Seo trends 2013


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Search Mechaniks is a professional SEO service provider that offers hands-on solutions for online business needs. It focuses on contemporary SEO techniques to improve ranking of your website in SERP- Search Engine Results Page. It conducts thorough analysis of your website and provides practical solutions that may include: On-Page and Off-Page Optimization, Content Creation and Designing.

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Seo trends 2013

  1. 1. POTENTIAL SEO TRENDS YOU CAN’TAFFORD TO DISREGARD IN 2013 SEO As We Know It Will See a Great Shift in 2013!
  2. 2. You Know It And We Know It That SEO Is A Necessity,However, Does It Make You Think That It Will RemainThe Same In 2013?
  3. 3. In 2012 New Trends Have Transpired In The Practices OfMainstream SEO and Mark Our Words That It WillContinue To Evolve In 2013 and Beyond If You Want To Survive The “Ruthless” Upcoming Online Marketing Era
  4. 4. Increase In The Significance Of Anchor-TextDiversificationGone Are The Days When Webmasters Used To Focus on ExactMatch Anchor-text Links. Ever since the launch of Google’s PenguinUpdate This Practice Has Been Declined Quite Significantly. So, diversify your anchor-text to influence your ranking
  5. 5. Increase In The Significance Of Content Qualityand ThicknessThe Emergence Of Panda Update Has Taught Us One ImportantThing “Forget About Increasing The Visibility By Aggressively ReusingThe Same Thin/Low-quality Content Over And Over Again”. If You Want To Survive The Competition, Then Kick-Start Your Creative Engine and Get Ready To Produce Unique/Thick Content in 2013
  6. 6. Goodbye Link-Building – Greetings Link-EarningThe Era Of Traditional Link-Building Is Becoming a Story From ThePast. Link-Earning On The Other Hand Is Becoming The New Trend. So, Start Earning Links If You Want To See Your Rankings In The Top Place Next Year.
  7. 7. Conversion Rate Optimisation Will Be TheSloganIn The Upcoming Years CRO will be more important than simplydriving volumes of traffic to your money-site. So, Start Relying On Your Conversion Rate Than Increasing The Quantity On Your Web Traffic.
  8. 8. Mobile Search Is/Will Be The NormBe It Using Social Networks, Texting or Tweeting ThroughSmartphone, Mobile Search Market Will See a Huge Development in2013. Dip Your Hands Into This Market And Earn Potential Quality-Traffic
  9. 9. SAY WELCOME TO GOOGLE+ & GOOGLEAUTHORSHIPGoogle Reigns Over 80% Of Market Share. Therefore, It Is ImportantThan Ever Before That We Welcome Google+ and Rich SnippetsSince It Will Have a Tremendous Effect On Our Rankings In TheComing Year. It Is Time To Start Making A Proper Google+ A/c And Incorporating Authorship Markup In Your Websites
  10. 10. Social Media Optimisation Will Become TheHeart Of SEOIn 2013, Social Activities Will Effectively Influence Search Ranking AsBoth The SERP and Social Media Are Getting Tied To Each Other.
  11. 11. Now Is An Ideal Time To Re-OrganiseYour SEO Strategies So You CanMake The Upcoming Year MoreFruitful For Your Business!
  12. 12. THANK YOU FOR WATCHINGCreated By: Search Mechaniks.Co.UK