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Promoted Videos for YouTube


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Promoted Videos for YouTube

  1. 1. Promoted Video May 2011
  2. 2. Promoted Video
  3. 3. What is a Promoted Video Ad? Thumbnail Either video thumbnail or icon from channel Ad Text Easy to create standard 3 line text ad Auction Set your max bid to improve positioning
  4. 4. W h e r e d o y o u p la c e a P r o m o t e d V id e o a d 4
  5. 5. W h e r e d o y o u p la c e a P r o m o t e d V id e o a d Source: UK consumption study, May 09.
  6. 6. P r o m p t u s e r s t o a c t io n a f t e r s e e in g y o u r a d
  7. 7. F u ll C ir c le P la n h o w t o in t e r c e p t , a n d g u id e t h e u s e r AdWords r n e y Use j o u to create campaign Place ads against Place ads on Search Results Partner Watch pages Add Call to Action to Video on Landing page Drive traffic to your site
  8. 8. H o w t o m e a s u r e e f f e c t iv e n e s s U s e Yo u T u b e In s ig h t t o t r a c k a n d o p t im iz e
  9. 9. What does Promoted Video bring to the YouTubeChannel? A promoted videos bedrock account would be used to maintain communication with user. Elements of a brand channel are benefits to such activity also:
  10. 10. Promoted Video allows for targeted & broadexposure
  11. 11. Boosts low view videos & encouraging conversation DCUO PYV began on 10th Jan
  12. 12. Build your keywords using Google KW tool…
  13. 13. …and YouTube kw tool
  14. 14. Why: Achieve Objectives using Videos Buzz Engagement Education Drive awareness Start a conversation Inform your customer and interest with your customers about your business Conversion Drives sales
  15. 15. We can do more on YouTube
  16. 16. We can do more on YouTube