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Online Marketing Institute: Harnessing the Power of Social Media and Retarteting


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In case you didn't catch Janet Driscoll Miller's webinar with OMI in September, here's the presentation where she discusses how you can harness the power of information from social media to enhance your retargeting efforts.

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Online Marketing Institute: Harnessing the Power of Social Media and Retarteting

  1. 1. Harnessing the Power ofSocial Media and Retargeting Janet Driscoll Miller CEO and PRESIDENT, Search Mojo
  2. 2. About Me• 14 years in search marketing• President and CEO of Search Mojo• Online Marketing Summit, SMX, Pubcon and others• Search Insider and other blogs
  3. 3. Agenda• Why Social?• Social Advertising – Options – Benefits – Challenges• Social Logins• Harnessing Social via Retargeting
  4. 4. Why Social?• Offers what search often lacks – High level of demographic targeting Facebook LinkedIn Likes Industry Gender Gender Status Update Title and/or Function Geographic Region Geographic Region School Company Size Age Seniority Level
  5. 5. Social Advertising
  6. 6. • 46.1% increase in ad growth*• Revenue estimated at 226 million* *eMarketer
  7. 7. LinkedIn Marketing Solution• Display and social ads• Dedicated LinkedIn account manager• Minimum spend = $25,000/3 months• Guaranteed inventory and delivery• Cost per impression (CPM)• As low as $25 CPL
  8. 8. Display/Social ads
  9. 9. Self-Serve Ads• Text Ads with Small Image• No Minimum Spend• Cost per Impression OR Cost per Click• As low as $13 CPL
  10. 10. Self-Serve Text Ads
  11. 11. Things to Note• Company vs. Personal Account• Ad Day based on GMT – No option for day parting – For ET, starts next day at 7PM
  12. 12. Targeting
  13. 13. Search LinkedIn Suggest• Search Alpha patterns [keyword] a, [keyword] b, [keyword] c, etc. to find new job titles and groups
  14. 14. Look at Recommended Similar Titles
  15. 15. Setting Up an Ad Campaign • Headline: 25 characters • Body: 75 characters • Image: 50x50 pixels
  16. 16. Lead Collection• People who click your ads have the option to request contact• Notified by email of request for more info
  17. 17. Challenges• Text Ads need to be rotated frequently• Display and Social ads need to be planned very far in advance for LinkedIn Account Manager• Consider testing offers – Limited time offers seem to drive more clicks
  18. 18. • Over 800 million active Facebook users• Expected 2012 revenue from ads: $5.74 billion *eMarketer
  19. 19. Types of Ads• Social Ads – Ads that point to a location in Facebook – Includes “Sponsored Story” ads• Non-social Ads – Ads that point to a location outside of Facebook• For either: pay by impression or by click
  20. 20. Social Ad Non-Social Ad
  21. 21. Incredibly Specific Targeting
  22. 22. Incredibly Specific Targeting
  23. 23. Incredibly Specific Targeting
  24. 24. Incredibly Specific Targeting
  25. 25. Targeting Tips• Consider similar interests – Example: moms with small kids • Brands they may like: – Gymboree – Little Gym – Fisher-Price – Example: people who want “green” products • Brands they may like: – Whole Foods • Other “likes”: – Organic food – Organic gardening – Recycling
  26. 26. Challenges• It’s not Google AdWords.• Often low CTR. – Don’t expect what you get in search ads.• Social ads often outperform non-social ads. – Remember your goals!
  27. 27. Social Logins
  28. 28. Marketing Wall• Benefits – Gain more leads from content resources – Get more information from existing leads• Challenge – More form fields = lower conversion – Can be a barrier to content sharing
  29. 29. Solution: Social Login• Use Facebook or LinkedIn as a login option using OpenGraph protocol• Benefits: – Fast signup – Likely leads to higher conversion – Learn additional information (demographics) – Spam reduction
  30. 30. Social Login• Tools:• Can also be done with Twitter and Facebook – Twitter has less demographic info
  31. 31. Retargeting toSocial Ad Respondents
  32. 32. Why Social Ads?
  33. 33. What Is Retargeting?• Form of display advertising• Available through Google as “Remarketing”• Serves ads to previous visitors – Landing page or website visitors – Allows us to “recycle” those clicks that do not immediately convert
  34. 34. What Is Retargeting? User visits a web page Google AdWords retargeting cookie added to Google user Retargeting ads show to user over many sites
  35. 35. Social w/RetargetingAd targeted towards Landing page, focused dog lovers on dog products User clicks on social ad Google Mark User Responds to Offer Retargeting ads person as (Fills out form) focused on dogs dog lover show to user User Does Not Respond to Offer (Doesn’t fill out form)
  36. 36. Nurture Personas Google Retargeting User Does ads focused Not Respond on dogs to Offer show to user (Doesn’t fill Person out form) Nurture with dog-marked as relateddog lover emails, landing pages and messages User Responds to Offer (Fills out form)
  37. 37. Key Takeaways• Social provides demographic data that search often cannot.• Social ad targeting can be very specific.• Social login helps gain more data and leads to higher quality signups.• Harnessing this social data leads to more effective retargeting ads.
  38. 38. Contact Information• Janet Driscoll Miller•• 800-939-5938 x101• LinkedIn:• Twitter: @janetdmiller• Facebook:• Google+: Janet Driscoll Miller
  39. 39. Thank