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State of Google Marketing for Nonprofits and Associations


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If you’re involved in marketing for a nonprofit or association, you may already be aware of the advertising opportunities Google has for nonprofits, including AdWords and YouTube. In the past year, there have been many changes to these programs that organizations need to be aware of. In addition, Google’s recent search engine updates could create potential pitfalls on the SEO side for many content-creating associations.

During this webinar, Search Mojo’s Janet Driscoll Miller will take you through the current state of Google marketing for nonprofits, providing you with updates to Google’s nonprofit programs and how you can take advantage of them, as well as information to help you understand how your site may be affected by Google updates.

What You'll Learn:
* Recent updates to Google’s search algorithm that could affect your website rankings
* Changes to the Google Grants program and how they affect your ability to qualify for free advertising grants
* How nonprofits and associations can take advantage of YouTube for Nonprofits and the power of video content marketing

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State of Google Marketing for Nonprofits and Associations

  1. 1. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | STATE OF GOOGLE MARKETING FOR NONPROFITS AND ASSOCIATIONS Janet Miller, President & CEO Marketing Mojo
  2. 2. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | TODAY’S PRESENTER Janet Driscoll Miller, President and CEO, Marketing Mojo Follow on Twitter: @janetdmiller
  3. 3. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | ABOUT MARKETING MOJO • Search engine marketing firm founded in 2005 › Search engine optimization (SEO) › Pay-per-click advertising management (PPC) › Social media advertising › Online reputation management • Headquartered in Charlottesville, VA › Office in Charleston, SC • Featured in the Washington Post, B2B Magazine, MarketingSherpa, Visibility Magazine and many blogs • Speakers at SMX Advanced, MarketingProfs, PubCon and more
  4. 4. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | OUR CLIENTS
  5. 5. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | ORGANIC SEARCH
  6. 6. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | KEYWORD RESEARCH • Google free keyword tool being retired • Options: › Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool › WordStream › SEOBook Keyword Tool › SEMRush
  7. 7. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | LINK BUILDING • Major changes from Google recently › Avoid using press releases for link building • Focus efforts on building good content
  8. 8. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | DUPLICATE CONTENT You Duplicating Content • Avoid copying content from other websites o Copyright infringement o Can hurt your site or the other site in Google Others Duplicating Your Content • Publishers are often the target of others “lifting” their content o Can hurt your site or the other site in Google
  9. 9. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | PROTECT YOUR CONTENT! • Put a copyright notice on each page of the site • Monitor regularly for duplicate copies › CopySentry › Scan Google for lines of content in quotes • Formulate a plan for copied content • Assign authorship
  10. 10. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | GOOGLE AUTHORSHIP
  11. 11. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | AUTHORSHIP BENEFITS 68.90% 23.30% Control: No Rich Snippets 1st Result 2nd Result 3rd Result 4th Result 40.20% 23.70% 28.90% 7.20% Authorship Snippet
  12. 12. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | IMPLEMENTING AUTHORSHIP • It all starts with Google+ • Image from Google+ profile is your author image on Google results • Make sure all authors in your organization have a Google+ profile
  13. 13. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | MEASUREMENT • Set up goals in Google Analytics • Traffic drops from Google organic may indicate duplicate content issues
  14. 14. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | PAID SEARCH
  15. 15. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | GOOGLE FOR NON-PROFITS • Provides programs/resources for 501(c)(3) non profits › • Incorporates: › Google Grant ($10k/month in AdWords credits) › Google Apps for Nonprofits › YouTube for Nonprofits › OneToday by Google (mobile fundraising platform) › Google Earth Outreach Grants • If outside US & UK, see country-specific: ›
  16. 16. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | RETARGETING • Shows ads to those that have visited your website/landing page before › Display › YouTube › Search • Consider creative ways to use it
  17. 17. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | CONTACT Janet Driscoll Miller Google+: +Janet Driscoll Miller Twitter: @janetdmiller