CEO Jessica Davidson, Account Manager December 6, 2012
    2. 2. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | ABOUT MARKETING MOJO • Search engine marketing firm founded in 2005 › Search engine optimization (SEO) › Pay-per-click advertising management (PPC) › Social media advertising › Online reputation management • Headquartered in Charlottesville, Va • Featured in the Washington Post, B2B Magazine, MarketingSherpa, Visibility Magazine and many blogs • Speakers at SMX Advanced, SMX Social, PubCon, MarketingProfs, and more
    3. 3. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | OUR CLIENTS
    4. 4. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | ORGANIC SEARCH AND VIDEO
    5. 5. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | VIDEO IN SEARCH RESULTS • Search results are becoming more “blended” • Videos differentiate your page in search results
    6. 6. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | VIDEO PERFORMS WELL ORGANICALLY Videos are 53 times more likely to generate a 1st page Google ranking. Videos receive a 41% higher CTR on search results than text content.
    7. 7. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | VIDEO HOSTING OPTIONS MATTER Type Examples Benefits Enterprise Hosting Privately hosted, provide detailed video analytics, ability to gate your video content Video Sharing Sites Free, wide exposure, videos can be indexed
    8. 8. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | WHY YOUTUBE? • Put your video on YouTube AND your website › Both can rank › Greater visibility › 2nd largest search engine › YouTube offers benefits to non- profits • Not considered duplicate content as of now • Vimeo & Slideshare rank well too
    9. 9. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | VIDEO THUMBNAILS IN ORGANIC SEARCH • Get video thumbnails ranking by creating video rich snippets › • Benefits of video thumbnails in search results › Differentiates your page from others › Greater CTR’s
    10. 10. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | RICH SNIPPETS FOR VIDEO • › Signal to search engines that a certain page is about a particular item › Tell search engines about the video » Some content required to be marked up » Marked up content must be readable – cannot be hidden › Won’t improve rankings
    11. 11. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | GETTING VIDEO INDEXED • XML video Sitemap or mRSS feed help engines know: › Where videos reside › More info about each video • Won’t improve ranking, but may improve indexing frequency • Provides additional info to engines, such as length of video
    12. 12. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | CASE STUDY: PETROCHEM Timefram e Organi c Search Traffic Pages Ranked in Top 10 30 days 335% 5/10 80 days 889% 9/10 For keywords for which Google offers video results, any given video in the index stands about a 50 times better chance of appearing on the first page of results than any given text page in the index. - Forrester
    13. 13. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | ALSO CONSIDER FOR ECOMMERCE • Zappos • Product attributes, how to use the product • Put the video on the product page • Doesn’t have to be elaborate • Helps differentiate your product in search Shopping site visitors who watch a video are 64% more likely to buy than those who don’t.
    14. 14. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | CAUTION: AUTHORSHIP HICCUPS • Google looks for the word “by” followed by a name on pages › Automatically can add authorship to a page › Overrides other schema › Will show up as video using testing tool
    15. 15. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | PAID SEARCH AND VIDEO
    16. 16. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | VIDEO ADS • Video ad options available in Google AdWords and LinkedIn › Google: Only available on content network › LinkedIn: Available for both self-serve and LinkedIn Marketing Solutions
    17. 17. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | VIDEO ON LANDING PAGES • Try video on landing pages • Basic rules: › Don’t set the video to “auto-play.” › Use the video as your “hero shot.” › Use video that delivers on your promise. › Ensure optimal load times. › Test various elements of the video where possible. » Ex: length of video (where do people abandon?) › Use Google Analytics to measure success.
    18. 18. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | CASE STUDY 1: VIDEO OFFER VS. WHITEPAPER OFFER Video Conversions White Paper Conversions NumberofConversions Video Landing Page Test - Conversions
    19. 19. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | CASE STUDY 2: VIDEO TESTIMONIAL VS. CASE STUDY
    20. 20. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | DON’T ASSUME -- TEST • Not all video is created equal › Content › Length › Speaker › Load time
    21. 21. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | VIDEO ANALYTICS
    22. 22. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | MEASURING ORGANIC SUCCESS • Rankings of pages with video • Indexed video pages • Traffic to video pages from organic
    23. 23. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | MEASURING SUCCESS FROM PAID • Conversions on video landing pages › Use Google Analytics Experiments for A|B testing
    24. 24. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | EVENT TRACKING • Track video interaction and other information › Play › Pause › Stop › Downloads › Player type • Track certain actions as goals • Another reason to avoid auto-play: mucks with bounce rate
    25. 25. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | WHY VIDEO IS HARD TO TEST • Not as “flexible” as HTML or text-based content › Often takes special skills to edit • Each video is different • Video is the medium, just as a web page is a medium › Content, imagery, etc. all still apply
    26. 26. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | WHAT’S NEXT? • Interested in hearing more about Marketing Mojo’s services? • Reach out to Janet & start a conversation! 800-939-5938 x101
    27. 27. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | CONTACT Janet Driscoll Miller 800-939-5938 x101 Google+: +Janet Driscoll Miller Twitter: @janetdmiller