10 Killer Hacks for Remarketing Success


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  • Insert Scott’s Info here.
  • Sarah
  • If you’ve ever looked at a dress at an online boutique and then saw ads for it popping up as you browse other sites – that’s remarketing
    Characteristics such as the brand name, category ID, product name….
  • Scott
  • Whether you work for or own an ecommerce site, you know that increasing revenue and decreasing cost is critical to success. Thankfully, Google has once again created a service that makes it cheaper and easier to target consumers that are most likely to purchase your product. Helping you decrease your advertising costs and hopefully increase your revenue. I am of course talking about dynamic remarketing for Google AdWords and it is a must for any B2C ecommerce site. It was recently released out of beta this past summer. While general Google AdWords remarketing certainly isn’t a new method of advertising to consumers, dynamic remarketing is relatively a new product offering from Google that makes it that much easier and cost effective for product specific remarketing. Google has stated that click through rates were as much as a 450% higher for dynamic remarketing campaigns when compared to campaigns that did not use dynamic remarketing their remarketing purposes.

    Product specific remarketing in the past required you to manually create unique remarketing audiences and ads for each one of your products. While this that might be simple for a site with a couple dozen products, most ecommerce sites have hundreds if not thousands of products. Creating audiences and ads for all those products would be time consuming, costly, and might drive you insane.

    Dynamic remarketing can be used to automate this process allowing you to show product specific remarketing ads to users who visited your website. Dynamic remarketing uses your Google Merchant Center Feed to identity the important elements that go into creating each dynamic ad. So the first step in prepping your site for dynamic remarketing is setting up a Google Merchant Center and uploading a product directory feed that matches the specifications provided by Google, more information about this can be found at google support

    So moving on then, dynamic remarketing allows you to easily deliver high relevant ads to specific areas of your site visitors. For example, you can target users who viewed specific products or groups of products and you can also opt to remarket to users who added items to their shopping cart, but then abandoned and you can even remarket to them the specific products that were in their cart when the left your site.

    While dynamic remarketing ads sound good they will only be as good as your product feed that you upload into your Google Merchant Center.
  • The your product feed is where Google gets all the information to create your dynamic remarketing ads. Therefore, good data in your product feed will increase your chance of Google creating more relevant and attractive ads. Also if you feed contains errors or missing fields it will limit the number of products that are eligible to be shown in dynamic remarketing ads.

    Here are the top things that you should consider optimizing or editing within your merchant feed prior to launching dynamic remarketing. First, ensure the product IDs in your merchant feed actually match the product ID on the dynamic remarketing code on your site, as if they do not match on the product pages then Google has no way of telling which dynamic ad to serve with each product page view. Make sure your product titles in your feed match the ones on your site and if they are quite long then truncate them to make them for viewer friendly for the ads. The same can be said for your product descriptions as some dynamic ad layouts which I will discuss more in my next slide do contain product descriptions. Next please ensure your feed contains the correct price for your products this may seem simple but important, as Google will penalize you if the prices on your site do not match the prices in the feed you upload to the merchant center. Lastly, and mostly importantly make sure you have high quality images in your feed. The product image is the main feature of the dynamic remarketing ads, so Google suggests that you images are at least 800 pixels in height and width. I would suggest to take some time and invest in some really nice eye catching product image shots that will appeal to searchers. This will hopefully increase the click-through-rate on your ad and will the increased click you ultimately should receive more sales.

    Next, I will go into the finer points of the dynamic remarketing ads themselves.

  • Here are two variations of the dynamic remarketing ads. As you can see here these variations contain product price, title, and product image.

    However, ad layouts do come in over 20 variations and in 10 different sizes. From minimal views that only show your product images to more complex layouts such as the revolving carousel layout which is on the right. This expansive number of layout and sizes helps ensure your ads will show on the most number of placements on website throughout the Google Display Network. If you prefer that your ad does not show in a certain layout, for example say you don’t like the minimalist view you can chose to show your ad in only other layouts; however, the default and my personal recommended option is to have Google chose which layout and size to show itself. This will allow your ads be shown in more placements across Google’s display network, and how knows maybe the minimalist view that you originally disliked is actually your highest converting ad.

    Now Sarah will talk about remarketing more in general and some strategies behind it.
  • Sarah
  • Can build more than one list, one with a shorter duration, one with a bigger duration
    Anniversaried sales events, holiday promotions, popular prdoucts…
  • Sarah
  • New feature from Google
    Can also upload images
  • Works well on a PDF
  • Sarah
  • - Extremely targeted audience
  • You’re selling winter coats….
  • Sarah
  • So traditional search advertising on networks like Google AdWords and Bing Ads can be expensive and very competitive within B2B industries. For example, keywords within the IT industry on the AdWords search network such as “IT monitoring” can fetch $19 per click, and that will just get your foot in the door. You can expect to pay much higher to see any results in terms of click volume and ultimately, leads.

    One solution, then is to avoid the competitive and expensive search network for B2B products, and instead opt to advertise on display networks. While display networks such as Google provide complex interest, topic, placement, and contextual targeting, these targeting options do often fall short in capturing the truly niche markets that many B2B marketers want to target. Therefore, what display platform is currently allows marketers to accurately advertise to niche B2B audiences? The answer seems to be LinkedIn.

  • So how do you use LinkedIn to build a robust B2B remarketing list?

    Well first off, LinkedIn is THE social network for professionals to network, post jobs, and show off their resume. This mass of professional information about each individual user allows LinkedIn to give some truly niche targeting options to advertisers. The major targeting options include targeting LinkedIn users by company (or industry), company size, job title, job function, seniority, skills, and groups.

    So now that you can target your ad to your niche B2B market, how do you reach them (almost) anywhere?

    Next, simply add the proper remarketing code to your landing page that you are sending your LinkedIn ads to, so can begin building remarketing lists. These lists will contain the users that have designated themselves as your target market through their LinkedIn profile and activity. By adding AdWords and AdRoll remarketing code to that landing page, you will soon be able to advertise on the expansive display networks of Google AdWords and AdRoll (which includes Facebook).

    Then, you can set back and watch the remarketing clicks and hopefully sales come in.

    All in all, remarketed users have a much higher awareness of your company and its products/services when compared to a non-remarketed users. This is exactly the point of niche B2B advertising: to only show your ads to your target market, then have remarketing ads follow them across the web to help keep them aware of your company. Through your remarketing ads, you can offer them whitepapers and webinars to nurture them and show your company’s thought leadership, or even promote your services and hopefully in time these multiple touches will finally result in a sale.

    But using your remarketing lists doesn't need to end on display networks…
  • Scott
  • You can now use your remarketing lists on search advertising through Google AdWords.

    It is called RLSA (Remarketing Lists for Search Advertising). It effectively gives you the option to bid higher or only show your keyword-triggered ads to searchers already contained within your remarketing audience helping you avoid irrelevant search traffic.

    For example: that IT professional that you targeted on LinkedIn, who then clicked on your LinkedIn ad, which took him to your remarketing-coded landing page, who was then retargeted on Facebook, and also remarketed to on a popular IT cloud monitoring website, will now have a much higher chance of seeing your search ad on Google when he types in “IT monitoring”, because of the bid multiplier on your RLSA campaign.

  • Scott
  • RLSAs can also be set up to exclude advertising to current users of your product or service. For example, if you build a remarketing list for all the users who login into your product page or subscription service you can then exclude from bidding on those users’ search queries on the Google search network. This will allow you to save quite a bit a money by avoiding advertising to users who are actually current consumers of your product who search on your brand or product keywords just to find the product login page.

    Now Sarah will go into more detail about RLSA.
  • Sarah
  • Scott
  • Both Google and Facebook have recently announced efforts to more or less consolidate remarketing platforms. Google’s DoubleClick subsidiary will soon join the Facebook exchange, which is Facebook’s platform that allows advertisers such as AdRoll to show remarketed ads to users on Facebook. This potentially means in the future AdWords which is also a Google product will have access to Facebook for display advertising and remarketing to users on Facebook. Or maybe AdWords will gain access to the demographic targeting available in Facebook, which does seem unlikely, but however unlikely it is still exciting from an advertisers point of view, but a little scary from a user point of view.

    This consolidate would make it even easier for marketers to truly remarket to users across the webpage and on some of the most popular websites.
  • Kari
  • 10 Killer Hacks for Remarketing Success

    1. 1. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com 10 KILLER HACKS FOR REMARKETING SUCCESS Sarah Wyland Scott Garrett
    2. 2. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com TODAY’S PRESENTERS Sarah Wyland Account Manager Marketing Mojo Follow on Twitter: @Sarah_Wyland Scott Garret Account Manager Marketing Mojo Follow on Twitter: @ScottGarrett89
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    4. 4. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com OUR CLIENTS
    5. 5. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com WHAT IS REMARKETING?
    6. 6. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com WHAT IS REMARKETING? • Remarketing lets you show ads to users who have previously visited your website as they browse the Web. • A remarketing list is a collection of cookies from people who visited your site. › You can start creating lists at anytime, but they'll only start getting visitors after the remarketing tag is on your site. » Paste the remarketing code into every page of your website • Build remarketing lists based on characteristics found within your URL.
    7. 7. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com 1. DYNAMIC REMARKETING
    8. 8. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com DYNAMIC REMARKETING • A must for B2C ecommerce sites › Automates the process for specific product level remarketing • Currently only available on AdWords › Uses your Google Merchant Center Feed • Allows you to easily deliver highly relevant ads to specific areas of your site visitors › Product viewers › Shopping cart abandoners
    9. 9. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com …THE DETAILS • Your Google Merchant Center Feed is your best friend › Keep it updated » Correct product IDs » Relevant product titles » Concise product descriptions » Correct Price » High quality product images!
    10. 10. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com THE ADS • Product specific ads
    11. 11. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com 2. LONG-TERM REMARKETING LISTS
    12. 12. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com LONG-TERM REMARKETING LISTS • Lists that contain members for up to 540 days on the Display Network and 180 days on Google Search Network › Go big – keep site visitors in their respective lists for as long as possible • Build them early - you’ll be glad you did! › Consider upcoming promotions, site structure, etc. when deciding what to build • Make them granular › Ex. Product Type, Brand Names Vegetable seeds get a remarketing list…. …And so do all the vegetables!
    13. 13. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com WHY THE LONG-TERM LISTS? • They pay off when you need them the most › Seasonal Promotions › Flash Sales › High Value Coupons • Promote, Promote, Promote › Targeted Audience right there waiting for your ads » Flash sale on winter coats? There’s an audience for that!
    14. 14. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com 3. READY CREATIVE ADS
    15. 15. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com A READY WHAT? • Google’s Ready Creative Ads make it easier than ever to create a Display Network Ad using your own URL › Plug in your URL and allow Google to create the ad for you › Can edit headline, description, button color, CTA, display and destination URLs, image, etc.
    16. 16. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com READY CREATIVE MEETS COUPONS • Got a coupon to promote? • Use the coupon’s URL to create an ad that looks like the coupon. › Remarket to your audience that has previously viewed coupons and/or the product, brand, etc. advertised
    17. 17. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com 4. COMBINATION REMARKETING LISTS
    18. 18. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com GOT DEMOGRAPHICS? REMARKET TO THEM! • Google AdWords gives users the opportunity to combine remarketing lists with other targeting factors such as › Topics › Age › Gender › Etc. • Combining remarketing lists with known demographics or topics provides an extremely niche audience. • Can also exclude topics, ages, etc. to ensure the most custom audience possible. “Them”
    19. 19. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com THE VENN DIAGRAM OF REMARKETING Remarketing AgeGender • Remarketing List – Winter Coats – 50,000 people • Gender – Female • 35,000 • Age – 18-24 – 24-34 – 35-44 • 28,000 • A targeted audience of 28,000 28,000
    20. 20. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com 5. REMARKETING TO KPIS
    21. 21. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com GOT A BRICK & MORTAR STORE? • Create Remarketing lists for Conversion Actions › Ex: Store Locator, Current Ad Views, Coupons, Coupon Prints, Inventory Locator • Potentially results in in-store conversions such as purchases and coupon redemption • By remarketing to users who have previously viewed a client’s coupon page, coupon prints increased 103% in one month
    22. 22. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com 6. USE LINKEDIN
    23. 23. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com B2B REMARKETING • Traditional search advertising › Expensive › Very Competitive • Solution? › LinkedIn
    24. 24. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com LEVERAGE LINKEDIN • First: › Use LinkedIn targeting features to capture your niche audience • Next: › Remarket to them across the web on the Google Display and AdRoll Display Networks (which includes Facebook). • Then: › Sit back and watch the sales come in
    25. 25. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com 7. USE RLSA
    26. 26. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com MOVING BEYOND DISPLAY NETWORKS • RLSA (Remarketing Lists for Search Advertising) › Compete on the Google Search Network » Target only your niche
    27. 27. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com 8. RLSA EXCLUSIONS
    28. 28. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com CONTINUED…MOVING BEYOND DISPLAY NETWORKS • RLSA can also be used for exclusions › Saving you time and money by ensuring you are not advertising to current users searching for the login page
    29. 29. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com 9. BROAD KEYWORD TARGETING
    30. 30. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com YOU ALREADY KNOW THEY’RE YOUR CUSTOMER… • So pay for them! › Bid higher on the people you know have converted or are more likely to convert • Broad keywords can be expensive – but if you’ve got an audience that you know converts, it’s money well spent – Smaller audience, but higher click- through and conversion rates – Better ROI
    31. 31. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com TAKE THE HORSE AUDIENCE… • We’re selling horse feed › Remarket to ‘equine’ audience » 26,000 members › The (broad) keyword “horse feeds” has: › Not bad – we’re getting a very targeted audience on a broad keyword – and that audience is converting. With Remarketing Without Remarketing CTR 2.81% 0.93% Conversions 5 1 Conversion Rate 25.00% 25.00% Cost-Per-Conversion $5.01 $3.03
    32. 32. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com 10. THE FUTURE
    33. 33. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com …THE FUTURE? • Consolidating remarketing efforts › Google’s DoubleClick joining FBX (Facebook Exchange) › In the future will Google give AdWords access to the FBX?
    34. 34. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com CONTACT Sarah Wyland Twitter: @Sarah_Wyland Google+: +Sarah Wyland Scott Garrett Twitter: @ScottGarrett89 Google+: +Scott Garrett